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  Municipal Government 101

There are 169 town and city governments in the State of Connecticut that provide nearly every service that make your municipality run. They range from fire houses to public works directors, administrators to town managers, there are hundreds of people that improve the everyday lives of every person in the state of Connecticut. Find resources here to learn more about what a municipality is and does for you!

  Working In Municipal Government

Whether deciding on a career path in high school, after grad school, or mid-career, you’ll want good benefits. With municipalities you can be sure that you'll have a long career with competitive insurance and retirement packages, but also the knowledge that you're working with a cause.

  Resume and Career-Building Resources

Every job search should start with a good resume. Make sure all your experience is up-to-date, add any skills you might have, and, if possible, hone your resume to match the job you are seeking. Need help? Use the resources below to look for a head start.

  Education and Training Resources

Interested in a municipal job, but don't have a degree or the skills to get you ahead? Consider an MPA, a CDL, or any number of programs that will help you stand out!


  Professional Resources

There are many associations that make municipal governance their primary concern: Assessing officers, building officials, municipal attorneys and more. They collectively rely on each other to make sure that our towns and cities are utilizing the best information and innovative ideas.

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If you're ready to jump in, visit our job board now to find openings around the state. And if you still aren't sure about a municipal career, be sure to watch our videos with municipal employees around the state talk about what their career means to them

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