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CCM launching new video ad to support HB 7293 and 6937 – key cost containment proposals highlighted in CCM’s “This Is Different” Report

CCM launching new video ad to support HB 7293 and 6937 – key cost containment proposals highlighted in CCM’s “This Is Different” Report

Friday, April 7, 2017

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The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) today (Friday, April 7) announced that it has launched a new 30-second video message across social media and various other CT newspaper and digital media sites to support two critical state legislative bills (HB 7293 and 6937) that promote shared services and municipal cost containment initiatives highlighted in CCM’s “This Is Different” report. See below for highlights of the benefits for each bill.

“These proposals begin to address some of the inter-municipal and intra-municipal barriers that thwart towns from achieving reasonable efficiencies, that help hold the line on property taxes,” said Joe DeLong, CCM Executive Director. This new spot reflects CCM’s continuing commitment to engage audiences both inside the Capitol and throughout our communities during this challenging, yet critically important time.”

The complete package of legislative proposals in the CCM report lays the foundation for a vibrant future for Connecticut towns and cities in these key state-local arenas -- shared services, cost containment, and municipal revenue diversification.

The 30-second video is appearing on Facebook, Twitter and other CT newspaper and digital media sites over the next 10 days as the General Assembly moves closer to critical reporting deadlines for the Appropriations and Finance Committees.

Here is the complete text of the 30-second video spot.

 “Connecticut has had the same fiscal problems for a long time, while lawmakers kept offering the same tired solutions – until now.

“A report put forward by the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities offers fresh ideas and a new way forward.

“What happens when you produce a report that’s different? You get a different result.

“Urge our legislators to support House bills 7293 and 6937 as necessary steps toward eliminating inefficiencies and making Connecticut competitive again. Learn more at CCM-Ct. ORG.”

The benefits of each bill back to top

House Bill 7293 promotes shared services among municipalities by, among other things:

  • Preventing towns from bargaining away or losing through arbitration their right to enter into service sharing agreements.
  •  Allowing towns to establish special service districts to perform and deliver specified municipal services.

This bill should be amended so that:

  • When service sharing arrangements affect two or more collective bargaining units, the interests all employees affected by the new arrangement will be represented by either a coalition of bargaining units or a new bargaining unit will be created to represent all employees.

House Bill 6937 promotes municipal cost-containment by:

  • Allowing general government more control over non-education expenditures and boards of education, to achieve efficiencies without sacrificing quality education.

Two other related beneficial bills that are still being considered include:

  • Amending the Municipal Employee Retirement System (MERS) to establish an additional retirement plan for new hires.
  • Enacting a statutory prohibition on the passage of unfunded or underfunded state mandates affecting municipalities without a 2/3 vote of both chambers of the General Assembly.

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