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ESPC: Owner's Representation Service

ESPC: Owner's Representation Service

Following a competitive bid process completed by its member towns and cities, CCM launched an Owner’s Representation Service for Energy Saving Performance Contracting (ESPC).

What is ESPC?

ESPC is a partnership:

  • No-upfront-cost contracting method
  • An Energy Services Company (ESCo) implements Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)
  • ESCo is paid during project construction from escrow account funded by municipal lease, bond, etc.
  • Once construction is completed, energy savings are used to repay lender over time
  • ESCo guarantees annual savings ≥ annual program costs for every year of the program


CCM and Energia held a webinar on July 19, 2022: Combating Rising Energy Costs with an Energy Performance Project.  You can access the material here.  

Contact Information/Case Study

CCM-member municipalities interested in ESPC may contact:

Energia.: Kendra A. McQuilton, Chief Executive Officer, Energia (631) 360-0006, Ext. 409, for assistance.

Click to view Energia's (formerly The ECG Group) case studies for Cheshire, East Haven, Southington, and Waterbury.