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West Haven is one step closer to seeing The Haven Shopping Center Open

West Haven is one step closer to seeing The Haven Shopping Center Open

Rome was not built in a day, and neither was The Haven, the high-end outlet mall planned for West Haven’s shores. But with the recent approval of the site plan by the Planning and Zoning Commission, it looks as though the project has an end in sight from when it was first proposed in June of 2014.

The luxury outlets were developed by the Simon Property Group, owner of Clinton Crossing, and the Haven Group, and saw their fair share of quagmires along the way. This included the passing of one of the initial investors, eminent domain discussions from three holdout property owners, illegal dumping, and the transference of city-owned property (a playground built with federal tax money) to local ownership.

And through it all, West Haven did not let a good thing slip through their hands, and continued to work with the developers on a plan that worked for the city and the investors. The town ended up with a plan that represents 235,000 square feet of new retail and restaurants, which would provide hundreds of jobs in the city, and nearly 1000 construction jobs all from contractors based in-state.

West Haven's portion of harbor back to top

Before this development, West Haven’s portion of New Haven Harbor included mostly residences and a few businesses, such as Hallock’s appliance outlet and Bilco doors, both of whom have moved to other parts of the state. The Haven plan dramatically opens up the views of Long Island Sound with a waterfront promenade, billing it as “America’s first upscale waterfront outlet mall,” emphasizing the importance of West Haven’s coastline to this project.

This includes an amphitheater to be placed directly on the water, and the possibility that there would be full boat docking service for those who wish to cruise on over to the shops.

In a joint press release from the Simon Property Group and The Haven Group, President Ty Miller of the Haven Group said “we are very excited to move this project forward after years of behind-the-scenes effort. Today’s submission represents our best proposal yet.”

Quoted in the same press release, Mayor Nancy Rossi said the following: “This is a major step forward for a project of this magnitude, which lies along the eastern gateway to the city right off I-95 along the waterfront, making it a destination location the will complement three-plus miles of beaches.

“This prime site is also minutes from the downtown business district, regional train station, and campuses of the University of New Haven, Yale University West and Veterans Affairs Hospital. Since taking office, my staff and I have done everything we can to assist the developers, and we will continue that effort until that project is complete.”

On that front, the projected completion date is Summer of 2020.