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Cultural Hub: Novel ideas Abound At Wilton Library

Cultural Hub: Novel ideas Abound At Wilton Library

When the town of Wilton expanded its library a little over a decade ago it was with an eye to the future and with an understanding of the changing role of libraries. The predictions turned out to be right on the money.

Fast forward to 2016 where each year the Wilton library offers more than 1,000 programs, logs about 270,000 visitors and has a circulation of about 250,000. All this comes at a time when overall readership is down for libraries in general and book borrowing has dropped.

Statewide, library memberships are down more than 25 percent over the past 15 years but library-offered programs have doubled.  Local libraries like Wilton’s have adapted to the changing habits of the reading public and in some cases, they have never been busier.

Wide Range of Programs back to top

“We cover a wide range of programs, from the computers and software training, which we’re hoping to expand, to a terrific music series, a jazz series,” Wilton Library Executive Director Elaine Tai-Lauria said.

The library has pivoted from a book-loaning center to a cultural resource center for the community with lectures, music, streaming video and audio and more.

“It’s part of the change we see in libraries,” Tai-Lauria explains. “People want libraries to offer more in the quality of life in the community, and that means programming,” she said.