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GIS Partnership

GIS Partnership

Put your data on the map!

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is an integral tool for local governments, enabling efficient and effective planning across all municipal departments, improving the delivery of services, and helping to engage and empower citizens.

By leveraging the collective buying power of its members and partnering with GIS consultants at FLO Analytics, CCM’s GIS Partnership provides affordable access to GIS expertise and resources, so you can implement the right GIS solution for your community.

Why GIS?

You can use GIS to improve the operation of utility networks, analyze the value of land and associated improvements, maintain right-of-way assets, develop and share public safety response plans, promote sustainable communities, and more.

GIS can integrate information among your municipality’s departments, increasing communications and facilitating collaboration. Other benefits include:

  • Preserve institutional knowledge: Capture your employees’ knowledge before they retire!
  • Increase efficiencies and reduce costs: Streamline time-consuming tasks, using the latest technologies
  • Improve your asset management: Reduce your liability and optimize your operations and maintenance
  • Engage your community:  Improve transparency by making data interactive and accessible


FLO Analytics staff are expert GIS and data analysis professionals with a mission to improve the communities in which they work.

Receive up to a 12.5% discount on Data and GIS services provided by FLO Analytics as a CCM member.

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Program Presentations

The Association of Washington Cities (AWC) held a GIS Consortium virtual show-and-tell/office hours on June 9, 2021.  To view the recording, click here.
To access the recording, please enter the following Access Passcode: Fu37=50%.

On March 29, 2023, we held an overview of The Benefits of the CCM GIS Partnership. 

To view the PDF of the presentation, click here.


Click here to download the program flyer.

George Rafael, Director, Municipal Resource and Service Center, at 203-498-3063 or


Kate Doiron, Senior GIS Analyst, FLO Analytics, at