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Walking “The Walk” in Norwalk

Walking “The Walk” in Norwalk

In late February, the Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) opened the Walk Bridge Welcome Center in Norwalk.

The Welcome Center, located on the first floor of the Lock Building at 20 Marshall Street in South Norwalk, will serve as a central location for the Norwalk community to engage with the Walk Bridge Program: The Walk Railroad Bridge Replacement, CP243 Interlocking, and Danbury Branch Dockyard Projects. 

The Welcome Center will host a variety of public and stakeholder meetings, community events and provides the public the opportunity to visit one-on-one with Program representatives. Visitors will find informational displays, fact sheets and brochures about the Program. A children’s corner and an area designated for local artists to showcase their work are planned.

Once a month, and as needed, the center will open for evening hours. A grand opening event is anticipated for Summer 2018.

The Walk Bridge Replacement Project is anticipated to start construction in 2019. The Project will replace the deteriorating 122-year-old  swing-span railroad bridge that crosses the Norwalk River. The bridge is a critical transportation link on the Northeast Corridor and carries Metro-North’s New Haven Line, Amtrak and freight services daily. The replacement of the Walk Bridge will provide safe and reliable rail transportation services and will improve navigational capacity and dependability for waterway users.   

Construction started 2017 back to top

The CP243 Interlocking and Danbury Branch Dockyard Projects began construction in Fall 2017. These advanced projects will improve the dependability of operations on the New Haven Line during construction of the new Walk Bridge.  During the Walk Bridge construction, the normal four-track service will need to operate on two-tracks to allow work to progress on one half of the bridge at a time.

The CP243 Interlocking Project allows trains to switch tracks, and maintain service, through the area during the two-track service. The Danbury Branch Dockyard Project will electrify the southern portion of the Danbury Line to Jennings Place. The electrification of the line allows for eastbound trains ending at South Norwalk Station to change direction of service for the return westbound trip to Grand Central Terminal, also during the two-track service.  

The Walk Bridge Program is committed to ongoing coordination and communication with the City of Norwalk, the business community, commuters and residents throughout construction to address any community concerns.

More detailed information on the Walk Bridge Program is available online at