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Disconnected Youth

CCM  is launching a public awareness campaign that calls attention to the crisis affecting young people in Connecticut (ages 14 to 26) who are off-track or disconnected from education or employment. We are organizing and staging five regional roundtables to promote awareness of this challenge and to help develop solutions from October 19 to November 14 in response to the report, “Connecticut’s Unspoken Crisis: Getting young people back on track,” commissioned by Dalio Education and authored by Boston Consulting Group to be held virtually on Facebook Live from 6 to 8 p.m.

We are bringing together valuable stakeholders, media representatives and partners to panel a discussion on the report, to promote awareness of the issue, and help administer solutions in our towns and cities. Additionally, Dalio Education has been invited to each roundtable to present the findings of the report. 

“CCM was compelled to convene these roundtables based on the findings of this crucial report. It provides valuable insight into this crisis, and offers a foundation for our roundtable panelists to build on,” said Joe DeLong, CCM Executive Director and CEO.

“This is an issue that is affecting towns big and small. I’ve said that the nearly 120,000 children at risk or disconnected should be a wake-up call for the State. The partnerships and ideas that will be fostered through these roundtables will help us focus on the issue at hand, and deliver on the promise of getting these young people back on track.”

Please join us for these free virtual events on Facebook Live:

  • Norwalk - October 19th  Moderator: Dan Haar - Hearst Media
    Panelists: Mayor Harry Rilling, Emily Pallin-RISE, Novelette Peterkin-The Carver, Marc Donald-RYASAP, Mike Duggan-Domus Kids, Mendi Blue-Paca-Fairfield Co. Community Foundation
  • Wethersfield - October 24th Moderator: Keisha Grant - NBC30
    Panelists: Mayor Mike Rell, Emily Pallin-RISE, Christopher Brechlin-COMPASS Youth Collaborative, Sunindiya Bhalla-ROCA-Hartford Young Mothers, Ben Dubow-Forge City Works, Hector Rivera-Our Piece of the Pie, Joel Hicks-Rivera-Hartford Foundation, Martha Stone-Center for Children's Advocacy
  • Torrington - October 26th  Moderator: Christine Stuart - CT News Junkie
    Panelists: Mayor Elinor Carbone, Emily Pallin-RISE, Marc Donald-RYASAP, Ben Dubow-Forge City Works, Chris DiPentima-CBIA, Vannessa Dorantes-DCF Commissioner, Kate Dias-CT Education Association
  • Middletown - November 13th Moderator: Kathryn Hauser - WTNH
    Panelists: Mayor Ben Florsheim, Emily Pallin-RISE, Jackie Santiago Nazario-COMPASS Youth Collab., Leonard Jahad-CT Violence Intervention Program, Chris DiPentima, CBIA, LaTasha Williams-Our Piece of the Pie, Erika Nowakowski-Tow Youth Justice Institute
  • Windham - November 14th  Moderator: Samaia Hernandez - WTNH
    Panelists: Emily Pallin-RISE, Jeanne Milstein-City of New London, Tracy Youngberg-Windham Schools, Hector Rivera-Our Piece of the Pie, Nathan Quesnel-Norwich Free Academy, Lisa Tepper Bates-United Way of Connecticut
  • Special CCM Convention Fireside Chat - November 28th  Moderator: Adhlere Coffy - Connecticut Opportunity Project
    Speakers: Barbara Dalio - Dalio Education, Luke Bronin - Mayor of Hartford, Josh Brown - DOMUS

Together we can collectively develop innova­tive and strategic plans and proposals that provide a positive step toward the future. In that effort, we are committed to working with all of our partners to make Connecticut an attractive place to live and work.