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Seymour Collaborates With Connecticut Economic Resource Center

Seymour Collaborates With Connecticut Economic Resource Center

A spotlight is often shone on collaboration and regionalization on a town and city level, such as when school districts are combined, but just as important is when resources are shared between the state and municipalities. The town of Seymour has made an important step in this direction by partnering with the Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC).

CERC is a non-profit consulting agency that works on both the business and municipal side with the goal of “helping to improve Connecticut’s economic competitiveness and make the state a better place to live, work, and do business.” They have already worked with more than two-thirds of Connecticut’s municipalities and have already collaborated with Seymour.

In 2016, Seymour commissioned CERC to create a market feasibility study where they assessed the economic development potential of three areas and proposed uses for unique properties after they had surveyed Seymour’s residents and reviewed data and materials already compiled by the city. 

CERC works with businesses back to top

By working with CERC, they have access to the full organization, and a representative from CERC will travel to Seymour to work at varying times throughout the week. This Economic Development Director will, according to Seymour’s website, show prospective businesses around town, provide introductions to key people, and set up meetings with town officials to get projects rolling.

Another benefit is that CERC already works with business, “from local to global” as they say on their website, “to help them start, expand, or relocate in Connecticut. A property search is found on their website, where businesses can look up possible lots or buildings to move in or build upon. Right now, Seymour has listed the Tri-Town Plaza Shopping Center, complete with concept plans and profile.

There are many more examples of towns and cities that work well in cooperation with the state. When municipalities share services with the State Police for communications for example. Seymour’s partnership with the Connecticut Economic Resource Center is a sign that municipalities are ready to not only share services, but to find the best value for their residents, and in this case, to incentivize businesses to call their town home.