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Who Rescued Who? A Community Invests in its Pets

Who Rescued Who?  A Community Invests in its Pets

A scant 70 years after Animal Haven first opened, the North Haven institution has reopened after a slew of necessary renovations.

The shelter closed in September of 2017 to undergo major renovations in the HVAC systems and changes to the interior entirely funded by local donors and a larger $35,000 donation from the Lillian and Henry Konopacke Fund.

The HVAC system is a major and necessary improvement that will have far reaching effects. Per an update from the shelter, the renovations will “dramatically improve airflow throughout the facility” and “the separate ventilation of each room that houses animals […] will reduce the spread of virus and disease.”

Part of the renovation included installing a speaker system that plays classical music throughout the day and improved examination rooms. Although places like Animal Haven take extremely good care of their foster dogs, it can still be a stressful situation.

The music has a calming effect on the dogs, which leads to healthier lifestyles, and the hope is, more adoptions.

They have also created a space for the many cats and kittens at the shelter.

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Animal Haven is a no-kill shelter, and follows a mandatory spay-neuter policy.

They take in animals from municipal shelters that are at risk of being euthanized and surrendered cats and dogs from the community for a small fee.

All of their funding is private, and all funding comes from community members and organizations, some of which is adoption fees, grants, and fundraising events.

Animal Haven has plans for future renovations that will tackle issues with the dog kennel.

Both North Haven First Selectman Michael Freda and The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven’s Grant Manager Denise Canning were present at the ribbon cutting.