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CCM CARES: In Action


Join Municipal Leaders Across Connecticut as We Work to Advance Racial Equity

CCM Invites Town Leaders to Join a Guided Process to Implement the 7 Action Items from our InfoKit.

The process is designed so that towns and cities can implement the action items at their own pace.  CCM will provide training sessions, peer roundtables, and technical assistance over the coming months on each action item to help municipal leaders along the way.

Make sure your municipality is part of this opportunity to make history.  CCM will recognize each town/city's progress and its leaders when action items are implemented.

7 Action Items for Racial Equity

  1. Adopt a Resolution or Proclamation outlining Statement Racial Equity Goals and Strategies
  2. Build Organizational Capacity for Racial Equity
  3. Use a Racial Equity Lens Tool to make decisions
  4. Develop Community Partnerships with under-represented residents
  5. Prepare Annual Report on Racial Equity, including Composition of Municipal Workforce and Other Key Indicators
  6. Adopt a Racial Equity Procurement and Contracting Policy
  7. Identify and Take On a Racial Equity Challenge/Goal with Racial Equity Action Plan

Sign up for CCM's Guided Process to Participate in:

  • Monthly trainings on each of the Action Items
  • Periodic roundtables for municipal leaders to share advice and best practices
  • Individual technical assistance from CCM and partners
  • Online forum to allow participants to ask questions, share experiences, and to collaborate
  • Monthly updates on each municipality's progress on Racial Equity Action Items
  • Resource lists compiled by CCM

The Racial Equity Process launches in August and will continue over the next six months.

To register for the next session, which takes place on September 20th from 10am to 11:30am, click here.


For more information, contact CCM Training at