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Raymark in Stratford Makes Short List For Redevelopment

Raymark in Stratford Makes Short List For Redevelopment

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its initial list of Superfund National Priorities List (NPL) sites with the greatest expected redevelopment and commercial potential including only two sites in all of New England, and one of them is Raymark Industries Inc. in Stratford, town officials recently announced.

"Bringing a positive conclusion to the ongoing effort to clean the sites in Stratford associated with Raymark contamination is one of my top priorities as mayor," Mayor Laura Hoydick said. "I am very pleased that out of all of the Superfund sites across New England, this site in Stratford was one of only two that have made the short list for EPA to place as a high priority. I am also encouraged that the EPA is recognizing the enormous redevelopment potential of this Superfund Site in its assessment going forward."

For decades, Raymark Industries, Inc. operated in Stratford as a manufacturer of friction automobile parts including brakes, brake linings, and clutches until the late 1980s. The manufacturing process utilized many hazardous substances including asbestos, heavy metals (for example, lead), and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). Waste materials from the facility were offered and distributed to residents as free "fill" and were also placed in dozens of low-lying municipal and commercial locations. The remedy for the former Raymark facility was completed in 1999 and that property has since been redeveloped; however, many other locations are still in need of cleanup.

"EPA is more than a collaborative partner to remediate the nation's most contaminated sites, we're also working to successfully integrate Superfund sites back into communities across the country," EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt said. "Today's redevelopment list incorporates Superfund sites ready to become catalysts for economic growth and revitalization.”

EPA and redvelopment back to top

"EPA plays a very important role coordinating closely with local and state partners to help New England communities pursue redevelopment opportunities at superfund sites that can spur both improved community health and economic revitalization," said EPA Regional Administrator Alexandra Dapolito Dunn.

The Town of Stratford continues to work closely with EPA, the State (CT DEEP), and residents to solicit their input on the least disruptive way to implement the Consolidation Remedy as well as to identify potential redevelopment opportunities to incorporate reuse planning into the remedies.

In July 2017, the Superfund Task Force released its recommendations to streamline and improve the Superfund program including a focus on redevelopment training, tools and resources towards sites on the NPL. EPA will work diligently with developers interested in reusing these and other Superfund sites; will identify potentially interested businesses and industries to keep them apprised of redevelopment opportunities; and will continue to engage with community groups in cleanup and redevelopment activities to ensure the successful redevelopment and revitalization of their communities. 

Superfund redevelopment has helped countless communities reclaim and reuse thousands of acres of formerly contaminated land. Superfund sites on the list have significant redevelopment potential based on previous outside interest, access to transportation corridors, land values, and other critical development drivers.

The EPA has set the expectation that there will be a renewed focus on accelerating work and progress in Stratford and at all Superfund sites across the country. The Superfund program remains dedicated to addressing risk and accelerating progress at all of its sites, not just those on the list.