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Nobody “Hipper” than Waterbury

Nobody “Hipper” than Waterbury

These days, when there are so many competing mediums pulling for a scant minute of the listeners’ attention, you have to be creative when you pushing your message.

Waterbury has taken that point to another level.

Not only has the city come up with a social media, hip campaign promoting the strengths of the city to its residents, potential residents, businesses and visitors – it even has a song on its city website bragging about the Brass City!

To listen to the catchy tune, just go to the City of Waterbury’s website ( – where you also see Mayor – and Connecticut Conference of Municipalities President Neal O’Leary – and other city leaders talking about the strengths of what the city has to offer.

Marketing message is key back to top

You’ll also see this marketing message prominently displayed on the website.

“Welcome to Waterbury, Connecticut, a city that's going places. We are blessed with a highly skilled workforce, a robust infrastructure, and manufacturing companies that have re-invented themselves to adapt to the new economy.

“We have an administration that sees the future and knows how to manage change. Our Healthcare providers are cutting edge and our service professionals are busy. Our neighborhoods are thriving with new schools and businesses are being motivated to come to town.

“But our real gift to the region is the cultural flavor that remains in the neighborhoods established by our early immigrants, which gives Waterbury its diverse personality, rich traditions, and highly engaged people.

“And with our community leadership and vision, we will not settle to just be the ninth largest city in New England but our goal is to become the largest 'hometown' anywhere.”