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A Focus on Municipal Issues


This election season, CCM is focused on bringing municipal issues to the forefront, with a particular focus on educating candidates and the public on specific issues impacting local government.  It is critical that the public and candidates seeking statewide office understand the challenges facing Connecticut’s 169 towns and cities.

Over the coming weeks, CCM will release a series of "issue bulletins" highlighting some of those challenges. Our goal is to inform the public and candidates about these issues in an effort to work with policymakers and our partners to address and provide sustainable solutions.  Our first bulletin - "The Voice of Municipalities" - is intended to introduce the services and challenges impacting towns and cities, along with the services and successful efforts of CCM to address them. 

Each week, CCM will be releasing bulletins on specific issues impacting towns and cities, including:

Here are Luke Bronin, mayor of Hartford, and Erika Weicenski, first selectman of Willington, discussing the challenges of funding education in communities of all sizes in Connecticut.

Here is Matt Hoey, first selectman of Guilford, discussing infrastructure.

Here is Rudy Marconi, first selectman of Ridgefield, discussing labor relations.

Here are Luke Bronin, mayor of Hartford and CCM president, and Danielle Wong, mayor of Bloomfield, discussing housing and economic development.

Here is Mary Calorio, town manager of Killingly, discussing the property tax.

Here is a message from Joe DeLong, CCM’s executive director and CEO, highlighting some of the challenges impacting municipalities, and efforts being made by CCM to address them.

For other videos on CCM and local government in Connecticut, please visit our YouTube page.

CCM’s is a ready and willing partner to assist in the development of public policy at the state and local level. Together we can collectively develop innova­tive and strategic plans and proposals that provide a positive step toward the future of municipal govern­ment. In that effort, we are committed to working with all of our partners – both in state government and outside stakeholders – to make Connecticut an attractive place to live and work.