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Prospect Wins With Tax Breaks for Elderly, Disabled

Prospect Wins With Tax Breaks for Elderly, Disabled

Prospect is one of the many Connecticut towns that has special tax credit programs for elderly and the disabled.

The filing period for local tax credits for Elderly and Totally Disabled Homeowners for the 2017 Grand List is From February 1, 2018 through May 15, 2018 in Prospect.

To apply, the applicant must meet age, income limits and own and occupy the home. He or she must have been 65 years of age by December 31, 2017 or be totally and permanently disabled before reaching the age of 65. All income must be documented. The maximum income on the local program for single applicants is $52,950.00 and the maximum for married applicants is $64,500.00.

Proof of income back to top

Applicants must show proof of all income received for the 2017 calendar year by supplying a copy of their Federal Income Tax Return. If you do not need to file a return, bring all year end statements and the 2017 Social Security Benefit Statement (Form SSA-1099).

Totally disabled applicants must submit current written proof of their disability and income. Proof of disability can include Social Security, Federal, State or Local government retirement or disability plan, Railroad Retirement Act, or government-related teacher's retirement plan.

The maximum credit under the Town program is $400. It is also based upon percentage of ownership and years as a resident of Prospect. An applicant that meets all requirements and has resided in Prospect for 1-5 years is eligible for $200; if an applicant meets the requirements and has lived in Prospect for 6 or more years, they would be eligible for the $400.


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03/15/16 Bronin Warns Of Layoffs, Deep Cuts As Hartford Struggles Financially
11/16/15 Diverse interests come together at economic summit
12/14/15 Medical Director Charts Tragic Path Town by Town From Opioids To Autopsy
01/12/16 School Funding Lawsuit Goes To Trial
01/11/18 $4.3 Billion in Transportation Projects At Risk Across Connecticut
11/08/19 14 Toll Gantries: Rates Would Range From 50 Cents To $7 Under Transportation Plan
05/05/16 2016 Legislative Session Limps To An End; May 12 Special Session Set for Budget Vote
03/27/20 2020 Legislative Session Postponed Until?
07/14/17 26 Nonprofits Told To Stop Providing Services As Other Cuts Loom
10/31/19 32 Communities Achieve Prestigious Sustainable CT Certification
09/08/17 500 Community Providers Rally For A State Budget Now!
04/07/16 A displeased Malloy to push back with a new budget of his own
12/02/15 A Retirement Incentive Is Off The Table in State Budget Cut Negotiations
04/26/17 A Working City: Torrington Rises to Economic Development Challenge
07/31/20 Additional Cost To Reopen CT Schools During Pandemic: $420 million
03/06/20 After One alarming Tax Fairness Study, CT Is Wary Of Launching A Second
06/13/16 After Orlando Shooting, CT Lawmakers Renew Push for Federal Gun Reform
09/09/16 After Ruling On School Finding, Officials Ponder Next Step
08/16/16 After Two Decades, it’s New Haven’s SoHo
11/17/15 AG declares constitutional spending cap invalid
02/16/18 Air Line Trail Underway: Portland Linear Park Project Celebrated
12/09/16 All Aboard for Economic Development in Danbury
12/07/17 All Aboard! New Train Station Opens in Wallingford
10/07/16 All Aboard: West Hartford Adds Paramedic Service to Emergency Response
07/01/16 Amid Opioid Crisis, Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Cut Across State
07/27/16 Analysis: CT Bond Premiums Grow Debt by $550 Million Since 2011
09/16/19 Annie Lamont Joins In State Celebration For 100th anniversary Of Women’s Suffrage
09/14/17 Anthem, ConnectiCare Remain on Healthcare Exchange
04/06/18 Appropriations Committee Doesn't Pass Spending Plan — Again
05/17/16 Aresimowicz seeks to be Speaker; Ritter & Walker in contest for House majority leader
11/28/18 As Aging CT population Boosts Demand For Orthopedic Care, Hospitals, Others Bet Big On New Outpatient Facilities
04/15/16 As criticism mounts, Malloy defends education cuts to affluent towns
08/05/19 As Plastic Straw Ban Effort Persists, Disabled Advocates Fight To Be Heard
12/14/18 As toll debate rages on, DOT wants $12.1B over next five years to invest in CT's infrastructure
08/05/16 Average Wait Time Drops At Department of Motor Vehicles
01/21/16 Barnes Predicts $7.1M Deficit
06/16/16 Barnes Warns of Criticism As State Agencies Implement Spending Cuts
08/09/17 Baseball out, Live Concerts In For Bridgeport
03/24/16 Battle Over CT’s Credit Card Heats Up as Malloy Raises Limit Again
06/05/18 Ben Carson's Visit And Crumbling Foundations: Everything You Need To Know
01/27/16 Big Changes On The Horizon For State Budget — Performance Measures For Grants To Cities & Towns
12/10/15 Bill closing deficit, cutting business taxes heads to Malloy
06/08/17 Bill Targeting Opioid Crisis Heads to Malloy’s Desk
06/03/15 Bills stack up as legislative session adjournment nears, Hartford Courant
09/22/17 Bipartisan Budget Talks Take Back Seat To Partisan Sniping
12/10/15 Bipartisan Spirit Disappears, Gloves Come Off Following Budget Vote
03/01/19 Bipartisan Working Group Keeps Spotlight On School Security
03/01/19 Bipartisan Working Group Keeps Spotlight On School Security
10/11/18 Black Bear Rising: State Sees Population, Attacks Soar
12/20/19 Bond Commission OKs Funding For Hartford Apts, Transportation Projects
11/22/17 Bond Commission Poised To Approve Over $1 Billion In Borrowing
03/12/20 Bond Package Approved -- TAR and LoCIP Funds Coming
06/29/17 Bridgeport Job Fair Gives Ex-Offenders ‘Second Chance’
09/22/16 Bridgeport Jobs Program Aims To Give Ex-Offenders A Fresh Start
10/05/17 Bridgeport Prepares to Accept Students From Puerto Rico
09/14/15 Bridgeport, Norwalk and Stamford mayors to discuss resurgence of urban centers at UConn Stamford campus on October 1, CT Post
11/17/15 Budget Deficit Estimated At $4.3B Over Four Years
05/18/17 Budget Negotiations Underway, Labor Agreement Still To Be Reached
06/29/17 Budget Standoff Could Threaten Funding Disruptions Into The Fall
04/26/17 Budget Talks Fall Apart After Committee Leaders Reject Malloy Plans On Pensions, Education Funding
09/22/16 Business Lobby Endorses 102 Candidates For General Assembly
10/20/17 Business Profits Up in Springfield-Harford-New Haven Business Corridor
06/26/15 Car tax cap is good, but state must keep revenue promise to towns, Norwich Bulletin
02/24/17 Casino Revenue Would Stop If Tribes Don’t Build Next Casino
05/07/15 CCM Emergency Management Symposium Broadcast, (CTN) Connecticut Public Affairs Network
12/11/19 CCM Names State Senator Steve Cassano of Manchester and State Representative Tami Zawistowski of East Granby as State Legislators of the Year
06/04/15 CCM statement on 2015 General Assembly session and cities & towns
12/05/19 CCM Task Force To Develop Practices To Combat, End Homelessness
12/08/15 CCM, CBIA and CT AFL-CIO Briefing oN CTN to Release Economic Summit Policy Proposals
11/14/19 CCM, CT Municipalities, Hail Broadband Legal Victory
05/08/15 CCM, Mayor Lauretti warn about another mandate, CT Post
10/13/17 CEA and Three Communities Challenge Malloy’s Executive Order
09/14/17 Census Finds Our Commute to Work Has Gotten Longer
09/30/19 Census Finds Poverty Inched Up In CT In 2018
01/22/16 Cha-Ching! Connecticut Has Second Highest Concentration of Millionaires
06/02/16 Charter school enrollment set to rise
12/05/19 City, Town Leaders Push State Government For Property Tax Reform
05/18/15 Click here to listen to CCM radio spot opposing cancer presumption mandate "Proponents are pushing two huge mandates that would unnecessarily cost towns millions..."
05/18/15 Click here to listen to CCM radio spot opposing cancer presumption mandate: "If we don't learn from the past, we are destined to repeat our mistakes..."
05/17/19 Clock is Ticking on Tolls
05/26/15 Coalition unites to oppose new mega mandate for workers' comp; news conference set for Wed., May 27 at 11 a.m. at State Capitol
12/06/18 Collaboration Key To Homelessness Fight
11/29/16 Commission Clashes over State Spending Cap
05/02/19 Committee: Double, Expand Nickel-Deposit Law
08/24/16 Company Wants to Install New Cell Towers In Over 100 Connecticut Towns
05/12/15 Competing sides ramp up tax debate, CT Mirror
09/02/15 Compromise is never easy: DEEP attempts to revise proposed stormwater permit, CT News Junkie
03/16/18 Congress Takes ‘Incremental’ Step On School Safety
12/11/15 Connecticut asks for ‘no-fly’ list to screen gun buyers
06/06/19 Connecticut Budget Gets Mostly Positive Reviews From Investors
11/03/17 Connecticut Builders Wonder about level of Construction Permits For 2018
06/02/16 Connecticut Business Leaders See Stability, Potential Improvement in the Economy
11/20/19 Connecticut Communities Score High On LGBTQ Issues, Civil Rights Group Says
06/15/16 Connecticut economy ‘moving sideways’
11/16/15 Connecticut economy, the facilitator will see you now
12/15/16 Connecticut Moves Up Six Spots In Gallup Well-Being Rankings
09/22/17 Connecticut Municipalities Take First Step To Snag Amazon HQ
12/20/17 Connecticut Officials Propose Steps To Maintain Net Neutrality
06/12/15 Connecticut's local leaders call for more inclusion and transparency in the state budgeting process
12/21/15 Connecticut’s Budget Is In The Black After Corrective Action
01/08/16 Connecticut’s Economy Is A Mixed Bag With ‘This Whole GE Thing Hanging Over Our Heads’
07/07/16 Connecticut’s Labor Market Not Fully Recovered; Other Indicators Raise Concerns
12/08/15 Corporate Tax Cuts and $350 Million In Spending Reductions Coming In Special Session
10/28/16 Cost of Opioid Epidemic Is $80 Billion, Cost of Chronic Pain Even Higher
08/05/16 Costs, Storage Limit Interest In Body Cameras by CT Police
09/28/17 Court Hearing School Funding Case Amid Discord Over Education Aid
03/31/17 Courtney: Tax Increment Financing To Fund Concrete Repairs?
03/19/20 COVID-19 Disruption Has Special Ed Students And Their Parents Concerned
04/03/20 COVID-19 Killed The 2020 Session. But The Calls Still Come
01/30/20 Cracking Down on Corporate Welfare With Interstate Compact
01/27/17 CT A Likely Target of Trump’s New Immigration Policy
07/06/18 CT Builds Its Budget Reserve — As Post-Election Deficits Loom
06/09/15 CT business taxes actually among lowest in the nation, Op-Ed in Hartford Courant
01/30/20 CT Community College Tuition To Remain Flat For those Not Attending Free
12/08/15 CT Deficit Plan Taps Many Special Funds And One-Time Sources
11/16/18 CT Economic Growth Picks Up Speed, But Still Lags Behind Much Of The Country
03/22/18 CT Economist: No Recession Lurking
05/29/20 CT Faces Complicated Process To Cover Coronavirus Staggering Costs
02/26/16 CT finances take another big hit as projected revenues plunge
02/16/18 CT Hunting Down Online Shoppers Who Didn't Pay Sales Tax
03/29/18 CT Job Creation: Weakest Rise in Seven Years In 2017
07/20/18 CT Joins Lawsuit Vs. Trump Tax Breaks
01/03/18 CT Joins Other ‘Blue’ States In Looking To Skirt New Federal Tax Law
10/08/19 CT Judge To Reject Bankruptcy Shield For Purdue, Sacklers
04/26/17 CT Law Enforcement Officials: ‘Scourge’ of Opioid Overdoses Must End
01/03/18 CT Lawmakers Brace Themselves For Revenue Estimates post January 15
10/21/16 CT Lost 5,200 Jobs Last Month As State layoffs Take Toll
10/24/18 CT Lost Jobs In September, But Gained More In August
10/31/19 CT Makes Push To Leverage, Market ‘Opportunity Zones’ In Urban Centers
07/28/15 CT News Junkie turns ten years old; at the crossroads, CT News Junkie
10/11/18 CT Officials Press For Coverage of Fallen Trees Under FEMA
02/14/20 CT Port Authority Approves Plan To Turn New London State Pier Into Wind Hub
11/05/18 CT Program To Assess Growth Potential For Shellfish Industry
01/20/16 CT ranks second in State-Local Tax Burden Rankings for FY 2012, says Tax Foundation
06/14/18 CT Reaches New Philanthropic High, But Fewer Residents Are Giving
07/10/20 CT Residents Received $2.7 Billion In Federal Stimulus During Pandemic
08/24/16 CT Says It’s On Track To End Chronic Homelessness By Year End
08/09/16 CT School Funding On Trial: 5 Key Questions Facing The Judge
04/03/20 CT Small Businesses Brace For Extended Shutdowns That Could Kill Their Livelihoods
03/27/20 CT State and Local Pension Funds To Take Big Hit In Market Downturn
11/11/16 CT Town-By-Town Results: Trump Won Many Small Towns Obama Won Four Years Ago
07/20/15 CT unemployment rate hits lowest mark since July 2008, CT Mirror
08/19/15 CT unemployment rate inches closer to national average, CT News Junkie
11/29/16 CT Urban Centers Could Be In Crosshairs of Trump’s Sanctuary City Crackdown
01/18/19 CT's 80-Plus Local Breweries Want More Flexibility to Sell Beer
06/16/15 CT's budget's devilish details tarnish final result, CT Mirror
04/17/20 CT, NY State Governments Face Major Loss Of Tax Revenue
01/18/18 CT: Fifth-Lowest Rate Of Gun Deaths in U.S. in 2016
11/16/15 CTN coverage of Economic Summit hosted by CCM, CBIA and CT AFL-CIO
08/05/19 CT’s Budget Reserve On The Brink Of Hitting Unprecedented High
02/01/19 CT’s Tax Receipts Rebound Faster Than Those In Most States
03/19/20 CT’s Traditional Economic Sectors At Major Risk As Coronavirus Spreads
11/17/16 Cultural Hub: Novel ideas Abound At Wilton Library
06/06/19 Debt-Free Community College Planned for 2020; Funding Depends On Online Lottery
11/22/17 DEEP: Here's What's In and What's Out of Your Recycling Bin
01/11/18 Deficit, Program Cuts Will Test Bipartisan CT Budget Deal
03/29/19 DeLauro Slams Proposed Funding Increase For Charter Schools
04/22/16 Democratic Lawmakers Look To Solve Budget Crisis On Their Own
04/21/16 Democratic lawmakers, governor split on budget -- CCM starts up TV Ad
01/25/19 Democrats: Create Statewide Tax Rate For Vehicles
11/11/16 Dialing up Demographics: Groton Surveys Help ID Economic Development Opportunities
11/16/15 Divergent groups tackle state’s economic problems
12/08/15 Diverse Group of Stakeholders Reaches Consensus on Key Policy Areas
06/08/16 DMV Computer Error Means 50,000 Will Receive Incorrect Car Tax Bills
10/17/19 Does $600 million Transportation Funding Gap Means Tolls Are Unavoidable?
10/24/19 Dog-friendly Event Honors West Haven Cop Who Cracked Burned Dog Case
03/10/17 Drone Helps Keep North Stonington Firefighters Out Of Harm’s Way
07/15/15 Drop in arrests, jail admissions, in first half of 2015, Hartford Courant
10/08/19 Earn As You Go: CT’s Chief Economic Development Officer Proposes New Tool
04/26/19 East Lyme, Waterford, and New London Agree To Police Cooperation
09/08/17 Economist: Long-awaited Full CT Job Recovery Will Hit In 2019
11/14/19 Editorial: Property Tax Help Should Be A State Priority
08/09/18 Editorial: Time To Change To Open Primaries in Connecticut
10/27/17 Education Aid: Here’s What Is In The Bipartisan CT Budget Plan
08/30/18 Eight New Conditions Approved For CT’s Medical Marijuana Program
01/12/17 Electric Boat Poised To Hire 1,350 For Groton Sub Work
07/26/18 Eliminating Income Tax: Doable? Or ‘Fantasy’?
07/10/19 Emergency Workers Want Voice At State Capitol
05/19/15 Enact a state budget that protects property taxpayers, Op-Ed by Joe DeLong, CCM Executive Director
11/11/16 Eroding Revenues Widen Gap In Next Two-Year State Budget by $500 Million
08/24/15 Fairfield First Selectman: there is no replacing GE, The Hartfordite Blog
11/23/16 Fasano: Bipartisan Talks On Top Budget Issues Should Begin
01/13/20 Fed Projects Economic Slip for CT in First Half of 2020
09/24/19 Feds Woo Connecticut Lawmakers With 2.22% Interest Rate On Transportation Borrowing
05/02/19 Feds: CT Economy Up 1.8% in 4Q; trails U.S. Average
07/26/16 Fewer Women in Office Than Men in Connecticut
04/21/17 Finance Committee Explores Abundance of Revenue Ideas As Deadline Nears
04/06/18 Finance Committee Moves To Delay Bond Covenant
04/08/16 Finance Package Falls About $360M Short of Closing Budget Deficit
05/13/15 Firefighter cancer bill moving ahead, Norwich Bulletin
09/10/15 First-ever certification program for Registrars of Voters begins at UConn, CT News Junkie
04/17/20 Food Stamp Applications Quadruple
01/20/16 Food stamps ending for some in CT towns with high employment
03/22/19 For First Tme in 18 years, Standard & Poor’s Ugrades CT's Bond Outlook
11/18/15 Forbes Drops Connecticut’s Business Ranking
03/17/17 From Taxing Shopping Bags To Licensing Cats, Several Bills Would Boost State Revenue
11/18/15 GE CEO: “We’ll always have a big presence in Conn.” -- but the search for a new site is ongoing
01/15/16 GE: How it connected with Fairfield, what its HQ loss means
05/08/20 General Assembly Goes Sine Die Having Passed Only One Bill
06/14/18 Get On Board: Grand Opening Of New Commuter Railroad
08/17/17 GoNewHavenGO Competition Encourages Sustainable Travel
02/21/20 Good Economy Is Blamed For Dip In Health Insurance Enrollment
09/09/19 Good News: CT On Track For $126.1 Million Surplus For Fiscal 2020
06/10/16 GOP Calls On Democrats To Override Malloy And Restore Municipal Aid
03/09/18 Gov, Dem Leaders Backs Higher Minimum Wage, Hedging On How High
06/14/19 Gov. Lamont Willing To Scale Back Toll Plans
02/19/16 Governor Attends Appropriations hearing; Listens To Complaints About Budget
05/08/20 Governor Cautiously Plans To Bring College Students Back In Phases
08/24/15 Governor elevates deputy to chief of staff, Hartford Courant
06/30/15 Governor explained why he raised taxes, CT News Junkie
03/01/18 Governor Invites Delta North After Georgia Governor Vows To Punish Airline Over NRA Stance
01/11/19 Governor Ned Lamont's 2019 State of the State Address
07/28/17 Governor Says Budget Could Be Delayed Until Fall
06/12/15 Governor seeks to roll back $220 million in business taxes; CCM, local leaders want seat at table, CT Mirror
06/22/18 Governor Warns Against Overriding Vetoes
11/20/19 Governor's $21 Billion Transportation Plan Would Increase Capacity On State Highways, But Some Say That Can Lead To More Gridlock
07/17/20 Governor, Lawmakers Agree To Four Special Session Topics
10/24/18 Governor’s Race In Dead Heat
10/28/16 Griebel: Private Sector Can Help Hartford Deal With Financial Problems
11/16/17 Hartford Prepares For Oversight, Debt Restructuring In Wake Of State Budget
05/05/17 Hartford Teeters As State Aid Hangs In The Balance
06/22/18 Hartford Working On Best Solutions To Panhandling
09/16/16 Hartford's Budget Shortfall Worsens, Now Projected At $22.6 Million
04/13/17 Hat City Makeover: Danbury to Convert Shuttered Music Hall into Community Theater
06/05/20 Health Care In The Time of Coronavirus
09/07/18 Health Insurers Pushed To Ditch Double Digit Hikes
03/08/19 Hearing On Highway Tolls Brings Passion On Both Sides
12/15/16 Help In Place For Homeless Around Hartford As Temperature Drops
04/15/16 Higher property taxes a lousy state budget fix
05/17/18 Home Prices Across Connecticut Have Failed To Recover Since Peak In 2007
06/21/17 Homelessness Fell 24% In Three Years. How did Connecticut Do It?
06/27/19 Homelessness In State Continues To Decline
02/22/19 Honest conversation about tolls should not be stalled
10/24/19 Hospital Tax Deal Is Near
06/03/15 House agrees on budget that includes unitary business tax, Hartford Business Journal
05/15/15 House approves bill requiring Ed. Commissioner to have classroom, administrative experience, Hartford Courant
05/11/15 House approves change in minimum budget requirement, CT News Junkie
11/23/15 House Democrats hope to resolve deficit by Christmas
11/23/15 House Dems Say ‘No’ To Retirement Incentive Program
03/31/17 House Leader Ponders Phasing In Shift In Teacher Pension Costs To Municipalities
01/25/18 House Speaker: Centralize special education, sell rest stops...
03/24/17 House Speaker: Tolls ‘Inevitable,’ Hospital Tax And Pension Plan Unlikely
05/31/16 House To Meet This Week -- June 2 -- in Special Session for Bond Package
05/03/18 House Votes To Limit Gubernatorial Rescission Authority for Education Aid
06/04/15 House, Senate approve $40 billion budget, Gov ready to sign it, Hartford Courant
12/15/16 How Did Connecticut’s Economy Fall Behind?
06/30/15 How much does your town gain or lose in the state budget, CT Mirror
04/09/20 How To Quickly Process 5K+ Applications For $50M Bridge Loan Program
09/25/18 Hurricane Maria, One Year Later: Exodus Strained CT, But Families And Service Providers Still Resilient
06/18/20 Illegal fireworks On Rise In CT Towns As Cooped-Up Residents Blow Off Steam
11/04/16 In Harmony: New Alliance Promotes Monroe Arts and Culture
04/18/18 In Legislature, Time’s Running Out For Adoption Of Fiscal Panel’s Recommendations
11/19/15 Indiana said no; New Haven said yes to Syrian refugee family
06/01/15 Initial CCM statement in response to state budget agreement
07/26/18 Inside a Commuter Rail Comeback for Hartford-New Haven Corridor
05/01/20 inspections by FaceTime, Staggered Shifts: Towns Work To Keep Staff Healthy
03/03/17 Insurance CEOs Donate $50M For A 'Healthy' Hartford
10/18/18 IRS Extends Operating Loss Period For Homeowners With Crumbling Foundations
09/17/18 Is CT Gearing Up For Another Fiscal Bait And Switch?
06/26/15 It is time to stampede the elephants in the room, Manchester Journal Inquirer
04/22/19 It’s Time To Update Connecticut’s Bottle Bill: The Best Tool For Combating Higher Recycling Costs
08/21/15 Joe Scarborough is firm on taxes, less so on his plans, CT Mirror
11/16/15 Ken Dixon: Solving state economic woes in a basement by the shore
07/07/16 Keno Rakes In Revenue for CT In First Two Months
05/12/16 Key Documents Still Missing; Senate Leaders Remain Confident; Budget Implementer Bill Presented
11/08/17 Klarides, Wyman Still Mum On Run for Governor
03/24/17 Knock on Wood: Free Trees Are Enhancing New Haven Neighborhoods
07/05/17 Lack of candidates for local offices causing concern
03/27/20 Laid Off Due to COVID-19? The Wait for Benefits Is Three Weeks
04/05/19 Lamont Adds His Own Twist To Bond Commission Traditions
01/03/19 Lamont Administration Begins To Take Shape
03/22/19 Lamont Backs Off ‘Forced’ School Consolidation; Needleman Pitches Bill to Allow Easier Cooperation
07/17/20 Lamont Declines To Invest In Trash-To-Energy Plant, Says It’s Time To Move On From Outdated Tech
05/15/20 Lamont Extends Free Plastic Bag Use, Eyes June 20 for Phase 2
08/30/18 Lamont Floats Increase In Property Tax Credit On Campaign Trail
02/07/20 Lamont Proposes More Borrowing As Toll Vote Approaches
05/24/19 Lamont Releases Toll Bill, Calls For Special Session
06/12/20 Lamont Says Labor Is Not Willing To Talk About Postponing Raises
03/29/19 Lamont Seeks Help With Tolls, Other Priorities, In D.C.
06/27/19 Lamont Signs Bill Expanding Craft Beer Sales -- Jobs Growing
05/30/19 Lamont Signs Minimum Wage Increase; Business Lobby Continues Protest
06/06/19 Lamont Thanks General Assembly, But Work Is Not Done
07/10/19 Lamont To Retool, Promoting Harris And Hiring Reiss
01/11/19 Lamont Will Have Extra Time To Craft First Budget
12/21/18 Lamont's Shared Services Committee Urges Local, Regional And State Collaboration
06/26/20 Lamont, lawmakers, Have Different Visions To Rebalance CT Financess
03/01/19 Lamont: Business leaders key to CT stability
02/22/19 Lamont: ‘If you have any better ideas, bring them’
01/18/19 Lamont’s First Meeting With Labor Focuses On Unfunded Pension Liabilities
08/29/19 Larger Forces At Work In The Opioid Crisis
05/11/17 Last Link in Cheshire Greenway Underway to Connect New Haven to Southington
11/11/16 Lawmakers Elect Their State legislative Leaders
11/25/15 Lawmakers Look To Second Week of December for Special Session
03/15/19 Lawmakers Offer First Draft of Legal Cannabis Bills
12/20/16 Lawmakers Won't Take Tax Hikes Off Table
04/27/18 Leaders Beginning to Talk about Beginning Budget Negotations
09/30/16 Leaked Draft Bill Seeks To Regionalize Municipal Health Departments
03/12/20 Legislating In The Age Of COVID-19: Vote By Phone, No Public Hearings
11/05/15 Legislative Leaders, Malloy Agree On $350-$370M Budget Shortfall
06/21/17 Legislative Leaders, Malloy Meet And Aim For June 29
04/23/20 Legislative Session Becomes A Coronavirus Casualty
08/25/17 Legislators Feeling Heat Over Budget Stalemate
07/21/17 Legislators Hope To Vote On Budget Deal Before July ends
02/21/20 Legislators Pitch Tax Break For College Graduates Who Stay In CT And Buy House
07/29/15 Legislators resist giving Gov his transportation funding lock box, CT Mirror
08/14/15 Legislators seeking to change municipal pension rule told to write a letter, CT Mirror
05/05/17 Legislators Starting To Face 'Grim Reality' House Speaker Says
06/04/15 Legislature heads into overtime, CT News Junkie
05/11/17 Legislature Poised To Loosen High School Graduation Requirements
12/01/15 Lembo Calls On Lawmakers & Governor To Target Bigger Budget Shortfall
12/07/17 Lembo Certifies $207.8M Deficit That Triggers Mitigation
04/09/20 Local CT Police, Fire Make Protective Masks Mandatory
03/10/17 Local Elected Officials Tell Lawmakers To Take Teacher Pension Shift Off the Table
02/28/20 Local Emergency Directors Ask Governor For Help with Coronavirus, Lamont Outlines Actions
01/02/20 Looney, Fassano Tackle Tolls, Transportation
05/05/17 Making Money At Guilford Golf Course
01/05/16 Malloy Administration Identifies Savings, But Not Everyone Is Pleased -- Inlcudes Cuts In Municipal Aid
12/28/15 Malloy announces new program in New Haven to reduce prison recidivism
05/10/18 Malloy Brings The Funny ... Seriously
07/13/16 Malloy Defends Bond Commission Borrowing, Calls It An Investment
02/12/16 Malloy Forum In Stamford -- no tax hikes; can't hold everyone harmless from cuts
01/05/16 Malloy Heads To White House For Obama’s Executive Action on Guns
04/01/16 Malloy hears from homeowners with crumbling basements
03/09/16 Malloy hints at state layoffs, another round of municipal aid cuts
08/23/18 Malloy Keeps Up Pressure For Transportation Rebuild — And Tolls
07/07/15 Malloy maintains optimism over state budget, CT News Junkie
02/25/16 Malloy Makes His Budget Case; Residents Push Back
12/02/15 Malloy Meeting With GE on HQ; Changing Unitary Tax
02/07/18 Malloy Offers Strategies To Counter Federal Tax Changes
06/10/15 Malloy open to conversation about business taxes as GE puts one foot out the door, CT News Junkie
03/17/16 Malloy orders more cuts as lawmakers vow to close deficit by April 1
04/13/17 Malloy Plan Hands Poorest Municipalities A Life Preserver and Anchor
01/12/17 Malloy Refuses To Take Tax Increases Off The Table
01/27/17 Malloy Seeks Borrowing To Help Homeowners With Crumbling Foundations
07/13/15 Malloy signs 268 bills, vetoes 9, CT News Junkie
05/26/16 Malloy Signs Bill To Assist Towns In Dealing With Hoarding Cases -- Another Blight Issue
02/04/16 Malloy targets municipal aid, agency budgets, perhaps ‘thousands’ of jobs
05/24/18 Malloy To Open Sports Betting Talks With Tribes
08/24/15 Malloy trying to keep GE headquarters in CT, Hartford Courant
07/20/18 Malloy Uses Executive Authority For $10 Million Toll Study
07/14/17 Malloy Vetoes Changes To Affordable Housing Law
06/05/18 Malloy Vetoes ECS bill, Declines To Sign Health Measure
03/17/17 Malloy, Casinos Tout Tourism As Major State Industry
05/02/16 Malloy, Democrats bring very different perspectives to budget crisis
02/10/17 Malloy: Let Towns Pay For Resident Troopers
06/14/16 Malloy’s Line-Item Budget Vetoes Stand as House, Senate Split
12/01/15 Many Connecticut Residents Left Behind In Economic Recovery
08/21/15 Mark Ojakian, Gov.'s Chief of Staff, named interim president of CSCU system, Hartford Courant
07/11/16 Mary Fritz, Wallingford State Legislator For More Than Three Decades, Dies at 78
02/10/17 Mayor Calls Proposed $10.2 Million Cut In State Aid A ‘Financial Tsunami’
08/30/17 Mayors, First Selectmen Seek To Avoid Deep Cuts As State Budget Stalemate Continues
05/17/16 Measure strips $1B in bonded projects off of CT’s credit card
12/08/15 Member of Transportation Finance Panel Wants To Postpone Lockbox Vote
08/04/15 Meriden residents, joining 126 other towns,  now eligible for CCM's Prescription Discount Card Program, Meriden Record-Journal
02/08/19 Merrill Calls For Passage of ‘Votercentric’ Laws
02/17/17 Microgrid Energy Project Hits Home Run In Bridgeport
05/30/19 Middletown Invests In Restorative Practices To Make Their Schools Welcoming
01/05/17 Middletown Ordinance Bans Use of Chemical Waste From Fracking
07/10/20 Middletown Passes ‘Historic’ Measures On Racism, LGBTQIA Rights
04/21/17 Milford Adopts Plan to Boost Business and Market Harbor Area
08/17/16 Mixed Messages Regarding Opioid Epidemic
05/01/20 Monroe Grocery Bag Program Keeps Seniors Fed, Safe
10/07/16 More Layoffs, Vo-Tech School Closures Possible As Malloy's Budget Office Seeks Spending Cuts
07/24/19 Most Transportation Projects Go To CT Companies; Some Go Out-Of-State
09/01/15 Municipal primary elections to be pushed back one week for 2015, set for Sept. 16, CT News Junkie
10/21/16 Municipal Workers Going To The Dogs; City Launches Volunteer Dog Walking Program
04/12/19 Municipalities, Nonprofits Square Off Over Tax Bill
06/16/16 Murphy ends filibuster saying two gun measures will get votes
08/29/19 Mutual Aid Emergency Management Compact Between New York, CT Announced
05/22/20 Mystic Aquarium Reopens To Public
07/20/16 National Civic League Honors New Britain and Nine Other Communities as 2016 All-America City Award Winners
08/02/16 National Unrest Sharpens CT’s Focus On Police-Community Trust
02/10/17 Naugatuck Saves Time and Trees With BoardDocs
09/28/17 Negotiations On Hospital Tax Deal Clouded by Hospitals' Lawsuit
10/05/17 New Canaan Middle School Gets State Of The Art Makeover
05/25/17 New Canaan Works With Clean Your Mile Campaign
09/30/16 New Data Shows Most UConn Grads From CT Staying In State
08/25/17 New Democratic Budget Plan Includes Mandate Relief, Sales Tax Hike
07/01/16 New Gun Laws Virtually Dead For This Year, CT Lawmakers Concede
09/08/17 New Haven Healthy Start Continues Critical Outreach
07/13/16 New Haven Police Chief: City Could Help Teach Community Policing In Wake Of National Tensions
07/20/16 New Haven police demonstrate traffic stop safety for police and motorists in a frightening time
11/30/16 New Haven Zoning Changes Embrace New Urbanism
05/31/17 New Haven ‘Perfect Blend’ Program Offers Leadership Training, Mentoring For Girls
06/08/16 New Haven, Hartford Police Seek State Delay in Closure of Lock-Ups
08/16/18 New Jersey Takes In $40.6 Million In Sports Bets In July
07/05/17 New Laws Go Into Effect in July
07/08/15 New laws start this month, CT News Junkie
03/03/17 New London Police Provide Guidance as CT Coyote Population Soars
09/16/19 New Meals Tax Guidance Has Republicans Calling Foul, Grocery Stores Scrambling
11/01/16 New Milford Gets Ready for Sale of Town-Owned Property
06/21/17 New Milford's 13-Town Sewer District Sets Up 2-Tier Pricing
05/18/16 New Pew Trust Report: Connecticut Has One of Highest Public Debt to Personal Income Ratios
01/25/18 New Poll Finds Support For Tolls
07/14/17 New Preserve Expands New Milford’s Hiking And Outdoor Opportunities
07/28/17 New Springfield-Hartford-New Haven Commuter Rail Set For May 2018 Start
10/18/18 New State Panel Aims To Shift CT Tourism Industry
02/23/18 New Vision for Downtown Greenwich Pitched
05/31/17 New York City Competing Hard for Aetna Headquarters
05/22/20 New Yorkers Snapping Up Fairfield County Homes As They Flee NYC
11/16/17 Newly Adopted CT budget Already Showing Red Ink
11/04/15 Next Year Connecticut Voters Will Get Immediate Election Results, But Not In 2017 -- CT News Junkie
06/15/17 No End In Sight For Budget Negotiations
08/16/18 No Surprises In Races For Attorney General, Comptroller, Treasurer
07/15/15 No veto overrides planned by State Legislature, Hartford Courant
03/09/18 Nobody “Hipper” than Waterbury
10/14/16 Nonpartisan analysts: CT budget is $78M in deficit
02/05/16 Nonprofit Community Warns of Cuts To Safety Net
01/12/17 North Branford Fire Facility Is Model For Cost-Effectiveness And Modern Equipment
04/13/17 Off The Radar: Thousands Of Children Chronically Truant Across Connecticut
05/08/15 Officials fight expanded workers' compensartion for public safety employees, WTNH-TV Channel 8
07/14/15 Ojakian to leave as Malloy Chief of Staff, CT Mirror
07/24/20 Old Saybrook Starts Fund For Residents Impacted By Economic Slowdown
11/30/17 Older and Safer -- Greenwich Planning to Care for Aging Population
05/10/18 On Bipartisan vote, Connecticut Bans Bump Stocks
06/14/19 On Way Out, UTC Cushions The Fallout
12/03/15 OP-ED | State‘s Tax Panel Must Resolve Residents’ Biggest Tax Problem—The Property Tax
04/07/17 Open Door Policy: New London Schools Embrace Immigrant Community
10/14/16 Open Space: Ridgefield Tackling Boundary Violations
09/28/17 Opinion: Legislating Connecticut Pension Reform Necessary
04/26/19 Opioid Abuse Prevention, Education Preached
09/17/18 Opioid Deaths Increasing As Connecticut Struggles To Find Money To Fight Crisis
06/02/16 Opioid Epidemic Fueling Hospitalizations, Hospital Costs
01/26/16 OPM Secretary: No Tax Increases Next Week
06/13/16 Orlando Mass Shooting Rekindles Connecticut's Gun Debate
06/17/15 Over 80 municipal officials to assemble for June 18 CCM Annual Meeting; New CCM Executive Director to present first major address on the "New CCM" and legislative concerns with coming Special Session
12/29/15 Panel struggles to solve state’s property tax woes
05/03/18 Parties Break Up Over Budget Negotiations
05/17/19 Payroll Tax Plan Moves To Back Burner At Capitol
02/15/19 Pensions WIll SInk State, Without Moment Like Reagan, Congress Had on Social Security
03/03/17 Plaintiffs Ask Lawmakers For Study of Education Funding Formula
08/10/15 Plainville streetlights to provide Wi-Fi, not just lights -- Hartford Courant
07/31/20 Police Accountability Bill Goes to Governor
06/18/20 Policing Task Force Outlines 22 Reform Priorities
11/17/16 Political Pupils: Civics Gets Renewed Attention In Schools
10/25/16 Poll Finds A Majority of Connecticut Voters Support Education Ruling
04/22/19 Pomfret, Thompson, And Putnam Line Up For New Websites
10/20/17 Possible Bond Rating Downgrade Leaves Municipalities Worried About Roads, Bridges, Schools
04/05/19 Pot Tax Revenue For Northampton, MA -- $737,331
05/15/20 Pressure Grows on Governor To Open indoor Dining
03/15/19 Pro-Toll Residents Speak Out, Organize
03/29/18 Prospect Wins With Tax Breaks for Elderly, Disabled
09/30/19 Public Pension Funds Abandon 8 Percent Return
08/16/19 Public, Business and Government Come Together To Celebrate Plainfield
01/13/20 Putting Brakes on State Spending
02/24/17 Rails To Trails: Pomfret to Putnam Connector to get Major Upgrades
09/30/16 Real Crime, Real Time: Hartford Police Using Enhanced Surveillance Cameras
05/10/19 Regional Agency Tackles Banking, Affordable Housing
10/27/17 Regionalism Can No Longer Be Brushed Aside In Connecticut
12/06/18 Renovations Will Preserve Historic Library For Years To Come
10/14/16 Report: 38 Percent of CT Residents Can’t Meet Basic Needs
09/25/18 Report: More than 300 State And Local Bridges in CT deficient
05/29/20 Republican Lawmakers Want A Special Session
10/17/19 Republican Leaders Push For Information On Bond Package
11/16/18 Revenue Boost Helps Reduce Budget Deficit
05/05/15 Revenues fall short, leaving 2015 state budget in deficit, CT News Junkie
04/18/18 S&P Lowers State Gov't Bond Rating, Citing Hefty Debt
12/17/15 S&P warns Malloy’s pension plan could cause bond rating cut
02/17/17 S&P Worried About Proposed Cost Shift Onto CT Towns
07/05/17 Salem Museum Joins Neighborhood Assistance Program
02/15/19 Sales Tax Increase to Fund Municipalities Gets Public Hearing -- CCM Supports
09/14/17 Saving Big Bucks: Zone Change Benefits Homeowners in East Haven
03/24/17 Saving Lives: Meriden Police Adding Narcan To Their Response
03/18/16 School bus seat belt funding goes; bill would mandate seat belts on new buses
01/19/16 School funding on trial: 5 things to know
08/12/15 School to prison pipeline sparks frank debate at State Capitol, CT News Junkie
08/09/17 Sen. Blumenthal Tells Insurance Industry Policies That Don’t Cover Crumbling Foundations May Violate Law
11/20/15 Senate Dems break with House, go own way on deficit
06/04/15 Senate Dems threaten nuclear option -- cutting off debate -- to pass budget and $2 billion tax hike, CT Mirror
12/20/17 Senate, House Approve Tax Plan -- CT Lawmakers Call Disastrous For State
06/08/17 Session Ends With Aid To Hartford, Towns On Hold
09/30/16 Several New State Laws Take Effect in October
01/27/17 Seymour and Nonprofit Partner To Provide New Adult Day Care Program
11/06/15 Sharkey Admits Mistakes Were Made In Balancing Budget
11/11/15 Shrinking revenue forecast shows CT’s red ink spreading fast
09/22/16 Sikorsky, Malloy Cut Tentative Deal To Produce New Helicopter In Connecticut
10/13/17 Site Names Two CT Cities To 'Top Foodie' List
05/03/18 Six Communities Unite On Opioid Crisis
12/20/19 Skepticism, Support For Seven-Year Hospital Settlement
03/06/20 Slots On Your Smartphone? Lamont Says, ‘No.’
07/08/15 Some bright spots in the state's sluggish economy, CT Mirror
02/01/19 Speaker Won’t End Conversation On Taxes and Regionalization
07/09/15 Speaker's property tax legislation rides through in the budget implementer, CT News Junkie
04/21/17 Speaker: Not Enough Support for Pension Bills to Towns
09/09/19 Stamford Improves Commute Times And Parking Downtown
12/21/18 Stamford Is Perfect! City Achieved Top Score On Equality Index
07/28/16 Stamford school turns into ‘pop-up department store' for free back-to-school clothes and supplies for disadvantaged
06/08/17 Stamford, New Haven Among ‘Innovation Places’ Grant Winners
01/03/19 Starting The Conversation, Parenting Through The Opioid Crisis
09/02/15 State agencies asked to prepare cuts, CT News Junkie
12/14/18 State Agencies Warn Lamont Of Looming Surge In State Retirements
04/03/20 State Budget Deficit Grows, Rainy Day Fund Strong
06/08/15 State budget gambling on middle clas, CT Post
08/17/17 State Budget Impasse Forces Schools To Cut Staff, Put Positions On Hold
05/31/17 State Closes Deficit for This Fiscal year -- With No Municipal Aid Cuts
07/21/15 State commits resources to reduce violence in Hartford, CT News Junkie
07/27/15 State considering layoffs as federal funding dries up, Hartford Courant
03/11/16 State Employee Layoffs Are ‘Imminent’
02/03/17 State Employee Pension Agreement Crosses Finish Line -- Saving $570 Million Next Year
01/20/20 State Government Overtime Costs Rise, Salaries Remain Down
11/16/15 State leaders should jump on this chance to shine
12/22/15 State must cut its borrowing to avoid maxing out credit card
11/04/16 State Officials Issue Drought Watch For Most Counties
07/18/16 State Officials: No Connecticut Law Violated When It Comes To Crumbling Foundations
02/09/16 State Rep. Michelle Cook reintroduces bill to help firefighters diagnosed with cancer
02/24/17 State Shifts Residential Costs For Intellectually Disabled Children To Local Schools, Property Taxpayers
05/24/19 State Spending Millions To Cut Down 60,000 Potentially Dangerous Trees Along Highways
09/21/16 State Supreme Court Says It Will Review School Funding Case
09/24/19 State Warns Motorists To Watch Out For Deer And Moose
11/17/16 State Workers' Pensions, Retiree Health Care Fuel $1.3 Billion Budget Shortfall
07/07/16 Statistics Show Typical Eastern Connecticut Drug Addict Is Middle-Aged White Man
02/07/20 Stratford Honors Women In Suffrage Struggle
07/28/17 Stratford Launches Social Media Campaign to Clean Up Town
05/24/16 Stubborn Deficit Remains In This Year’s Budget
07/21/17 Study Assesses Impact Of Obamacare In CT -- 160,000 Gained Coverage
06/28/18 Supreme Court Confirmation Battle Begins; CT Senators Want To Wait Unitl After Elections
01/18/18 Surging CT Income Tax Receipts Bolster State Budget Reserve
07/13/16 Survey Finds Small Businesses Are Hiring Across CT Cities and Towns
08/02/18 Survey: CT consumer confidence on the rise
01/02/20 Taking Down Dead Trees In State Parks, Forests Cost Taxpayers Another $1 Million
08/11/15 Tax-free week starts Sunday, CT Post
11/04/16 Teacher Pension Costs to Surge, Widen Hole in Next State Budget
11/08/19 Teacher’s Union: Connecticut Schools Are “Falling Apart"
01/14/16 Tetreau: GE Move Will Affect Jobs, Homes In Fairfield And Beyond
06/28/18 The Fast Track To Economic Development: New Britain Hopes To Bring In Restaurants, Retail, And People
10/03/18 The Largest CT Tax Hikes Of The Past Three Decades
08/20/15 The rise of the sharing economy, The Economist
05/24/19 There Is A Crying Need For Pension Reform
05/05/17 Third Casino Higly LIkely As Part of State Budget Deal
01/12/17 Third Casino Shaping Up As A Tough Sell
11/08/17 Those With Crumbling Foundations Finally May Get Some Help
08/02/18 Three Candidates See Pensions As Arts Funding Villain
03/22/18 Time Is Running Out For Lawmakers To Close CT Budget Deficit
10/03/18 Tipping The Balance In The State Senate
05/10/19 Toll Foes Deliver 100,000 Petition Signatures To Governor
04/27/18 Toll Vote Still Expected Before May Adjournment
11/03/17 Too Soon To Tell What The Fiscal Future Holds For New State Budget
06/02/15 Top CT city Insurer names new CEO, Hartford Business Journal
05/14/15 Top lawmakers say more communication needed on bill to protect firefighters, CT News Junkie
05/18/17 Top Notch: Guilford Becomes Fourth In CT With International Baccalaureate Program
04/13/18 Torrington Advances Affordable Housing
11/05/18 Torrington Delivers: 40 Years Of Meals On Wheels
07/28/17 Torrington School Year Could Be Delayed As Officials Wrangle With Lack of State Budget
08/16/19 Towns Begin Grappling With Loss Of Tax Revenue On Homes With Crumbling Foundations
08/09/18 Towns Struggle To Regulate Airbnb
05/08/15 Towns voice concerns over potential change in workers' compensation law for firefghters, CT News Junkie
11/10/15 Towns, businesses, unions unite at Nov. 12 - 13 conference on CT's economic future
11/09/18 Transition Team Building Underway
01/20/16 Transportation advocates say widening I-95 won’t ease congestion
11/06/15 Transportation advocates urge ‘lockbox’ despite budget woes
06/29/17 Transportation Group Says Connecticut’s Rural Roads Are Deficient
06/08/17 Transportation Lockbox Enacted For Improvements to CT’s Roads and Bridges
11/11/15 Treasurer raises more concerns about Malloy’s plan for pensions
09/11/15 Tribes set to pitch new casino; Enfield and East Hartford among potential sites, CT Mirror
03/10/17 Trump Administration Considers $6 Billion Cut To HUD Budget
03/01/18 Trump Asks Murphy To Help Draft ‘Comprehensive’ Gun Bill
05/25/17 Trump Budget Proposal Has Massive Cuts To Social Programs
12/20/16 Trump Team Plans For Infrastructure ‘Task Force’ To Advance Top Spending Priority
09/16/16 Two Connecticut School Systems, for the Rich and Poor
08/30/17 Two Hospitals Conduct Health Assessments in New London Neighborhoods
11/09/18 U Text U Drive U Pay: Hamden Takes Part In Program To Save Lives
01/08/16 U.S. asks CT, other states, for help enforcing gun rules
08/23/18 Unanimous Senate Affirms Press is Not ‘Enemy of the People’
03/03/16 Underscoring fiscal crisis: Legislature considers furloughs; judiciary cancels raises
05/25/17 Union Leaders Selling Labor Concessions Deal to Members
01/25/16 Union Wants Change To Teacher Evaluations
10/28/16 Up, Up and Away – Plainville firefighters learn hot air balloon safety
10/05/17 Venture Funding Surges in CT
10/21/16 Voter Registration Tops 2 Million in CT
03/16/18 Walking “The Walk” in Norwalk
05/18/17 Wall Street Continues To Pile Onto Connecticut
09/07/18 Wall Street Warns New Federal tax rules could boost CT’s borrowing costs
04/23/20 Webster Bank Sees Gradual Recovery later In Year Once Worst Of Pandemic Passes
08/15/16 West Hartford Police Adopt LGBT Policy
06/15/17 West Haven Neighborhood Thriving On New Mixed Use Developments
09/16/16 West Haven waterfront business development signals rebrith
06/26/20 What Did CT Learn From Child Care Centers That Never Closed?
07/06/18 What To Know About Recreational Marijuana Sales in Massachusetts
03/31/17 WhatsApp is Whats Up as New Community Policing Tool in New Haven
02/14/20 What’s In Recreational Marijuana Bill, From Legal Possession Amounts To Industry Equity, And Taxation
01/05/17 With A Divided Legislature, New Lawmakers May Wield Influence In General Assembly
12/09/16 With An Eye On Legislature, Bronin Makes Pitch To Suburbs
05/18/15 With major cancer presumption bill reaching critical stage, CCM begins airing radio messages calling on legislators to turn aside this costly unfunded state mandate
06/02/15 Workers' Comp Agency Names New CEO, Hartford Courant
05/19/15 Would state sales tax hike really translate into local tax relief, CT Mirror
12/01/15 Youth incarceration down; obstacles remain for some discharges