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CCM understands how valuable professional development can be. Continuing education is not only important for your current position, but also to your career path. Under the advisement and direction from experienced staff at Trinity College, the Certified Connecticut Municipal Official (CCMO) program was developed.

Our training is intended to teach you how to work collaboratively, solve problems, build partnerships, and work across political and organizational boundaries. CCM encourages elected and appointed officials to utilize municipal training workshops, conferences, special meetings, and other educational opportunities to expand their knowledge and enhance important leadership skills through education.

To reward your commitment to furthering your education, CCM proudly offers the CCMO program. Now, you can become a Certified Connecticut Municipal Official.

Philosophy of the Program

The job of a municipal official is complicated and demanding. To be successful officials need special skills and knowledge, but they also must be competent in a variety of areas. By designing this program to focus on you, your organization and your community, we will help you achieve a standard of excellence.

The program will blend the best from the worlds of practice and theory. Training sessions will be led by associations, recognized experts and college faculty, with lengthy experience and insights needed to help you build the required skills for your demanding job.

Enrollment Periods

Beginning November 1, 2019, new participants will be accepted during two enrollment periods per year, with program start dates of January 1 and July 1. 

CCMO Enrollment Schedule:
Start Date: January 1

  • Enrollment Period: November 1 – December 31

Start Date: July 1

  • Enrollment Period: May 1 – June 30


Educational Hours
Participants must complete 36 hours of study within two years from their start date. You must complete at least 6 credit hours (the equivalent to two workshops) from each of the three developmental categories: Personal Development, Organizational Development, and Community Development. The knowledge and skills gained through the CCMO program are a vital tool for success in local government.

This program was designed so participants can complete the required educational hours within a two-year office term, giving the upper hand at the next election! Attendance at CCM’s annual convention and educational workshops will provide the needed hours to qualify for completion and certification. All participants are expected to complete the certification within two years.

Developmental Categories

Personal Development

This area will focus on your development, helping you be an ethical leader who builds trust with people. You’ll learn how to build consensus, become an effective negotiator, and how to collaborate to solve problems. Just as important, we’ll teach you how to improve your skill at public engagement.

Organizational Development

In this area, we will focus on enhancing your municipal organization to provide optimal public services. You’ll understand the municipal budget not only as a spending plan, but also as an important public policy document for your municipality. The notion of “customer service” will not only be explained but how to improve it will be a key component of the training. Understanding the municipal work place, the role of unions, and personnel laws will be an important part of certification training.

Community Development

The focus in this area will be on developing your community by bringing together citizens and municipal officials to enhance civic life. You’ll learn about the economic, financial, and planning realities of downtown development. Related to this important topic is understanding how to market your community and how to get city hall ready to encourage private investment in your community. On a broader scale you’ll learn how to develop a vision for your community by developing realistic plans. And of course there will be training on core municipal services, from audits to zoning.

Completion and Continuing Education

Upon completion of the coursework (36 hours of study), municipal officials will be recognized and honored for their achievement at CCM’s annual convention in the fall. A press release which highlights the accomplishments will also be issued as well as a story featured in our bi-monthly magazine, Connecticut Town and City.

Continuing Education
To maintain certification, you must pay a continuing education fee of $50 each January. You will then have the full calendar year to complete 9 hours of study (3 workshops).


  • Attendance at CCM’s Annual Convention and Emergency Management Symposium account for three hours per event.
  • Workshop topics/offerings may vary. Sessions may be added or deleted from the schedule.
  • Additional educational opportunities will be announced.



On December 1, 2020 CCM issued certificates of completion to the third CCMO class. 

The following individuals completed 36 hours of study:

  • Raz Alexe, P.E., Town of Litchfield
  • Lisa Baxter, Town of Stafford
  • Anne Marie Burr, Town of Prospect
  • Elizabeth Callahan, Town of Litchfield
  • Mary T. Calorio, Town of Killingly
  • Kimi Cheng, CGFO, Town of Granby
  • Paula Cofrancesco, Town of Bethany
  • Amy Desaulniers, Town of Wolcott
  • Sharon DeVoe, Town of Cromwell
  • Denise Dill, Town of East Haddam
  • Elizabeth Disbrow, Town of Killingworth
  • Harris M. Falk, Town of Westport
  • Camille Gilbert, Town of Rocky Hill
  • Kathleen Griffin, Town of Fairfield
  • Lisa A. Hancock, CPFO, MBA, Town of Tolland
  • John Hennessey, Town of New Canaan
  • Jennifer R. Hilinski-Shirley, Town of South Windsor
  • Andra Ingalls, Town of Ledyard
  • Peggy Jay, Town of New Canaan
  • Debbie Kratochvil, Town of Coventry
  • Sheila M. Lane, CPA, Town of Bethany
  • John Littell, Town of Tolland
  • Maryjane Malavasi, Town of Guilford
  • Tracy Mason, Town of Killingly
  • Nancy Mayeda-Brescia, Town of Rocky Hill
  • Martin Maynard, Town of Windsor
  • Robert Michalik, Town of Plainville
  • W. Kurt Miller, City of Ansonia
  • Rosalyn Moffo, Town of Prospect
  • Gail Moran, Town of Ellington
  • Antoinette Pancaro, Town of North Stonington
  • Denise Parsons, PHR, SHRM-CP, Town of Berlin & Berlin Public Schools
  • Megan Patchkofsky, Town of Prospect
  • Julia Pemberton, Town of Redding
  • Lauren J. Rhines, Town of Madison
  • Michael Rosen, Town of Tolland
  • Anthony Salvatore, Town of Cromwell
  • Jennifer Schmaltz, Town of Wolcott
  • Christine Small, Town of Coventry
  • Jean C. Speck, Town of Kent
  • Gene Sullivan, SPSM, City of Shelton
  • Deborah Swan, Town of Berlin
  • Brian Wissinger, Town of Somers

On December 2, 2019 CCM issued certificates of completion to the second graduating CCMO class.

The following individuals completed 36 hours of study:

  • David Atwater, Town of Groton
  • Andrew Baklik, City of Derby
  • Noelle Bates, City of Bristol
  • Susan Bransfield, Town of Portland
  • Stephen Buccitti, City of Hartford
  • Mary Bylone, Town of Colchester
  • Gary Canapinno, Town of Orange
  • Ray Carpentino, Town of Rocky Hill
  • John C. Carrington, Town of Mansfield
  • Mary Churchill, Town of Bethel
  • Alexander DeSorbo, Town of Woodbury
  • Dee Diamond, City of Milford
  • David Eaton, Town of Union
  • Maryellen Edwards, Town of Woodbury
  • Shaun Gately, Town of Vernon
  • Anthony Genovese, Town of Woodbridge
  • Matt Grimes, Town of New Milford
  • Beth Hamel, Town of Harwinton
  • Brad Heering, Town of Bethel
  • Deborah Heim, Town of Monroe
  • Matt Hoey, Town of Guilford
  • Ron Ing, Town of Stratford
  • Joshua Kelly, Town of Bolton
  • Lyne Landry, Town of Guilford
  • Felicia LaPlante, Town of Ellington
  • Dawn Leger, City of Bristol
  • Dawn Lewis, City of New Haven
  • Leslie McDonough, Town of Mansfield
  • Gary McKeone, Town of East Hartford
  • James McLoughlin, Town of Coventry
  • William Meier, Town of Vernon
  • Karen Mowad, Town of Wolcott
  • Sylvie Napoli, Town of Orange
  • Maureen Nicholson, Town of Pomfret
  • Michael Ninteau, Town of Mansfield
  • Michele Nuhn, Town of Killingworth
  • Aimee Pardee, Town of Redding
  • Michael Purcaro, Town of Vernon
  • Becky Petro, City of Danbury
  • Lisa Plumb, Town of Bethel
  • Tiffany Quinn, Town of Colchester
  • Tammy Reardon, Town of New Milford
  • Todd Rolland, Town of Somers
  • Nancy Rossi, City of West Haven
  • Lori Rotella, Borough of Naugatuck
  • Robert Ruzzo, Town of Windsor
  • Bonnie Ryan, Town of Pomfret
  • Jessica L. Salas, Town of Glastonbury
  • Alice Smith, Town of Redding
  • David Smith, Town of Vernon
  • Shawn Soljour, Town of New Canaan
  • Stanley Staron, Town of East Hartford
  • Katherine R. Stauffer, Town of Redding
  • Lauren Stuck, Town of Granby
  • Joyce Sun, City of Stamford
  • Denise Talbot, Town of Glastonbury
  • Elizabeth Thornton, Town of Bolton
  • Andrew Tierney, Town of Hebron
  • Cherie Trahan, Town of Mansfield
  • Kurt Treiber, Town of Wallingford
  • David Tripp, City of Torrington
  • Hayley Wagner, Town of Marlborough
  • Steven Waznia, Town of Berlin
  • Diane Wheelock, Town of Vernon
  • Sarah Wirtes, Town of Woodbury
  • Michele Wyatt, Town of Colchester

On October 30, 2018 CCM issued certificates of completion to the inaugural CCMO class. 

The following individuals completed 36 hours of study:

  • Tom Banisch, Town of Madison
  • Patricia Bruder, City of Shelton
  • Dionne Craig, Town of Bethel
  • Peter Juszczynski, Town of Windsor Locks
  • Christine Meiers Schatz, Town of Westport
  • Patricia Moisio, Town of Redding
  • Sandra Pierog, Town of Bolton
  • Robert Scannell, Town of Watertown
  • Amy Traversa, Town of Marlborough
  • Thomas Weik, Town of Morris

How to Enroll

Enrolling is easy! During the two enrollment periods, new participants can sign up by completing the following steps:

  1. Log in to your CCM account.
  2. Once logged in, click on your name at the top of the page to access your dashboard.
  3. From your dashboard, click on Certification Enrollment on the left side of the screen.
  4. Review and agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  5. Select Pay Now to complete the transaction.  The enrollment fee is $120.

Please note, eligible classes will not begin to accrue until July 1st.

If the option for Certifcation Enrollment does not appear on your dashboard, please contact us at


Hear from Paula Cofrancesco, First Selectman for the Town of Bethany, as she shares the benefits of becoming a CCMO.