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There Is A Crying Need For Pension Reform

There Is A Crying Need For Pension Reform

Manchester Journal-Inquirer, May 23, 2019


While the General Assembly has been debating the minimum wage, tolls, and other matters, its silence on pension reform is deafening.

Connecticut’s economic problems are closely tied to the state’s overwhelming pension liabilities — all of which were approved by our legislators.

People retiring from one job to collect a pension while working another job, the use of overtime to increase eventual pension benefits, and other perks enjoyed by state employees should be a primary focus of the legislative agenda, just as it was for Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo and Connecticut’s former Gov. Dannel Malloy, who attempted to limit this state’s pension liabilities. But so far only silence from Gov. Ned Lamont and his allies in the state House and Senate.  

Contracts need change back to top

There is a crying need for pension reform. It is pressing. If present contracts cannot be changed, the necessity for a reduction in personnel may have to be examined.

Pension liabilities and the problems they present should be a prime item on the legislative agenda. Unfortunately, the Democratic caucus is so tied to employee unions that any reform must almost come by edict from the union overlords.

Pensions are a part of employment agreements, and rightfully so. But abuses in the system should be reviewed and efforts made to eliminate them.