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Energy Data Management

Why is Energy Data Management important?

Hidden in each of your monthly utility bills are your building’s operational efficiency and cost drivers. By automating utility bill management as part of your overall energy management strategy, Titan’s full service energy consultancy helps turn data into information you can use to control costs, identify trends and eliminate waste.


Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Track monthly cost and usage to identify areas for improvement.
  • Data collection is automated, saving man hours associated with manual data entry.
  • Easy-to-use web-based platform.



Prevent Inaccurate Charges

  • Be alerted of errors such as invoice billing overlaps, sales tax charges, closed account charges, account credit adjustments, duplicate line items and incorrect meter reading.
  • Avoid late fees by turning on alerts and notifications.
  • Identify abnormal usage trends impacting your bill.



One Place for Utility Data

  • Have a clear and user-friendly platform for your entire building portfolio.
  • Benchmark accounts and sites to identify outliers, opportunities and problems.
  • Organize and access bills in one easy-to-use platform.



Sustainability Reporting Made Easy

  • Reduce man hours associated with collecting and reporting emissions data.
  • Export energy data into a report that you can include in your ESG reporting.




Performance Visualization

  • Twenty four months of historical data converted upon implementation. 
  • Maps, charts and graphs are user-friendly and interactive.
  • Drill down into real-time and interval data.




CCM held a webinar to educate our members about the program.

To view the recording of the presentation, click here. You will be asked to provide your name and email address.

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