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As Towns Across CT Continue Battle Against Coronavirus, CCM Publishes Its First Booklet On Local Public Health Efforts

As Towns Across CT Continue Battle Against Coronavirus, CCM Publishes Its First Booklet On Local Public Health Efforts

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The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) today (Tuesday, June 2), as towns and cities across Connecticut continue battling the novel coronavirus, published its first booklet detailing examples of innovative ideas in municipal public health practices. We believe this book presents some exceptional examples of the work that was being done before this pandemic, helping make Connecticut one of the healthiest states in the nation.

Here is a link to the booklet:​. There are over 30 stories comprising a wealth of ideas and stories from municipalities across the state.

“The coronavirus known as COVID-19 is the public health crisis of our time,” said Joe DeLong, CCM Executive Director. “It represents perhaps the ‘first all hands on deck’ moment since World War II asked Americans to make sacrifices at home and unite for the greater good.

“Unlike a war where the frontlines are sometimes a world away, we are highlighting COVID-19 and other public health challenges in our towns and cities, and the soldiers on the frontlines are our public health officials, municipal leaders, first responders, and essential employees,” said DeLong. “CCM wanted to take this opportunity to present an illustrative public health compilation highlighting the ideas, the accomplishments and the individuals that keep Connecticut one of the healthiest states – number six according to U.S. News – year in and year out.” 

State statutes back to top

In this issue you can read about the ways in which health districts and towns responded to the coronavirus, but also how they’ve tackled the opioid epidemic and homelessness. You’ll read about the food inspection process, radon gas, septic systems, and senior education, because those are areas that our municipalities cover. Our municipalities are handling public health in our education system, by combating vaping and fostering positive mental health environments in our schools. This issue will also include articles about our landmark PTSD compromise, as well as our first article on PFAS which we’re learning more about the dangers of each year.

You can see also for yourself the Connecticut General Statutes that lay out these responsibilities, and if you’re reading this online, you can follow them to the full text from the state. Take Section 19a-207a. It says that municipal health departments shall inform and educate on health issues, mobilize community partnerships, and research to find innovative solutions to health problems. After reading the stories in this book, you’ll agree that they are doing this and more.

The stories in this booklet are adapted from Connecticut Town & City, CCM’s quarterly magazine of the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM), as well as our podcast, The Municipal Voice.

Connecticut Town & City developed these stories from many sources, including visits to Connecticut local governments; suggestions from municipal officials; newspapers and magazines in Connecticut and other states; publications of the National League of Cities; and publications of other state municipal leagues. 

Once the pandemic ends – and it will – these public health jobs will go on. The ability to protect, innovate, and collaborate will still be the things our Public Officials do best. We hope that with this collection of articles, we will be reminded of that in good and challenging times.