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07/31/20 CCM, Dalio Philanthropies Announce Return To Addressing Students’ Digital Divide
07/31/20 New Haven Mayor: 100 Day Plan And Then Some
07/24/20 CCM Calls For Session To Address Police Reform, Aid For COVID-19 Expenses
07/24/20 Police Rally Against Reform As Lawmakers Convene
07/22/20 CCM calls for special session to address police accountability reform, but without eliminating essential local government immunity; and to provide additional aid for unbudgeted COVID-19 expenses by towns
07/17/20 Ansonia, Derby School Regionalization options Weighed
07/17/20 Ending Police Immunity From Lawsuits Tough Sell For Reform
07/10/20 CT Seeks Poll Workers After Other States Have Struggled To Staff Polling Sites During Pandemic
07/10/20 New Haven’s Effort To Help The Hardest Hit: Minority-Owned Small Businesses
06/26/20 Is CT’s Coronavirus Recovery The Nation’s Best?
06/26/20 LifeBridge To Launch Camp For Bridgeport Youth
06/18/20 How The Rise Of Supermarkets Left Out Black America
06/18/20 West Haven Secures Funding To Raise Beach Street
06/12/20 New Haven Students Want Cops Out Of Schools
06/12/20 CT Towns Continue To Struggle With Diversity In Police Ranks
06/12/20 Coronavirus Has Cost Towns Nearly Half A Billion Dollars So Far
06/05/20 Lamont Creates $75 Milion Pandemic Relief Fund For CT Municipalities
06/03/20 Legislative Leaders Want All Police To Use Body Cameras As Protests Continue
06/02/20 As Towns Across CT Continue Battle Against Coronavirus, CCM Publishes Its First Booklet On Local Public Health Effort
05/29/20 Cromwell Senior Center Connects Members To The World
05/29/20 CT Towns To Spend over $62 Million Battling Coronavirus By July
05/22/20 17 Percent of CT Restaurants Offering Outdoor Dining, But Challenges Remain
05/22/20 Governor Has Been A big Ally Of Towns; Except On Coronavirus Relief Funding
05/15/20 New Haven Mayor Not So Sure About May Reopening Date
05/15/20 Are COGs CT’s Future Counties?
05/08/20 As CT Readies To Reopen, Parents Face Child Care Gap in Towns
05/08/20 Salons, Barbers And Patrons Hold On For Reopening In Communities
05/05/20 Assembly Doctors Call for Greater COVID Precautions; CCM, CT Partnership Push Need For Summer School, Youth jobs
05/01/20 Connecticut towns Have Yet To See Any Federal Coronavirus Stimulus Money
05/01/20 Lt. Gov. Announces Local Committee Aimed At Long-Term Economic Recovery Post COVID-19
04/28/20 CT Businesses Could Begin Reopening In 7-10 Days, Governor Lamont says
04/23/20 Wallingford Among Towns Eager For Federal Stimulus Funding
04/23/20 Cities, Towns Incentivize Eating Local With Contests, Other Perks
04/17/20 Geballe Says CT Businesses Will Have To Wait Until Mid-May, At Least, To Reopen
04/17/20 Milford Approves Tax Deferral Program During Pandemic
04/09/20 CCM, Municipalities Press Lamont To Share COVID-19 Federal Relief Funds
04/09/20 Opinion: CCM Is Here For Connecticut
04/08/20 CCM calls on Governor and Congressional Delegation to share federal funding for CT cities and towns to battle fallout from COVID-19
04/03/20 Shelton Firm Working On COVID-19 Drug
04/03/20 Towns Implementing Low And High Tech Tools To Keep Town Business Running
03/27/20 Drive-Through Town Meeting In Vernon - Keeping A Democratic Tradition During Coronavirus Crisis
03/19/20 Lamont Releases Mashantucket Pequot, Mohegan Funds Early
03/19/20 Ansonia Police Modify Procedures Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
03/16/20 Lamont Allows Towns To Hold Meetings Remotely To Limit Spread of Coronavirus
03/12/20 Bethel Police Earn Law Enforcement Accreditation Award
03/12/20 Municipalities Mull Meeting Cancellations In Wake Of Coronavirus
03/06/20 Middletown Leaders Using Social Network Live Functions To Promote Open Government
03/06/20 CCM: Towns Need State, Business Dollars To Clean Up Firefighting Foam
03/03/20 Towns Need Greater Partnership With State And Businesses To Battle Environmental Fallout From Fire-Fighting Foam Leaching Into Municipal Aquifers And Public Water Supplies
03/03/20 NLC: Managing Through the Coronavirus: What Local Leaders Need to Know
02/28/20 Expanding Post-Traumatic Stress Coverage Under Workers' Compensation Statutes Would Walk Away From 2019 Bi-Partisan Agreement
02/28/20 Gov. Lamont’s Pending Proposal Helps Municipal Infrastructure Needs, Borrows $200 Million For Transportation
02/28/20 New London In Pursuit Of A Strong Economic Future
02/21/20 Benefits Of Electric School Bus Fleets Explored In Fairfield
02/21/20 If State Borrows To Fix Highways, Will There Be Money For School Construction, Sidewalks And Economic Development?
02/14/20 Better Manchester Celebrates 10th Anniversary
02/14/20 Making Sure The Count Counts
02/07/20 Governor Files Bond Package That includes Tens Of Millions For Local Projects
02/07/20 Municipalities Examine What State Budget Proposal Brings Home
01/30/20 Middletown: Change Starts at Home
01/30/20 Property Tax Appeals Are Costing Hartford, Other Munis Big Bucks. Now Towns Want To Reform The System.
01/20/20 Groton Moving To Dual Language Ballots
01/20/20 CCM: Tackle Transportation, Property Tax Reform, Arbitration & Opioids And More
01/16/20 2020 State Legislative Program of Towns & Cities: Setting the Stage in 2021 for Comprehensive Reforms; Making the Most in 2020 on Immediate Concerns
01/13/20 Bristol Students Learn Value of Getting Their Hands Dirty
01/13/20 DEEP Wants Authority To Stop Feeding of Wildlife on Private Property
01/02/20 CT Courts Moving Notices To Websites, Newspapers Oppose
01/02/20 Ridgefield Addresses Vaping Problems Before They Begin
12/20/19 New Milford IT Department: Small Changes Make Town Safer
12/20/19 Climate Change Vs. City Infrastructure
12/16/19 CTC December 2019
12/11/19 CCM Honors Municipal Department Efforts in Four Towns – Brookfield, Westport, Hartford and Fairfield – with Municipal Excellence Awards At CCM’s Annual Convention
12/11/19 Students From Stafford Middle School Joseph A. Foran High School in Milford Take Home Scholarships at CCM’s Annual Convention
12/11/19 Municipal Leaders From Wolcott and East Haddam Honored With Major Awards In Achievement And Innovation at CCM’s Annual Statewide Convention
12/10/19 First Selectman of North Haven Elected To Lead Connecticut Towns And Cities In 2020 As CCM President
12/05/19 New Britain’s Data Center Project Represents A Massive Change
12/05/19 Lamont Tells Municipalities Infrastructure Funding Funding On The Way
11/20/19 Walkable Towns And Cities Inject A Little Color Into The Landscape
11/20/19 Connecticut Pension Liability Cost Much Greater, Astronomical, Says Study
11/14/19 New Britain Offers Assistance To Property Owners To Repair Sidewalks
11/14/19 Tolls Would Mean infrastructure Cash For Host Communities
11/12/19 CCM Commission To Develop Comprehensive Grass-Roots, Property Tax Relief Plan To Be Pitched Directly To Voters In The 169 Towns And Cities Next Spring Through Fall
11/08/19 Hartford: Merging Libraries benefits City, College, Students and Residents
11/08/19 Crumbling Foundation Loan Program Begins For Costs After Concrete Is Replaced
10/31/19 West Haven Finds Developers To Buy Two Former School Buildings
10/31/19 CCM report: Towns Are Overwhelmed By Thousands Of Diseased Trees From infestation
10/31/19 Legislative Leaders Get Briefed On Transportation Plan With Fewer Tolls
10/30/19 32 Communities Achieve Prestigious Sustainable CT Certification
10/24/19 Towns, CCM, Says Winter Won’t Wait For Lamont, Legislators To Cut Deal
10/24/19 No Quick Resolution To Municipal Recycling Squeeze
10/17/19 Congressional study: CT Near The Top In Funding Schools With Property Tax
10/17/19 Lamont Considers Needs of CT cities
10/08/19 State Reports First Vaping-Related Death
10/08/19 Mass. Company Competes To Harness Wind Power For CT, Pitching Bridgeport As A Hub
09/30/19 Court Awards Lebanon Ownership Of Green
09/30/19 Bethel Committee To Track Sustainability
09/24/19 Municipal Leaders Make Push To Free Up Infrastructure Grants
09/24/19 Ridgefield Battles Vaping At High School, State Legislature
09/16/19 CCM Calls On Governor, Legislature To Pass The Bond Package — $150 million In Critical Infrastructure Improvement And Repair Funding At Stake
09/16/19 Small Green Initiatives add up to Big Green Savings in North Stonington
09/16/19 Opioid Settlement Money Must Be Used To Fight The Scourge
09/09/19 Property Taxes A Drag On All Of CT, Not Just Hartford
09/09/19 Gov. Lamont on CT Property Taxes And Immunization Records
08/29/19 The Wheels On The Bus: Bus Transportation Serves Millions Across CT
08/29/19 Branford animal shelter director spends week in kennel
08/28/19 CTC August 2019
08/16/19 State Bonding Gridlock Stalls Summer Repaving Funds
08/16/19 DEEP Goes Deep On Recycling And Energy
08/08/19 2019 Convention Brochure
08/05/19 Finding The Right Audience For CT's Largest City
08/05/19 Local Leaders From Across U.S. Met In Bridgeport For Women In Municipal Government And Hispanic Elected Local Officials
07/24/19 General Assembly Easily Approves School Construction Grants
07/24/19 Harbor Views on New Haven
07/10/19 Farmington Canal Bike Trail Connects 12 CT Communities
07/10/19 Upheaval In Recyclables Market May Cause CT Towns To Lose Serious Bucks
06/27/19 New Haven Board of Alder Leaders Inject Community Voice In Development Boom
06/27/19 Teacher Pension Cost Debate May Not Be Over Yet
06/14/19 Ashford Conservation Commission Cleans Up Roads For Nature And Beauty
06/14/19 CCM: Legislative Session Nets Out For CT's Munis
06/07/19 CCM Presents Initial Assessment of Enacted State Budget and 2019 General Assembly Session
06/06/19 A Delicate Balance For A First Ring Suburb
05/30/19 Pension Offsets Bill Would Be The Worst And Most Costly Workers Compensation Legislation In Years
05/30/19 Connecticut’s Middle Class Endure Sisyphus-like Punishment
05/24/19 Waterbury Looks To Brand Cities Recent Growth
05/24/19 Local News Is In A Hidden Golden Age
05/23/19 CT&C May 2019
05/17/19 Seymour Collaborates With CT Economic Resource Center
05/17/19 Proposed Deal Presented On PTSD Benefits For Police And Firefighters
05/10/19 Wilton Brings Departments, Organizations In The Know On Tax Credits
05/10/19 Rising Local Recycling Costs Putting Pressure On Lawmakers To Pass Plastic Bag Ban, Expand Bottle Deposit System
05/02/19 Mansfield Public Library eliminates Most Fines On Late Books
05/02/19 CCM thanks Appropriations and Finance Committees For Actions That Aid Connecticut Property Taxpayers
05/02/19 Democratic Lawmakers Support Lamont’s Plan To Have Cities And Towns Pay For Teachers’ Pensions
04/30/19 CCM Statement In Response To Appropriations Committee Budget Plan
04/26/19 Municipal Leaders Meet With Lamont But Neither Side Makes Any Promises
04/26/19 CT Municipalities Say They Have Made Big Cutbacks
04/22/19 OP-ED: Municipalities Present Solutions To Minimum Budget Requirement For Education
04/22/19 CCM Survey: Towns And Cities Have Sought To Limit Budget Increases, And Cut Back Services, As They Fight For Needed Level Of State Aid For July 1
04/15/19 CCM To host Regional State-Local Legislative Updates On April 16,17 and 18 In Six Regions Across Connecticut
04/12/19 Brooklyn Seizes Opportunity To Install Solar Panels For Maximized Value
04/12/19 Triple Crown Charity On Tap
04/12/19 Cities And Towns Could Face $24M Hit From Minimum Wage Hike
04/05/19 Hartford Raises Legal Age To Purchase Tobacco Products
04/01/19 CCM reports that towns and cities respond to opioid addiction crisis with wide range of increased services and costs
03/29/19 Cities Project: A Statewide Newsroom Collaboration
03/29/19 What One Local Government Did Right
03/22/19 Middletown Looks To Expand Alternative Energy Resources To Renters, Low-Income Homeowners
03/22/19 New Haven Parking Scofflaws Owe City $13.8M
03/18/19 CCM Membership Now Includes All 169 Towns And Cities For The First Time In CCM’s 53-Year History
03/15/19 Hartford, New Haven invest in gun safety
03/15/19 Don't trash recycling
03/08/19 Cities And Towns Face Soaring Recycling Costs, CCM Urges State Action
03/08/19 CT Mayors Band Together In Attempt To Sue Opioid Makers
03/08/19 Brookfield To Rreinvigorate Growth With Easy To Understand Zoning Rules
03/01/19 West Hartford Makes Extensive Use Of Free CCM Service To Save Money On Prescriptions
03/01/19 Aresimowicz Backs Tolls
02/22/19 Town Officials Concerned About Aid Levels, Shift In Teacher Pension Costs In Lamont Budget
02/22/19 Hamden Addresses Critical Infrastructure Needs
02/21/19 CT&C February 2019 r1
02/21/19 Connecticut Municipal CEOs - 2019 Directory
02/20/19 CT&C February 2019
02/15/19 Manchester Adds Voting District To Ensure Enfranchisement
02/15/19 Lamont: Cut back On Bonding To Manage Debt -- CCM Has Concerns
02/08/19 CCM Leader O'Leary Builds Closer Relationships with Gov, Assembly, OPM
02/08/19 Norwalk has multiple bus projects in the works
02/08/19 Editorial: Take A Deep Breath And Consider Regional School Alternatives
02/01/19 Underfunded Teacher Pension Fund could hinder future budgets
02/01/19 Bridgeport Saw It And Fixed It
01/25/19 CCM, Towns Push Tax Relief For Unpaid Federal Workers As Result Of Government Shutdown
01/25/19 Newtown Educates Citizenry About Fire Prevention
01/18/19 Tolls, Special Ed. Funding, Shared Services On Same Page for Mayor & Senator
01/18/19 Middletown Earns Sustainable CT Certification
01/15/19 2018 Annual Report
01/11/19 Plastic Coyotes Protect Middletown Park From Geese
01/11/19 Legal Recreational Weed Moving Closer To CT
01/03/19 Wilton Prepares For Snowfalls By Optimizing Routes
01/03/19 Take Care of Pensions Now
12/21/18 Give More Time To Assess Cost Of Bills
12/21/18 Mayor of Waterbury Re-Elected To Lead Connecticut Towns And Cities in 2019 as CCM President
12/14/18 Trash diversion Looks For A Smarter Way In New Haven
12/14/18 TV news, newspaper websites lead pack for citizens seeking info
12/06/18 The Pension Buck Stops Here
12/06/18 State Mandates: Fiscal Note Impact Not ‘Potential Minimal’
11/28/18 Getting Around On Two Wheels: Projects Around State Support Burgeoning Biking Culture
11/28/18 Lamont Transition Gets Busy With 15 Policy Committees with Dec. 12 Deadline
11/28/18 To Report Bullying And Bad Student Behavior, CT Schools Turn To Anonymous Reporting Apps
11/20/18 Innovative Ideas for Managing Local Governments
11/20/18 CT&C November 2018
11/16/18 Home Grown Businesses: Winchester looks to grow small businesses
11/16/18 Mayors Pitch Lamont On Transit, $chools
11/09/18 How Can Counting Votes in CT Towns Take Less Time?
11/09/18 Advocacy Groups Vow Cooperation With Gov.-Elect During 'Honeymoon' Phase
11/05/18 CCM Names State Senator George Logan of Ansonia and State Representative Jason Rojas of East Hartford as State Legislators of the Year
11/05/18 CCM publishes fourth and final report in its “Election Campaign 2018” series: Regionalism: Working Together For Tomorrow
10/24/18 Lamont, Stefanowski and Griebel Set For Final Debate On The Night of October 30 at CCM Convention at Foxwoods
10/24/18 Hartford Becomes First CT Town To Raise Tobacco Purchasing Age To 21
10/18/18 Ansonia church, businesses help buy ballistic helmets for Ansonia Police
10/18/18 CCM is live with “2018 Election Central” website to engage voters to push candidates on state-local issues
10/11/18 New Haven Home Sale Price Doubles In 13 years
10/11/18 CCM Publishes Third Report In Series, Property Tax Dependency and Achieving Property Tax Relief
10/03/18 Ansonia-Derby School Regionalization Effort Kicks Off
10/03/18 CCM Publishes Second Report In Campaign Series, Issues In Funding Local Public Education
10/02/18 CCM's Local Public Education Funding Report
09/25/18 Lamont Offers Tax Relief In Jobs Plan; CCM Wants To Work With State
09/25/18 Hartford Area Teens Continue Focus on Gun Violence Prevention
09/18/18 2018 Election Report: Unfunded Mandates
09/17/18 Single-Use Plastic-Bag Ban Instituted In Greenwich
09/17/18 CCM Publishes First Report In Its “Election Campaign 2018” Series, Unfunded State Mandates: The Corrosive Impact on Property Taxpayers
09/07/18 Eastern Connecticut Towns Receive Funding For Concrete Foundation testing
09/07/18 CCM and Environmentalists Debate ‘Model’ Fracking-Waste Ordinance
08/30/18 West Haven is one step closer to seeing The Haven Shopping Center Open
08/30/18 Gubernatorial Debate Schedule Set -- with CCM Hosting Finale
08/28/18 CT&C August 2018
08/23/18 Stamford High School Health Center Is A Model For Student Health
08/23/18 CCM Devises Model Ordinance For Towns To Prohibit Hydraulic Fracturing Waste At The Local Level
08/16/18 Moderator And Panelists Announced For Likely Last Gubernatorial TV Debate Sponsored By CCM, WTNH NEWS 8, Hartford Courant
08/16/18 Landslide Lamont Offers Mayors A Deal
08/16/18 Derby Saves Thousands On Prescription Drug Costs Through CCM Program
08/09/18 Crumbling Foundations Trending As A Campaign Issue
08/09/18 State’s first cohousing community to be built in Bethany
08/02/18 Pomfret: Using Nature’s Lawnmowers To Keep Weeds And Brush in Check
08/02/18 NBC30 Forum -- At A Price: The Cost of Local Town Living
07/26/18 Norwalk Park: Brownfield Remediation in Action
07/26/18 Pension Shortfalls Loom Large; Two Experts Talked Solutions With CCM
07/20/18 Bethel Joins 50 Other Towns For Sustainable CT
07/20/18 CCM, Legislators And Municipal Leaders Discuss Special Education Cost Issues
07/06/18 In New Britain: From Tool Manufacturing Hub To Data Center
07/06/18 Car Tax Bills Jump Along With New State Cap
06/29/18 DPS 2018
06/28/18 CCM, CIRMA moving Headquarters to Long Wharf in New Haven This Fall
06/28/18 CCM Applauds Supreme Court Decision On Internet Sales Taxation; Urges State To Authorize Fair Sales Tax Treatment For All CT Retailers
06/22/18 CCM, Municipalities Sue PURA Over Broadband Decision
06/22/18 Vexatious FOI complaints Subject Of New Law
06/18/18 Connecticut Town & City June 2018
06/14/18 CCM Urges General Assembly To Override Governor's Veto Of New Legislation That Would Prohibit The Executive Branch From Cutting Education Aid In The Mddle Of The Fiscal Year
06/14/18 Banking on a Community: Start Community Bank aims to make a difference in New Haven
06/05/18 Who Rescued Who? North Haven Invests in its Pets
06/05/18 Jobs and Town Aid Roads Top Bond Commission Agenda
05/31/18 Unallocated FY 18 Town Aid Road (TAR)
05/24/18 New Haven Aims To Solve Parking Problems Downtown
05/24/18 Big Pharma Asks Court To Dismiss Cities’ Opioid Lawsuits
05/24/18 Telecom Industry, Towns Continue Fight In Municipal-Broadband Case
05/17/18 Local Cameras To Help Bristol Police Keep City Safe
05/17/18 CCM Presents Checks To Three Statewide Charities Totaling Nearly $40,000 After First Ever Philanthropic Event
05/17/18 SeeClickFix Grows Into Role Helping Towns Manage Storm Response
05/10/18 CCM Statement Assessing 2018 General Assembly Session and State Budget
05/10/18 A Railway Runs Through It. “Port of Naugatuck” aims to develop unused land and revitalize an entire area.
05/10/18 Legislature Overwhelmingly Enacts Bipartisan CT budget; Municipal Aid Shielded
05/03/18 Dozens Of Nonprofits Denied Tax-Exempt Status As Towns And Cities Look For Needed Revenue
05/03/18 Municipal Lobby Makes Final Push To Protect Emergency Reserves From Labor
04/30/18 CCM To Host Last Gubernatorial TV Debate Of The 2018 Election Cycle: Event To Be Sponsored and Led By WTNH 8, Hartford Courant
04/27/18 Trumbull Day is Back!
04/27/18 CCM Trying to Protect Local Fund Balances In Last Weeks of Session
04/18/18 Meriden Turns to Social Media for Library Use
04/18/18 Understanding the Great Connecticut Taxpocalypse
04/17/18 CT&C April 2018
04/13/18 In Closing Weeks: CCM Urges General Assembly To Pass Key Legislation Protecting Municipal Fund Balances
04/13/18 Wall Street Firm Says Federal Tax Limits Could Hurt CT Towns
04/13/18 Towns and Cities Adamantly Oppose Costly, Unnecessary, New Benefit For Police And First Responders
04/06/18 Offshore Wind Could Be A Boon To New London's Port
04/06/18 Hearst Newspapers: A New Game Board Needed in CT
03/29/18 Fiscal Panel’s Formula For Revitalizing CT Provokes Some Pushback
03/29/18 Moody’s: Connecticut Cities and Towns Feel Pressured By State’s Fiscal Woes
03/22/18 Raymark in Stratford Makes Short List For Redevelopment
03/22/18 Towns Told To Make Up For State Education Cuts
03/16/18 Despite Snowstorms, Town Road Grants Remained Stalled
03/16/18 CCM Backs Plan To Revitalize CT — Despite Possible Risk To Local Aid
03/09/18 CCM Board Unanimously Endorses Package Of Initiatives Presented by State Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth
03/09/18 Bill Would Allow Higher Fees For FOI Requests If For “Commercial Purposes,” Electronic Records
03/01/18 CCM Assesses Recommendations By Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth
03/01/18 Timber! – at Sharon's Housatonic State Forest
03/01/18 Legislators Consider Action On CCM Regional Efficiencies, Sharing Services
02/23/18 Towns Face Tax Pressures After Slow Recovery From Great Recession
02/23/18 Governor: Towns Need More Affordable Housing
02/20/18 Connecticut Town & City February 2018
02/16/18 House Speaker Calls for Eliminating Car Tax -- Again
02/15/18 CCM Calls on Governor & State Bond Commission To Take Action To Release Critical Infrastructure State Aid Promised For Towns In Second Half of FY 2017-18
02/07/18 See-Click-Fix! Hamden Joins Growing Number Using Mobile App
02/07/18 Governor Unveils Proposed Muni aid -- Better Than Last Year, But Some Towns Still Zeroed Out
02/07/18 Big Public Labor Unions Don't Want This Debate
01/29/18 Editorial -- Connecticut’s S.O.S. -- Mayors ask Hartford to save them from collective bargaining
01/29/18 Editorial -- Yes, change how state benefits are set for public employee
01/25/18 Ellington Dairy Farm Expands– and – Wants All to See
01/25/18 CCM: End Collective Bargaining for Pension, Health Benefits -- Current Costs Are Unsustainable
01/18/18 Supreme Court: CT's Education System Is Flawed, But Not Unconstitutional
01/18/18 Woodbridge Budget Presentation Second To None
01/11/18 Malloy Chief Says No To $5M for Three Towns For Car Taxes
01/11/18 Ansonia Public Works Chief In Spotlight For Saving City Money
01/03/18 Back to Life! Apartment Complex Key to New Britain Revitalization
01/02/18 Mayor of Waterbury to lead Connecticut towns and cities in 2018 as CCM President
12/20/17 Body Camera Ready: Stamford Latest Police Force to Sign Up
12/20/17 Lawmakers Delay Action, Special Session On Medicare Program Until The New Year
12/19/17 CTC December 2017
12/07/17 Editorial: Change Needed To Drive State Forward
12/07/17 CCM’s first-ever statewide student contest posed the question: What is cool about your local government? More than 100 middle and high school students responded with winners from Milford and South Windsor
11/30/17 CCM Names State Legislator of the Year -- Senator Gayle Slossberg of Milford
11/30/17 New CCM Initiative Helps Towns Become More Sustainable
11/30/17 Editorial: Legislators — Take This Small Step To Help Cities and Towns
11/22/17 First Bike-Sharing Program in CT Set To Roll In New Haven
11/22/17 Minority Leader Calls For Special Session To Stop New Munciipal Aid Cuts
11/20/17 CCM Response To OPM Anouncing New $91 Million Cut in State Aid
11/16/17 Local Party Control Shifts Across CT After Municipal Elections
11/16/17 Boost for New London With Condo Complex Planned for City Center
11/08/17 Hartford Gets Boost from UConn: Campus in State Capitol Lauded
11/08/17 Welcome to CT's Newly Elected Mayors And First Selectmen
11/03/17 Farms In Four CT Towns Improve Energy Systems
11/03/17 Administration, Legislators At Odds Over The Math of Local Aid Cuts
10/27/17 Cities and Towns Exhale With Budget Vote
10/27/17 Bipartisan State Budget Protects Municipal Aid, Achieves Significant Municipal Reforms
10/27/17 Wethersfield Remembers Its Seniors: Town Offers Many Programs for Elderly
10/20/17 Cops to Hamden: “How We Doing?” Residents Surveyed on Police Response, Other Issues
10/20/17 Legislative Leaders Reach Tentative Deal With No Teachers' Retirement Contribution by Towns
10/16/17 CCM responds to Moody’s actions downgrading credit ratings of towns and cities as state budget impasse drags on
10/16/17 CCM statement in response to Governor's latest budget proposal
10/13/17 Still No Budget: CCM Doesn't Want Pensions Pushed on Towns
10/13/17 Fairfield Goes “Electric” -- Cars and Bikes on Display
10/05/17 CCM Board calls on Governor and General Assembly to establish a new Pension & Retirement Benefits Reform Commission and not transfer any teachers’ retirement costs to towns until commission assesses matters
10/05/17 Municipal aid hits multiply as big grants are cut
09/28/17 CCM Statement In Response to New Report By Municipal Market Analytics
09/28/17 Branford RR Station Is Path for Development
09/22/17 Local Officials Continue To Worry About Budget Stalemate As Oct. 1 Nears
09/22/17 Helping Those In Need: Volunteers help feed Hartford, West Hartford Residents
09/16/17 CCM Statement on Budget Bill Adopted by the General Assembly
09/14/17 The Time for Municipal Line-Item Veto of Education budgets Has Come
09/13/17 CCM and COST Joint Statement on Budget Proposal by House and Senate Republicans
09/08/17 CCM Responds to Governor's Latest Budget Proposals
09/08/17 Municipal Leaders Have Shown You Our Sustainable Plan — What Is Yours?
08/30/17 Higher Income Taxes For CT’s Wealthy May Still Be in Play
08/30/17 How Many Cities & Towns Face Insolvency Over Budget Stand-0ff? Malloy Begins Counting
08/25/17 Westport Police Gear Up For Citizen Police Program
08/25/17 Report From Malloy Seeks To Re- Frame Debate Over Changes To, Need for, State Aid
08/17/17 CT&C August 2017
08/17/17 Growing Number of Towns Consider Lawsuit Against Pharmaceutical Companies Over Opioid Addiction
08/17/17 Municipal Fund Balances At 5 percent Fall Far Short Of Needed Financial Buffer
08/09/17 Municipal Officials Fear Info Sought By Malloy Could Lead To Slashed Aid
08/09/17 Connecticut Towns Mull Shrinking Fiscal Options As They Wait For State Budget
07/28/17 Municipalities Are Increasingly Struggling Without Budget Deal In Place
07/24/17 Over 60 Towns & Cities Respond to CCM Survey Illustrating Service & Fiscal Constraints Imposed On Local Governments As New Fiscal Year Begins Amidst Continuing State Budget Impasse
07/21/17 Groton Fire Department Begins New Outreach Effort
07/21/17 Group of CT Municipalities Explore Lawsuit Against Opioid Drugmakers
07/14/17 CCM: Time For Dueling Press Conferences on Budget Proposals Is Over
07/05/17 State To Allow More Input on Cellphone Antenna Placement
07/05/17 Truth – House Dems Sales Tax Fairer Than Onerous Property Tax Hike
06/30/17 Democrats Call For Sales Tax Increase; Possible Vote July 18
06/30/17 CCM Response To Revised Two-Year Proposed State Budget From House Democratic Leaders
06/29/17 Without State Budget, Towns Could See Steep Cuts Under Malloy’s Executive Order
06/21/17 Cities, Towns Ask State Leaders in TV Ad, ‘Are You listening?’
06/15/17 Without a CT Budget by July 1, The Options Are All Bad
06/15/17 Lack Of State Budget Brings Uncertainty To Cities, Towns
06/08/17 Towns Rattled By State's Budget Uncertainty
05/31/17 Lawmakers 'Growing Tired' Of Local Leaders Blaming Legislature For Fiscal Woes, Speaker Says
05/25/17 CCM Again Pushes Its Sweeping Plan As Budget Talks Intensify
05/18/17 Cities and Towns Face Massive State Aid Cuts Under Revised Budget Plan
05/11/17 Towns Ask Why CT Officials Won’t Touch Teachers’ Pensions
05/11/17 Malloy Proposes Immediate Budget Cuts, Would Withhold June Local Aid Payments
05/05/17 Punishing Property Tax Just Keeps Growing
04/26/17 Sales Tax Proposal Contingent On Cost-Control Measures Being Adopted
04/21/17 Teachers Union, Local Leaders Speak Out Against Pension Cost-Shift Proposal
04/13/17 Northeastern CT Town Leaders Struggle With Creating Firm Budgets This Year
04/07/17 Legislators Hear From Mayors, First Selectmen; Unknowns in State Budget Causing Worries
04/07/17 CCM Launching New Video Ad to Support HB 7293 and 6937 – Key Cost Containment Proposals Highlighted in CCM’s “This Is Different” Report
04/07/17 Gov’t Sector Bleeding Jobs in Connecticut
03/31/17 Raising The State Sales Tax Not Off The Table
03/24/17 Labor Agreements Impede Shared Services, Cities Say
03/24/17 Democrats Eyeing Sales Tax Hike To Plug Holes In Next CT Budget
03/17/17 Milford Seminars: Small Businesses Begin With Big Dreams
03/17/17 Trump’s Education Budget: 4 Things To Know For CT Schools
03/10/17 Leadership Unable To Get Municipal Relief Vote Over Finish Line
03/03/17 Has Regionalism’s Time Finally Come?
02/24/17 Battles Over Labor’s Wages Heat Up At Capitol
02/17/17 State Budget Fallout Slams Fairfield
02/17/17 Lawmakers Renew Debate Over Workers’ Comp Coverage For PTSD
02/10/17 No One Wants A Share of CT’s Teacher Pension Bill
02/03/17 CCM Executive Director: State Should Act Outside ‘Comfort Zone’ To Create Economic Stability
02/03/17 Gov. Malloy Proposes Financial Oversight Board to Monitor Troubled Municipalities
02/03/17 Malloy Proposes Easing Mandates On Cities And Towns
01/27/17 Governor, House Speaker Commend CCM and Municipal Leaders for New, Intriguing and Thoughtful Proposals
01/27/17 CCM Recommends Sweeping Changes To Buttress Municipal Finances
01/24/17 CCM To Release Major Report on a "New Way Forward" for CT Cities and Towns; Executive Director DeLong says "This Report is Different"
01/06/17 CCM, CBIA and CT AFL-CIO reconvene Project B.E.S.T. economic summit: Report released on new findings from work groups at 2016 CCM Convention
01/05/17 Malloy's Feb. 8 Budget Proposal To Recalculate Municipal Aid, Education Funding
01/03/17 CCM says $50M In Mid-Year Budget Cuts To Municipalities Is Untenable
12/19/16 Reaching Across Borders Can Be A Win For Towns, Cities
12/05/16 Walker: ‘Devastating’ Cuts Cannot Solve CT’s Budget Woes
11/23/16 Portland First Selectwoman To Head Connecticut Conference of Municipalities
11/23/16 O’Leary Elected Vice President of CCM
11/16/16 CCM Calls For State To Repeal Spending Cap
11/11/16 2016 CCM Convention to take place November 14-15 at Foxwoods Resort. Nearly 1,000 participants from over 130 municipalities will gather as CCM marks its 50th year of service to towns and cities
11/04/16 CT Continues To Rely Too Heavily On Property Tax To Fund Education
10/21/16 CT’s Fiscal Woes Could Mean Higher Municipal Borrowing Costs
10/21/16 Organization Draws Focus To Poverty, Struggling CT Cities
10/14/16 DPH Considers Regionalization, Local Leaders Have Big Concerns
10/07/16 CCM, CBIA & CT AFL-CIO to Reconvene Economic Summit Nov. 14; House Speaker Brendan Sharkey to Lead Regional Policy Development at Summit
10/05/16 Group Warns: As Cities Go, So Go The Suburbs
10/05/16 CCM Raises Alarm On Urban Poverty: Report Says Big Cities Struggle To Serve Neediest
09/20/16 California Company Alarms CT Towns With Letters Proposing 120-Foot 'Utility Poles'
09/12/16 CCM launches its “Election Campaign 2016” with new public policy report, The Property Tax: How Over-Reliance Jeopardizes Connecticut’s Economic Future.
09/08/16 CCM initial statement in response to Superior Court decision in CCJEF v. Rell school-funding decision
09/08/16 CCM Initial Statement In Response To Superior Court Decision in CCJEF v. Rell School-Funding Decision
08/29/16 CCM panel ramping up for comprehensive policy development on municipal fiscal operations and regional service delivery
08/26/16 Towns Wary of Local Spending Cap As State Begins Revenue Sharing
08/24/16 Push for Regional Cooperation Intensifies in Connecticut
08/22/16 Point Counterpoint; Lori Pelletier, CT AFL-CIO vs. Joe Brennan, CBIA
08/12/16 New CCM report shows how local officials can best combat drug abuse in their communities
08/10/16 New CCM Report Shows How Local Officials Can Best Combat Drug Abuse in Their Communities
08/09/16 Town Declines State Grant Over Objections To Municipal Spending Cap
08/03/16 CCM And Its Sustainability Task Force Partners With ECSU To Present Best Practices In Sustainability Efforts In CT
07/18/16 Report: CT, New England States Lag Nation In Capital Spending
07/07/16 CT Towns, Medical Examiner Compromise On Handling Of Remains
07/01/16 CCM calls on state to continue staffing New Haven and Hartford prisoner detention centers
07/01/16 Our State: A Good Place To Be Evicted, Except For Towns
06/07/16 Malloy Makes ‘Last Minute’ $20 million Cut to State Aid -- Can Towns Depend on Projections?
06/03/16 CCM Statement Regarding Last-Minute $20 Million Cut to Towns and Cities
05/27/16 State Handing Towns Responsibility For Unclaimed Human Remains
05/25/16 Senate Leader Pledges Commitment to Capping ‘Unfair’ Car Tax
05/24/16 Some Win, Some Lose In State Aid Allotments
05/13/16 Five Things To Know About the Budget Implementer: Retirement For All, Yard Goats, Diapers and More General Assembly
05/13/16 A handshake, then a vote on Connecticut’s next budget
05/12/16 CCM Expresses Concerns Regarding Two Aspects of the Budget Implementer Bill
05/11/16 CCM, Local Elected Officials Urge Lawmakers To Make Structural Changes
05/03/16 CCM says that the Governor’s latest budget proposal calls for nearly $120 million in state aid cuts
04/29/16 CCM Applauds House & Senate Democrats for Budget; Republicans for Mandates Relief Package
04/27/16 CCM calls on State to immediately release $60 million in funds that are overdue to towns for critical transportation projects
04/21/16 A Connecticut compromise on firefighters’ cancer relief
04/21/16 CCM Launches TV Ad Campaign For Last Weeks of Session
04/12/16 Bill to Allow Fewer Polling Places in Primaries Back After 4 Years
04/07/16 Appropriations Budget Falls Far Short of Closing Deficit
04/04/16 Committee bill Would Eliminate State Venue Tax, in Favor of Local One
03/30/16 2016 CCM Services Brochure
03/29/16 CCM: Deficit Package A Win For Property Taxpayers
03/28/16 Our View: Municipal aid reduction would be tax hike by another name
03/28/16 Editorial: Mind the cities and the good will come
03/18/16 Big City Mayors Urge Lawmakers To Maintain Property Tax Relief
03/16/16 Republicans pitch furloughs, restore hospital aid, put municipal revenue sharing at risk
03/16/16 Guilford residents save big on prescription drug costs through CCM
03/16/16 Municipalities look to streetlights to save money
03/02/16 Municipal leaders pushing for change in spending cap
03/02/16 Cities and towns: don’t burden us with unfunded mandates
03/02/16 Towns Look To Fend Off Budget Cuts
03/01/16 Transportation Committee Debates Merits Of DMV Bill, Delinquent Motor Vehicle Taxes
02/29/16 First responders back broader PTSD coverage; Mayor O'Leary warns of bill's potential cost
02/29/16 More than 70 municipal leaders to assemble for CCM Day on the Hill on Tuesday, March 1 at the State Capitol; News conference set for 10:45 a.m. with state legislative Leaders
02/26/16 Legislators Nearing Deal On Cancer Coverage For Firefighters
02/22/16 Connecticut towns scramble as DMV lists thousands of vehicles in wrong municipalities
02/19/16 Berlin Saves Residents Over $70,000 From CCM Prescription Drug Discount Program
02/16/16 Firefighters' cancer compensation deal close, but far from a done deal
02/15/16 Firefighters, towns talk compromise on cancer bill
02/12/16 DMV is a car wreck, don’t blame towns
02/10/16 Governor, municipalities at odds over car tax and DMV
02/09/16 Speed DMV lines by shedding collection role; problematic for towns
02/05/16 CCM is working with Governor and Legislators to advance proposed state budget as it affects towns and cities
02/01/16 Big budget changes uncertain as lawmakers return to Capitol
02/01/16 Op-Ed --In Connecticut: We Must Become the Change We Want to See, by Joe DeLong CCM Executive Director
01/29/16 CCM reminds state leaders that unfinished business remains on three issues of concern to towns
01/20/16 OP-ED | What CCM Means by ‘Collaborating for the Common Good’
01/20/16 Municipal lobby wants to shed ‘special interest’ image
01/15/16 Video on CTN: CCM Capitol News Briefing on the Launch of Statewide Media Campaigns
01/14/16 Municipal Lobbying Group Launches TV Ad Campaign
01/13/16 CCM launches simultaneous media campaigns to advance public's understanding of state aid and property taxes and CCM's collaborative efforts for towns and residents
01/05/16 City seeks more energy efficient streetlights through partnership with CCM
12/28/15 Mayor Mark Boughton’s statewide stature to increase in 2016 as the president of the 158-member CCM
12/17/15 Danbury Mayor Boughton elected president of statewide municipalities group
12/17/15 CCM Report Highlights Regional Cooperation Efforts
12/17/15 CCM report stresses need for more regional cooperation
12/15/15 CCM Elects New Officers and Board of Directors for 2016; Mayor Mark Boughton of Danbury Elected President
12/11/15 Norwich Bulletin -- Our View: Economic summit produced host of good ideas
12/10/15 End-Of-Session 'Christmas Tree' Bill No Way To Make Law
12/08/15 Economic summit makes key recommendations
12/08/15 Labor, Business, Municipalities Press For Reform Following Summit
12/08/15 Legislator Blasts Budget Implementer Process
12/08/15 Diverse Group of Stakeholders Reaches Consensus on Key Policy Areas
12/08/15 CCM, CBIA and Connecticut AFL-CIO Briefing on CTN to Release Economic Summit Report & Policy Proposals
12/07/15 OP-ED | State‘s Tax Panel Must Resolve Residents’ Biggest Tax Problem—The Property Tax
12/07/15 CCM, CBIA & CT AFL-CIO economic summit: report released on top summit findings
12/03/15 OP-ED | State‘s Tax Panel Must Resolve Residents’ Biggest Tax Problem—The Property Tax
11/16/15 2015 Project B.E.S.T. Summit
11/11/15 Over 175 key CT leaders to convene tomorrow Nov. 12- through Nov. 13 for first-ever economic summit
11/04/15 More than 100 key CT leaders to convene on Nov. 12- 13 for first-ever economic summit brainstormed by CCM, CBIA and CT AFL-CIO
09/01/15 Digital BackOffice to be lead business sponsor of the October 20 CCM Convention and Exposition
06/17/15 Over 80 municipal officials to assemble for June 18 CCM Annual Meeting; New CCM Executive Director to present first major address on the "New CCM" and legislative concerns with coming Special Session
06/12/15 Connecticut's local leaders call for more inclusion and transparency in the state budgeting process
06/01/15 Initial CCM statement in response to state budget agreement
05/29/15 CCM calls on General Assembly to quickly fix Senate Bill 1 to better deliver fiscal relief to hard-pressed property taxpayers and reduce municipal overreliance on the regressive property tax
05/26/15 Coalition unites to oppose new mega mandate for workers' comp; news conference set for Wed., May 27 at 11 a.m. at State Capitol
05/19/15 Enact a state budget that protects property taxpayers, Op-Ed by Joe DeLong, CCM Executive Director
05/18/15 Click here to listen to CCM radio spot opposing cancer presumption mandate "Proponents are pushing two huge mandates that would unnecessarily cost towns millions..."
05/18/15 With major cancer presumption bill reaching critical stage, CCM begins airing radio messages calling on legislators to turn aside this costly unfunded state mandate
05/18/15 Click here to listen to CCM radio spot opposing cancer presumption mandate: "If we don't learn from the past, we are destined to repeat our mistakes..."
03/23/15 New federal data shows low-income students shortchanged for education funding; CCM points to overdependence on property taxes; $600 million underfunding of ECS grant
03/19/15 Special appropriations forum with municipal leaders on Governor proposed budget
03/10/15 Resident state trooper proposal would cost 29 towns $3.1 million; total for all towns would exceed $5 million
03/05/15 CCM says 70 towns and cities would receive less aid
03/03/15 CCM, poised for even greater success, names Joseph DeLong Executive Director
02/18/15 Proposed state budget would maintain overall state aid to towns and cities
02/03/15 CCM asserts: state's tax incidence study finds the property tax is most burdensome and regressive state-local tax on CT residents and businesses
01/28/15 CCM's initial response to DEEP's revised stormwater permit proposal for towns
01/15/15 CCM asserts: serious issues still remain after DEEP signals possible changes to proposed MS4 stormwater permit
01/05/15 CCM's 2015 state legislative priorities announced

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State - Local News Archives
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07/31/20 Additional Cost To Reopen CT Schools During Pandemic: $420 million
07/31/20 Police Accountability Bill Goes to Governor
07/24/20 Old Saybrook Starts Fund For Residents Impacted By Economic Slowdown
07/17/20 Lamont Declines To Invest In Trash-To-Energy Plant, Says It’s Time To Move On From Outdated Tech
07/17/20 Governor, Lawmakers Agree To Four Special Session Topics
07/10/20 CT Residents Received $2.7 Billion In Federal Stimulus During Pandemic
07/10/20 Middletown Passes ‘Historic’ Measures On Racism, LGBTQIA Rights
06/26/20 Lamont, lawmakers, Have Different Visions To Rebalance CT Financess
06/26/20 What Did CT Learn From Child Care Centers That Never Closed?
06/18/20 Illegal fireworks On Rise In CT Towns As Cooped-Up Residents Blow Off Steam
06/18/20 Policing Task Force Outlines 22 Reform Priorities
06/12/20 Lamont Says Labor Is Not Willing To Talk About Postponing Raises
06/05/20 Health Care In The Time of Coronavirus
05/29/20 CT Faces Complicated Process To Cover Coronavirus Staggering Costs
05/29/20 Republican Lawmakers Want A Special Session
05/22/20 New Yorkers Snapping Up Fairfield County Homes As They Flee NYC
05/22/20 Mystic Aquarium Reopens To Public
05/15/20 Lamont Extends Free Plastic Bag Use, Eyes June 20 for Phase 2
05/15/20 Pressure Grows on Governor To Open indoor Dining
05/08/20 General Assembly Goes Sine Die Having Passed Only One Bill
05/08/20 Governor Cautiously Plans To Bring College Students Back In Phases
05/01/20 inspections by FaceTime, Staggered Shifts: Towns Work To Keep Staff Healthy
05/01/20 Monroe Grocery Bag Program Keeps Seniors Fed, Safe
04/23/20 Webster Bank Sees Gradual Recovery later In Year Once Worst Of Pandemic Passes
04/23/20 Legislative Session Becomes A Coronavirus Casualty
04/17/20 CT, NY State Governments Face Major Loss Of Tax Revenue
04/17/20 Food Stamp Applications Quadruple
04/09/20 Local CT Police, Fire Make Protective Masks Mandatory
04/09/20 How To Quickly Process 5K+ Applications For $50M Bridge Loan Program
04/03/20 CT Small Businesses Brace For Extended Shutdowns That Could Kill Their Livelihoods
04/03/20 State Budget Deficit Grows, Rainy Day Fund Strong
04/03/20 COVID-19 Killed The 2020 Session. But The Calls Still Come
03/27/20 Laid Off Due to COVID-19? The Wait for Benefits Is Three Weeks
03/27/20 CT State and Local Pension Funds To Take Big Hit In Market Downturn
03/27/20 2020 Legislative Session Postponed Until?
03/19/20 CT’s Traditional Economic Sectors At Major Risk As Coronavirus Spreads
03/19/20 COVID-19 Disruption Has Special Ed Students And Their Parents Concerned
03/12/20 Legislating In The Age Of COVID-19: Vote By Phone, No Public Hearings
03/12/20 Bond Package Approved -- TAR and LoCIP Funds Coming
03/06/20 Slots On Your Smartphone? Lamont Says, ‘No.’
03/06/20 After One alarming Tax Fairness Study, CT Is Wary Of Launching A Second
02/28/20 Local Emergency Directors Ask Governor For Help with Coronavirus, Lamont Outlines Actions
02/21/20 Good Economy Is Blamed For Dip In Health Insurance Enrollment
02/21/20 Legislators Pitch Tax Break For College Graduates Who Stay In CT And Buy House
02/14/20 CT Port Authority Approves Plan To Turn New London State Pier Into Wind Hub
02/14/20 What’s In Recreational Marijuana Bill, From Legal Possession Amounts To Industry Equity, And Taxation
02/07/20 Lamont Proposes More Borrowing As Toll Vote Approaches
02/07/20 Stratford Honors Women In Suffrage Struggle
01/30/20 Cracking Down on Corporate Welfare With Interstate Compact
01/30/20 CT Community College Tuition To Remain Flat For those Not Attending Free
01/20/20 State Government Overtime Costs Rise, Salaries Remain Down
01/13/20 Fed Projects Economic Slip for CT in First Half of 2020
01/13/20 Putting Brakes on State Spending
01/02/20 Looney, Fassano Tackle Tolls, Transportation
01/02/20 Taking Down Dead Trees In State Parks, Forests Cost Taxpayers Another $1 Million
12/20/19 Bond Commission OKs Funding For Hartford Apts, Transportation Projects
12/20/19 Skepticism, Support For Seven-Year Hospital Settlement
12/11/19 CCM Names State Senator Steve Cassano of Manchester and State Representative Tami Zawistowski of East Granby as State Legislators of the Year
12/05/19 CCM Task Force To Develop Practices To Combat, End Homelessness
12/05/19 City, Town Leaders Push State Government For Property Tax Reform
11/20/19 Governor's $21 Billion Transportation Plan Would Increase Capacity On State Highways, But Some Say That Can Lead To More Gridlock
11/20/19 Connecticut Communities Score High On LGBTQ Issues, Civil Rights Group Says
11/14/19 CCM, CT Municipalities, Hail Broadband Legal Victory
11/14/19 Editorial: Property Tax Help Should Be A State Priority
11/08/19 Teacher’s Union: Connecticut Schools Are “Falling Apart"
11/08/19 14 Toll Gantries: Rates Would Range From 50 Cents To $7 Under Transportation Plan
10/31/19 32 Communities Achieve Prestigious Sustainable CT Certification
10/31/19 CT Makes Push To Leverage, Market ‘Opportunity Zones’ In Urban Centers
10/24/19 Dog-friendly Event Honors West Haven Cop Who Cracked Burned Dog Case
10/24/19 Hospital Tax Deal Is Near
10/17/19 Does $600 million Transportation Funding Gap Means Tolls Are Unavoidable?
10/17/19 Republican Leaders Push For Information On Bond Package
10/08/19 Earn As You Go: CT’s Chief Economic Development Officer Proposes New Tool
10/08/19 CT Judge To Reject Bankruptcy Shield For Purdue, Sacklers
09/30/19 Public Pension Funds Abandon 8 Percent Return
09/30/19 Census Finds Poverty Inched Up In CT In 2018
09/24/19 State Warns Motorists To Watch Out For Deer And Moose
09/24/19 Feds Woo Connecticut Lawmakers With 2.22% Interest Rate On Transportation Borrowing
09/16/19 New Meals Tax Guidance Has Republicans Calling Foul, Grocery Stores Scrambling
09/16/19 Annie Lamont Joins In State Celebration For 100th anniversary Of Women’s Suffrage
09/09/19 Stamford Improves Commute Times And Parking Downtown
09/09/19 Good News: CT On Track For $126.1 Million Surplus For Fiscal 2020
08/29/19 Larger Forces At Work In The Opioid Crisis
08/29/19 Mutual Aid Emergency Management Compact Between New York, CT Announced
08/16/19 Public, Business and Government Come Together To Celebrate Plainfield
08/16/19 Towns Begin Grappling With Loss Of Tax Revenue On Homes With Crumbling Foundations
08/05/19 As Plastic Straw Ban Effort Persists, Disabled Advocates Fight To Be Heard
08/05/19 CT’s Budget Reserve On The Brink Of Hitting Unprecedented High
07/24/19 Most Transportation Projects Go To CT Companies; Some Go Out-Of-State
07/10/19 Lamont To Retool, Promoting Harris And Hiring Reiss
07/10/19 Emergency Workers Want Voice At State Capitol
06/27/19 Homelessness In State Continues To Decline
06/27/19 Lamont Signs Bill Expanding Craft Beer Sales -- Jobs Growing
06/14/19 On Way Out, UTC Cushions The Fallout
06/14/19 Gov. Lamont Willing To Scale Back Toll Plans
06/06/19 Debt-Free Community College Planned for 2020; Funding Depends On Online Lottery
06/06/19 Lamont Thanks General Assembly, But Work Is Not Done
06/06/19 Connecticut Budget Gets Mostly Positive Reviews From Investors
05/30/19 Lamont Signs Minimum Wage Increase; Business Lobby Continues Protest
05/30/19 Middletown Invests In Restorative Practices To Make Their Schools Welcoming
05/24/19 State Spending Millions To Cut Down 60,000 Potentially Dangerous Trees Along Highways
05/24/19 Lamont Releases Toll Bill, Calls For Special Session
05/24/19 There Is A Crying Need For Pension Reform
05/17/19 Clock is Ticking on Tolls
05/17/19 Payroll Tax Plan Moves To Back Burner At Capitol
05/10/19 Toll Foes Deliver 100,000 Petition Signatures To Governor
05/10/19 Regional Agency Tackles Banking, Affordable Housing
05/02/19 Feds: CT Economy Up 1.8% in 4Q; trails U.S. Average
05/02/19 Committee: Double, Expand Nickel-Deposit Law
04/26/19 Opioid Abuse Prevention, Education Preached
04/26/19 East Lyme, Waterford, and New London Agree To Police Cooperation
04/22/19 Pomfret, Thompson, And Putnam Line Up For New Websites
04/22/19 It’s Time To Update Connecticut’s Bottle Bill: The Best Tool For Combating Higher Recycling Costs
04/12/19 Municipalities, Nonprofits Square Off Over Tax Bill
04/05/19 Pot Tax Revenue For Northampton, MA -- $737,331
04/05/19 Lamont Adds His Own Twist To Bond Commission Traditions
03/29/19 DeLauro Slams Proposed Funding Increase For Charter Schools
03/29/19 Lamont Seeks Help With Tolls, Other Priorities, In D.C.
03/22/19 For First Tme in 18 years, Standard & Poor’s Ugrades CT's Bond Outlook
03/22/19 Lamont Backs Off ‘Forced’ School Consolidation; Needleman Pitches Bill to Allow Easier Cooperation
03/15/19 Pro-Toll Residents Speak Out, Organize
03/15/19 Lawmakers Offer First Draft of Legal Cannabis Bills
03/08/19 Hearing On Highway Tolls Brings Passion On Both Sides
03/01/19 Lamont: Business leaders key to CT stability
03/01/19 Bipartisan Working Group Keeps Spotlight On School Security
03/01/19 Bipartisan Working Group Keeps Spotlight On School Security
02/22/19 Lamont: ‘If you have any better ideas, bring them’
02/22/19 Honest conversation about tolls should not be stalled
02/15/19 Sales Tax Increase to Fund Municipalities Gets Public Hearing -- CCM Supports
02/15/19 Pensions WIll SInk State, Without Moment Like Reagan, Congress Had on Social Security
02/08/19 Merrill Calls For Passage of ‘Votercentric’ Laws
02/01/19 CT’s Tax Receipts Rebound Faster Than Those In Most States
02/01/19 Speaker Won’t End Conversation On Taxes and Regionalization
01/25/19 Democrats: Create Statewide Tax Rate For Vehicles
01/18/19 Lamont’s First Meeting With Labor Focuses On Unfunded Pension Liabilities
01/18/19 CT's 80-Plus Local Breweries Want More Flexibility to Sell Beer
01/11/19 Lamont Will Have Extra Time To Craft First Budget
01/11/19 Governor Ned Lamont's 2019 State of the State Address
01/03/19 Starting The Conversation, Parenting Through The Opioid Crisis
01/03/19 Lamont Administration Begins To Take Shape
12/21/18 Stamford Is Perfect! City Achieved Top Score On Equality Index
12/21/18 Lamont's Shared Services Committee Urges Local, Regional And State Collaboration
12/14/18 State Agencies Warn Lamont Of Looming Surge In State Retirements
12/14/18 As toll debate rages on, DOT wants $12.1B over next five years to invest in CT's infrastructure
12/06/18 Renovations Will Preserve Historic Library For Years To Come
12/06/18 Collaboration Key To Homelessness Fight
11/28/18 As Aging CT population Boosts Demand For Orthopedic Care, Hospitals, Others Bet Big On New Outpatient Facilities
11/16/18 CT Economic Growth Picks Up Speed, But Still Lags Behind Much Of The Country
11/16/18 Revenue Boost Helps Reduce Budget Deficit
11/09/18 Transition Team Building Underway
11/09/18 U Text U Drive U Pay: Hamden Takes Part In Program To Save Lives
11/05/18 Torrington Delivers: 40 Years Of Meals On Wheels
11/05/18 CT Program To Assess Growth Potential For Shellfish Industry
10/24/18 CT Lost Jobs In September, But Gained More In August
10/24/18 Governor’s Race In Dead Heat
10/18/18 IRS Extends Operating Loss Period For Homeowners With Crumbling Foundations
10/18/18 New State Panel Aims To Shift CT Tourism Industry
10/11/18 CT Officials Press For Coverage of Fallen Trees Under FEMA
10/11/18 Black Bear Rising: State Sees Population, Attacks Soar
10/03/18 Tipping The Balance In The State Senate
10/03/18 The Largest CT Tax Hikes Of The Past Three Decades
09/25/18 Hurricane Maria, One Year Later: Exodus Strained CT, But Families And Service Providers Still Resilient
09/25/18 Report: More than 300 State And Local Bridges in CT deficient
09/17/18 Is CT Gearing Up For Another Fiscal Bait And Switch?
09/17/18 Opioid Deaths Increasing As Connecticut Struggles To Find Money To Fight Crisis
09/07/18 Wall Street Warns New Federal tax rules could boost CT’s borrowing costs
09/07/18 Health Insurers Pushed To Ditch Double Digit Hikes
08/30/18 Eight New Conditions Approved For CT’s Medical Marijuana Program
08/30/18 Lamont Floats Increase In Property Tax Credit On Campaign Trail
08/23/18 Malloy Keeps Up Pressure For Transportation Rebuild — And Tolls
08/23/18 Unanimous Senate Affirms Press is Not ‘Enemy of the People’
08/16/18 No Surprises In Races For Attorney General, Comptroller, Treasurer
08/16/18 New Jersey Takes In $40.6 Million In Sports Bets In July
08/09/18 Towns Struggle To Regulate Airbnb
08/09/18 Editorial: Time To Change To Open Primaries in Connecticut
08/02/18 Survey: CT consumer confidence on the rise
08/02/18 Three Candidates See Pensions As Arts Funding Villain
07/26/18 Inside a Commuter Rail Comeback for Hartford-New Haven Corridor
07/26/18 Eliminating Income Tax: Doable? Or ‘Fantasy’?
07/20/18 CT Joins Lawsuit Vs. Trump Tax Breaks
07/20/18 Malloy Uses Executive Authority For $10 Million Toll Study
07/06/18 What To Know About Recreational Marijuana Sales in Massachusetts
07/06/18 CT Builds Its Budget Reserve — As Post-Election Deficits Loom
06/28/18 The Fast Track To Economic Development: New Britain Hopes To Bring In Restaurants, Retail, And People
06/28/18 Supreme Court Confirmation Battle Begins; CT Senators Want To Wait Unitl After Elections
06/22/18 Hartford Working On Best Solutions To Panhandling
06/22/18 Governor Warns Against Overriding Vetoes
06/14/18 Get On Board: Grand Opening Of New Commuter Railroad
06/14/18 CT Reaches New Philanthropic High, But Fewer Residents Are Giving
06/05/18 Malloy Vetoes ECS bill, Declines To Sign Health Measure
06/05/18 Ben Carson's Visit And Crumbling Foundations: Everything You Need To Know
05/24/18 Malloy To Open Sports Betting Talks With Tribes
05/17/18 Home Prices Across Connecticut Have Failed To Recover Since Peak In 2007
05/10/18 On Bipartisan vote, Connecticut Bans Bump Stocks
05/10/18 Malloy Brings The Funny ... Seriously
05/03/18 House Votes To Limit Gubernatorial Rescission Authority for Education Aid
05/03/18 Parties Break Up Over Budget Negotiations
05/03/18 Six Communities Unite On Opioid Crisis
04/27/18 Leaders Beginning to Talk about Beginning Budget Negotations
04/27/18 Toll Vote Still Expected Before May Adjournment
04/18/18 S&P Lowers State Gov't Bond Rating, Citing Hefty Debt
04/18/18 In Legislature, Time’s Running Out For Adoption Of Fiscal Panel’s Recommendations
04/13/18 Torrington Advances Affordable Housing
04/06/18 Finance Committee Moves To Delay Bond Covenant
04/06/18 Appropriations Committee Doesn't Pass Spending Plan — Again
03/29/18 Prospect Wins With Tax Breaks for Elderly, Disabled
03/29/18 CT Job Creation: Weakest Rise in Seven Years In 2017
03/22/18 CT Economist: No Recession Lurking
03/22/18 Time Is Running Out For Lawmakers To Close CT Budget Deficit
03/16/18 Walking “The Walk” in Norwalk
03/16/18 Congress Takes ‘Incremental’ Step On School Safety
03/09/18 Nobody “Hipper” than Waterbury
03/09/18 Gov, Dem Leaders Backs Higher Minimum Wage, Hedging On How High
03/01/18 Governor Invites Delta North After Georgia Governor Vows To Punish Airline Over NRA Stance
03/01/18 Trump Asks Murphy To Help Draft ‘Comprehensive’ Gun Bill
02/23/18 New Vision for Downtown Greenwich Pitched
02/16/18 CT Hunting Down Online Shoppers Who Didn't Pay Sales Tax
02/16/18 Air Line Trail Underway: Portland Linear Park Project Celebrated
02/07/18 Malloy Offers Strategies To Counter Federal Tax Changes
01/25/18 House Speaker: Centralize special education, sell rest stops...
01/25/18 New Poll Finds Support For Tolls
01/18/18 Surging CT Income Tax Receipts Bolster State Budget Reserve
01/18/18 CT: Fifth-Lowest Rate Of Gun Deaths in U.S. in 2016
01/11/18 $4.3 Billion in Transportation Projects At Risk Across Connecticut
01/11/18 Deficit, Program Cuts Will Test Bipartisan CT Budget Deal
01/03/18 CT Joins Other ‘Blue’ States In Looking To Skirt New Federal Tax Law
01/03/18 CT Lawmakers Brace Themselves For Revenue Estimates post January 15
12/20/17 Connecticut Officials Propose Steps To Maintain Net Neutrality
12/20/17 Senate, House Approve Tax Plan -- CT Lawmakers Call Disastrous For State
12/07/17 All Aboard! New Train Station Opens in Wallingford
12/07/17 Lembo Certifies $207.8M Deficit That Triggers Mitigation
11/30/17 Older and Safer -- Greenwich Planning to Care for Aging Population
11/22/17 Bond Commission Poised To Approve Over $1 Billion In Borrowing
11/22/17 DEEP: Here's What's In and What's Out of Your Recycling Bin
11/16/17 Newly Adopted CT budget Already Showing Red Ink
11/16/17 Hartford Prepares For Oversight, Debt Restructuring In Wake Of State Budget
11/08/17 Klarides, Wyman Still Mum On Run for Governor
11/08/17 Those With Crumbling Foundations Finally May Get Some Help
11/03/17 Connecticut Builders Wonder about level of Construction Permits For 2018
11/03/17 Too Soon To Tell What The Fiscal Future Holds For New State Budget
10/27/17 Education Aid: Here’s What Is In The Bipartisan CT Budget Plan
10/27/17 Regionalism Can No Longer Be Brushed Aside In Connecticut
10/20/17 Business Profits Up in Springfield-Harford-New Haven Business Corridor
10/20/17 Possible Bond Rating Downgrade Leaves Municipalities Worried About Roads, Bridges, Schools
10/13/17 Site Names Two CT Cities To 'Top Foodie' List
10/13/17 CEA and Three Communities Challenge Malloy’s Executive Order
10/05/17 Bridgeport Prepares to Accept Students From Puerto Rico
10/05/17 Venture Funding Surges in CT
10/05/17 New Canaan Middle School Gets State Of The Art Makeover
09/28/17 Opinion: Legislating Connecticut Pension Reform Necessary
09/28/17 Court Hearing School Funding Case Amid Discord Over Education Aid
09/28/17 Negotiations On Hospital Tax Deal Clouded by Hospitals' Lawsuit
09/22/17 Connecticut Municipalities Take First Step To Snag Amazon HQ
09/22/17 Bipartisan Budget Talks Take Back Seat To Partisan Sniping
09/14/17 Anthem, ConnectiCare Remain on Healthcare Exchange
09/14/17 Saving Big Bucks: Zone Change Benefits Homeowners in East Haven
09/14/17 Census Finds Our Commute to Work Has Gotten Longer
09/08/17 500 Community Providers Rally For A State Budget Now!
09/08/17 Economist: Long-awaited Full CT Job Recovery Will Hit In 2019
09/08/17 New Haven Healthy Start Continues Critical Outreach
08/30/17 Two Hospitals Conduct Health Assessments in New London Neighborhoods
08/30/17 Mayors, First Selectmen Seek To Avoid Deep Cuts As State Budget Stalemate Continues
08/25/17 Legislators Feeling Heat Over Budget Stalemate
08/25/17 New Democratic Budget Plan Includes Mandate Relief, Sales Tax Hike
08/17/17 State Budget Impasse Forces Schools To Cut Staff, Put Positions On Hold
08/17/17 GoNewHavenGO Competition Encourages Sustainable Travel
08/09/17 Baseball out, Live Concerts In For Bridgeport
08/09/17 Sen. Blumenthal Tells Insurance Industry Policies That Don’t Cover Crumbling Foundations May Violate Law
07/28/17 Stratford Launches Social Media Campaign to Clean Up Town
07/28/17 New Springfield-Hartford-New Haven Commuter Rail Set For May 2018 Start
07/28/17 Torrington School Year Could Be Delayed As Officials Wrangle With Lack of State Budget
07/28/17 Governor Says Budget Could Be Delayed Until Fall
07/21/17 Study Assesses Impact Of Obamacare In CT -- 160,000 Gained Coverage
07/21/17 Legislators Hope To Vote On Budget Deal Before July ends
07/14/17 Malloy Vetoes Changes To Affordable Housing Law
07/14/17 New Preserve Expands New Milford’s Hiking And Outdoor Opportunities
07/14/17 26 Nonprofits Told To Stop Providing Services As Other Cuts Loom
07/05/17 Lack of candidates for local offices causing concern
07/05/17 Salem Museum Joins Neighborhood Assistance Program
07/05/17 New Laws Go Into Effect in July
06/29/17 Bridgeport Job Fair Gives Ex-Offenders ‘Second Chance’
06/29/17 Transportation Group Says Connecticut’s Rural Roads Are Deficient
06/29/17 Budget Standoff Could Threaten Funding Disruptions Into The Fall
06/21/17 New Milford's 13-Town Sewer District Sets Up 2-Tier Pricing
06/21/17 Homelessness Fell 24% In Three Years. How did Connecticut Do It?
06/21/17 Legislative Leaders, Malloy Meet And Aim For June 29
06/15/17 No End In Sight For Budget Negotiations
06/15/17 West Haven Neighborhood Thriving On New Mixed Use Developments
06/08/17 Stamford, New Haven Among ‘Innovation Places’ Grant Winners
06/08/17 Session Ends With Aid To Hartford, Towns On Hold
06/08/17 Bill Targeting Opioid Crisis Heads to Malloy’s Desk
06/08/17 Transportation Lockbox Enacted For Improvements to CT’s Roads and Bridges
05/31/17 New Haven ‘Perfect Blend’ Program Offers Leadership Training, Mentoring For Girls
05/31/17 New York City Competing Hard for Aetna Headquarters
05/31/17 State Closes Deficit for This Fiscal year -- With No Municipal Aid Cuts
05/25/17 New Canaan Works With Clean Your Mile Campaign
05/25/17 Trump Budget Proposal Has Massive Cuts To Social Programs
05/25/17 Union Leaders Selling Labor Concessions Deal to Members
05/18/17 Top Notch: Guilford Becomes Fourth In CT With International Baccalaureate Program
05/18/17 Budget Negotiations Underway, Labor Agreement Still To Be Reached
05/18/17 Wall Street Continues To Pile Onto Connecticut
05/11/17 Last Link in Cheshire Greenway Underway to Connect New Haven to Southington
05/11/17 Legislature Poised To Loosen High School Graduation Requirements
05/05/17 Legislators Starting To Face 'Grim Reality' House Speaker Says
05/05/17 Hartford Teeters As State Aid Hangs In The Balance
05/05/17 Making Money At Guilford Golf Course
05/05/17 Third Casino Higly LIkely As Part of State Budget Deal
04/26/17 A Working City: Torrington Rises to Economic Development Challenge
04/26/17 CT Law Enforcement Officials: ‘Scourge’ of Opioid Overdoses Must End
04/26/17 Budget Talks Fall Apart After Committee Leaders Reject Malloy Plans On Pensions, Education Funding
04/21/17 Milford Adopts Plan to Boost Business and Market Harbor Area
04/21/17 Speaker: Not Enough Support for Pension Bills to Towns
04/21/17 Finance Committee Explores Abundance of Revenue Ideas As Deadline Nears
04/13/17 Hat City Makeover: Danbury to Convert Shuttered Music Hall into Community Theater
04/13/17 Off The Radar: Thousands Of Children Chronically Truant Across Connecticut
04/13/17 Malloy Plan Hands Poorest Municipalities A Life Preserver and Anchor
04/07/17 Open Door Policy: New London Schools Embrace Immigrant Community
03/31/17 WhatsApp is Whats Up as New Community Policing Tool in New Haven
03/31/17 Courtney: Tax Increment Financing To Fund Concrete Repairs?
03/31/17 House Leader Ponders Phasing In Shift In Teacher Pension Costs To Municipalities
03/24/17 Knock on Wood: Free Trees Are Enhancing New Haven Neighborhoods
03/24/17 House Speaker: Tolls ‘Inevitable,’ Hospital Tax And Pension Plan Unlikely
03/24/17 Saving Lives: Meriden Police Adding Narcan To Their Response
03/17/17 From Taxing Shopping Bags To Licensing Cats, Several Bills Would Boost State Revenue
03/17/17 Malloy, Casinos Tout Tourism As Major State Industry
03/10/17 Drone Helps Keep North Stonington Firefighters Out Of Harm’s Way
03/10/17 Local Elected Officials Tell Lawmakers To Take Teacher Pension Shift Off the Table
03/10/17 Trump Administration Considers $6 Billion Cut To HUD Budget
03/03/17 New London Police Provide Guidance as CT Coyote Population Soars
03/03/17 Insurance CEOs Donate $50M For A 'Healthy' Hartford
03/03/17 Plaintiffs Ask Lawmakers For Study of Education Funding Formula
02/24/17 State Shifts Residential Costs For Intellectually Disabled Children To Local Schools, Property Taxpayers
02/24/17 Casino Revenue Would Stop If Tribes Don’t Build Next Casino
02/24/17 Rails To Trails: Pomfret to Putnam Connector to get Major Upgrades
02/17/17 Microgrid Energy Project Hits Home Run In Bridgeport
02/17/17 S&P Worried About Proposed Cost Shift Onto CT Towns
02/10/17 Mayor Calls Proposed $10.2 Million Cut In State Aid A ‘Financial Tsunami’
02/10/17 Malloy: Let Towns Pay For Resident Troopers
02/10/17 Naugatuck Saves Time and Trees With BoardDocs
02/03/17 State Employee Pension Agreement Crosses Finish Line -- Saving $570 Million Next Year
01/27/17 CT A Likely Target of Trump’s New Immigration Policy
01/27/17 Seymour and Nonprofit Partner To Provide New Adult Day Care Program
01/27/17 Malloy Seeks Borrowing To Help Homeowners With Crumbling Foundations
01/12/17 North Branford Fire Facility Is Model For Cost-Effectiveness And Modern Equipment
01/12/17 Electric Boat Poised To Hire 1,350 For Groton Sub Work
01/12/17 Third Casino Shaping Up As A Tough Sell
01/12/17 Malloy Refuses To Take Tax Increases Off The Table
01/05/17 Middletown Ordinance Bans Use of Chemical Waste From Fracking
01/05/17 With A Divided Legislature, New Lawmakers May Wield Influence In General Assembly
12/20/16 Trump Team Plans For Infrastructure ‘Task Force’ To Advance Top Spending Priority
12/20/16 Lawmakers Won't Take Tax Hikes Off Table
12/15/16 Connecticut Moves Up Six Spots In Gallup Well-Being Rankings
12/15/16 Help In Place For Homeless Around Hartford As Temperature Drops
12/15/16 How Did Connecticut’s Economy Fall Behind?
12/09/16 All Aboard for Economic Development in Danbury
12/09/16 With An Eye On Legislature, Bronin Makes Pitch To Suburbs
11/30/16 New Haven Zoning Changes Embrace New Urbanism
11/29/16 CT Urban Centers Could Be In Crosshairs of Trump’s Sanctuary City Crackdown
11/29/16 Commission Clashes over State Spending Cap
11/23/16 Fasano: Bipartisan Talks On Top Budget Issues Should Begin
11/17/16 State Workers' Pensions, Retiree Health Care Fuel $1.3 Billion Budget Shortfall
11/17/16 Political Pupils: Civics Gets Renewed Attention In Schools
11/17/16 Cultural Hub: Novel ideas Abound At Wilton Library
11/11/16 Dialing up Demographics: Groton Surveys Help ID Economic Development Opportunities
11/11/16 CT Town-By-Town Results: Trump Won Many Small Towns Obama Won Four Years Ago
11/11/16 Eroding Revenues Widen Gap In Next Two-Year State Budget by $500 Million
11/11/16 Lawmakers Elect Their State legislative Leaders
11/04/16 State Officials Issue Drought Watch For Most Counties
11/04/16 Teacher Pension Costs to Surge, Widen Hole in Next State Budget
11/04/16 In Harmony: New Alliance Promotes Monroe Arts and Culture
11/01/16 New Milford Gets Ready for Sale of Town-Owned Property
10/28/16 Up, Up and Away – Plainville firefighters learn hot air balloon safety
10/28/16 Cost of Opioid Epidemic Is $80 Billion, Cost of Chronic Pain Even Higher
10/28/16 Griebel: Private Sector Can Help Hartford Deal With Financial Problems
10/25/16 Poll Finds A Majority of Connecticut Voters Support Education Ruling
10/21/16 Municipal Workers Going To The Dogs; City Launches Volunteer Dog Walking Program
10/21/16 Voter Registration Tops 2 Million in CT
10/21/16 CT Lost 5,200 Jobs Last Month As State layoffs Take Toll
10/14/16 Open Space: Ridgefield Tackling Boundary Violations
10/14/16 Report: 38 Percent of CT Residents Can’t Meet Basic Needs
10/14/16 Nonpartisan analysts: CT budget is $78M in deficit
10/07/16 More Layoffs, Vo-Tech School Closures Possible As Malloy's Budget Office Seeks Spending Cuts
10/07/16 All Aboard: West Hartford Adds Paramedic Service to Emergency Response
09/30/16 New Data Shows Most UConn Grads From CT Staying In State
09/30/16 Real Crime, Real Time: Hartford Police Using Enhanced Surveillance Cameras
09/30/16 Several New State Laws Take Effect in October
09/30/16 Leaked Draft Bill Seeks To Regionalize Municipal Health Departments
09/22/16 Business Lobby Endorses 102 Candidates For General Assembly
09/22/16 Sikorsky, Malloy Cut Tentative Deal To Produce New Helicopter In Connecticut
09/22/16 Bridgeport Jobs Program Aims To Give Ex-Offenders A Fresh Start
09/21/16 State Supreme Court Says It Will Review School Funding Case
09/16/16 Hartford's Budget Shortfall Worsens, Now Projected At $22.6 Million
09/16/16 West Haven waterfront business development signals rebrith
09/16/16 Two Connecticut School Systems, for the Rich and Poor
09/09/16 After Ruling On School Finding, Officials Ponder Next Step
08/24/16 CT Says It’s On Track To End Chronic Homelessness By Year End
08/24/16 Company Wants to Install New Cell Towers In Over 100 Connecticut Towns
08/17/16 Mixed Messages Regarding Opioid Epidemic
08/16/16 After Two Decades, it’s New Haven’s SoHo
08/15/16 West Hartford Police Adopt LGBT Policy
08/09/16 CT School Funding On Trial: 5 Key Questions Facing The Judge
08/05/16 Costs, Storage Limit Interest In Body Cameras by CT Police
08/05/16 Average Wait Time Drops At Department of Motor Vehicles
08/02/16 National Unrest Sharpens CT’s Focus On Police-Community Trust
07/28/16 Stamford school turns into ‘pop-up department store' for free back-to-school clothes and supplies for disadvantaged
07/27/16 Analysis: CT Bond Premiums Grow Debt by $550 Million Since 2011
07/26/16 Fewer Women in Office Than Men in Connecticut
07/20/16 National Civic League Honors New Britain and Nine Other Communities as 2016 All-America City Award Winners
07/20/16 New Haven police demonstrate traffic stop safety for police and motorists in a frightening time
07/18/16 State Officials: No Connecticut Law Violated When It Comes To Crumbling Foundations
07/13/16 Survey Finds Small Businesses Are Hiring Across CT Cities and Towns
07/13/16 New Haven Police Chief: City Could Help Teach Community Policing In Wake Of National Tensions
07/13/16 Malloy Defends Bond Commission Borrowing, Calls It An Investment
07/11/16 Mary Fritz, Wallingford State Legislator For More Than Three Decades, Dies at 78
07/07/16 Statistics Show Typical Eastern Connecticut Drug Addict Is Middle-Aged White Man
07/07/16 Keno Rakes In Revenue for CT In First Two Months
07/07/16 Connecticut’s Labor Market Not Fully Recovered; Other Indicators Raise Concerns
07/01/16 New Gun Laws Virtually Dead For This Year, CT Lawmakers Concede
07/01/16 Amid Opioid Crisis, Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Cut Across State
06/16/16 Barnes Warns of Criticism As State Agencies Implement Spending Cuts
06/16/16 Murphy ends filibuster saying two gun measures will get votes
06/15/16 Connecticut economy ‘moving sideways’
06/14/16 Malloy’s Line-Item Budget Vetoes Stand as House, Senate Split
06/13/16 After Orlando Shooting, CT Lawmakers Renew Push for Federal Gun Reform
06/13/16 Orlando Mass Shooting Rekindles Connecticut's Gun Debate
06/10/16 GOP Calls On Democrats To Override Malloy And Restore Municipal Aid
06/08/16 DMV Computer Error Means 50,000 Will Receive Incorrect Car Tax Bills
06/08/16 New Haven, Hartford Police Seek State Delay in Closure of Lock-Ups
06/02/16 Charter school enrollment set to rise
06/02/16 Opioid Epidemic Fueling Hospitalizations, Hospital Costs
06/02/16 Connecticut Business Leaders See Stability, Potential Improvement in the Economy
05/31/16 House To Meet This Week -- June 2 -- in Special Session for Bond Package
05/26/16 Malloy Signs Bill To Assist Towns In Dealing With Hoarding Cases -- Another Blight Issue
05/24/16 Stubborn Deficit Remains In This Year’s Budget
05/18/16 New Pew Trust Report: Connecticut Has One of Highest Public Debt to Personal Income Ratios
05/17/16 Measure strips $1B in bonded projects off of CT’s credit card
05/17/16 Aresimowicz seeks to be Speaker; Ritter & Walker in contest for House majority leader
05/12/16 Key Documents Still Missing; Senate Leaders Remain Confident; Budget Implementer Bill Presented
05/05/16 2016 Legislative Session Limps To An End; May 12 Special Session Set for Budget Vote
05/02/16 Malloy, Democrats bring very different perspectives to budget crisis
04/22/16 Democratic Lawmakers Look To Solve Budget Crisis On Their Own
04/21/16 Democratic lawmakers, governor split on budget -- CCM starts up TV Ad
04/15/16 As criticism mounts, Malloy defends education cuts to affluent towns
04/15/16 Higher property taxes a lousy state budget fix
04/08/16 Finance Package Falls About $360M Short of Closing Budget Deficit
04/07/16 A displeased Malloy to push back with a new budget of his own
04/01/16 Malloy hears from homeowners with crumbling basements
03/24/16 Battle Over CT’s Credit Card Heats Up as Malloy Raises Limit Again
03/18/16 School bus seat belt funding goes; bill would mandate seat belts on new buses
03/17/16 Malloy orders more cuts as lawmakers vow to close deficit by April 1
03/15/16 Bronin Warns Of Layoffs, Deep Cuts As Hartford Struggles Financially
03/11/16 State Employee Layoffs Are ‘Imminent’
03/09/16 Malloy hints at state layoffs, another round of municipal aid cuts
03/03/16 Underscoring fiscal crisis: Legislature considers furloughs; judiciary cancels raises
02/26/16 CT finances take another big hit as projected revenues plunge
02/25/16 Malloy Makes His Budget Case; Residents Push Back
02/19/16 Governor Attends Appropriations hearing; Listens To Complaints About Budget
02/12/16 Malloy Forum In Stamford -- no tax hikes; can't hold everyone harmless from cuts
02/09/16 State Rep. Michelle Cook reintroduces bill to help firefighters diagnosed with cancer
02/05/16 Nonprofit Community Warns of Cuts To Safety Net
02/04/16 Malloy targets municipal aid, agency budgets, perhaps ‘thousands’ of jobs
01/27/16 Big Changes On The Horizon For State Budget — Performance Measures For Grants To Cities & Towns
01/26/16 OPM Secretary: No Tax Increases Next Week
01/25/16 Union Wants Change To Teacher Evaluations
01/22/16 Cha-Ching! Connecticut Has Second Highest Concentration of Millionaires
01/21/16 Barnes Predicts $7.1M Deficit
01/20/16 Food stamps ending for some in CT towns with high employment
01/20/16 CT ranks second in State-Local Tax Burden Rankings for FY 2012, says Tax Foundation
01/20/16 Transportation advocates say widening I-95 won’t ease congestion
01/19/16 School funding on trial: 5 things to know
01/15/16 GE: How it connected with Fairfield, what its HQ loss means
01/14/16 Tetreau: GE Move Will Affect Jobs, Homes In Fairfield And Beyond
01/12/16 School Funding Lawsuit Goes To Trial
01/08/16 U.S. asks CT, other states, for help enforcing gun rules
01/08/16 Connecticut’s Economy Is A Mixed Bag With ‘This Whole GE Thing Hanging Over Our Heads’
01/05/16 Malloy Heads To White House For Obama’s Executive Action on Guns
01/05/16 Malloy Administration Identifies Savings, But Not Everyone Is Pleased -- Inlcudes Cuts In Municipal Aid
12/29/15 Panel struggles to solve state’s property tax woes
12/28/15 Malloy announces new program in New Haven to reduce prison recidivism
12/22/15 State must cut its borrowing to avoid maxing out credit card
12/21/15 Connecticut’s Budget Is In The Black After Corrective Action
12/17/15 S&P warns Malloy’s pension plan could cause bond rating cut
12/14/15 Medical Director Charts Tragic Path Town by Town From Opioids To Autopsy
12/11/15 Connecticut asks for ‘no-fly’ list to screen gun buyers
12/10/15 Bipartisan Spirit Disappears, Gloves Come Off Following Budget Vote
12/10/15 Bill closing deficit, cutting business taxes heads to Malloy
12/08/15 Member of Transportation Finance Panel Wants To Postpone Lockbox Vote
12/08/15 Corporate Tax Cuts and $350 Million In Spending Reductions Coming In Special Session
12/08/15 CT Deficit Plan Taps Many Special Funds And One-Time Sources
12/08/15 Diverse Group of Stakeholders Reaches Consensus on Key Policy Areas
12/08/15 CCM, CBIA and CT AFL-CIO Briefing oN CTN to Release Economic Summit Policy Proposals
12/03/15 OP-ED | State‘s Tax Panel Must Resolve Residents’ Biggest Tax Problem—The Property Tax
12/02/15 Malloy Meeting With GE on HQ; Changing Unitary Tax
12/02/15 A Retirement Incentive Is Off The Table in State Budget Cut Negotiations
12/01/15 Youth incarceration down; obstacles remain for some discharges
12/01/15 Many Connecticut Residents Left Behind In Economic Recovery
12/01/15 Lembo Calls On Lawmakers & Governor To Target Bigger Budget Shortfall
11/25/15 Lawmakers Look To Second Week of December for Special Session
11/23/15 House Democrats hope to resolve deficit by Christmas
11/23/15 House Dems Say ‘No’ To Retirement Incentive Program
11/20/15 Senate Dems break with House, go own way on deficit
11/19/15 Indiana said no; New Haven said yes to Syrian refugee family
11/18/15 GE CEO: “We’ll always have a big presence in Conn.” -- but the search for a new site is ongoing
11/18/15 Forbes Drops Connecticut’s Business Ranking
11/17/15 Budget Deficit Estimated At $4.3B Over Four Years
11/17/15 AG declares constitutional spending cap invalid
11/16/15 State leaders should jump on this chance to shine
11/16/15 Ken Dixon: Solving state economic woes in a basement by the shore
11/16/15 Connecticut economy, the facilitator will see you now
11/16/15 Diverse interests come together at economic summit
11/16/15 Divergent groups tackle state’s economic problems
11/16/15 CTN coverage of Economic Summit hosted by CCM, CBIA and CT AFL-CIO
11/11/15 Treasurer raises more concerns about Malloy’s plan for pensions
11/11/15 Shrinking revenue forecast shows CT’s red ink spreading fast
11/10/15 Towns, businesses, unions unite at Nov. 12 - 13 conference on CT's economic future
11/06/15 Sharkey Admits Mistakes Were Made In Balancing Budget
11/06/15 Transportation advocates urge ‘lockbox’ despite budget woes
11/05/15 Legislative Leaders, Malloy Agree On $350-$370M Budget Shortfall
11/04/15 Next Year Connecticut Voters Will Get Immediate Election Results, But Not In 2017 -- CT News Junkie
09/14/15 Bridgeport, Norwalk and Stamford mayors to discuss resurgence of urban centers at UConn Stamford campus on October 1, CT Post
09/11/15 Tribes set to pitch new casino; Enfield and East Hartford among potential sites, CT Mirror
09/10/15 First-ever certification program for Registrars of Voters begins at UConn, CT News Junkie
09/02/15 Compromise is never easy: DEEP attempts to revise proposed stormwater permit, CT News Junkie
09/02/15 State agencies asked to prepare cuts, CT News Junkie
09/01/15 Municipal primary elections to be pushed back one week for 2015, set for Sept. 16, CT News Junkie
08/24/15 Malloy trying to keep GE headquarters in CT, Hartford Courant
08/24/15 Fairfield First Selectman: there is no replacing GE, The Hartfordite Blog
08/24/15 Governor elevates deputy to chief of staff, Hartford Courant
08/21/15 Mark Ojakian, Gov.'s Chief of Staff, named interim president of CSCU system, Hartford Courant
08/21/15 Joe Scarborough is firm on taxes, less so on his plans, CT Mirror
08/20/15 The rise of the sharing economy, The Economist
08/19/15 CT unemployment rate inches closer to national average, CT News Junkie
08/14/15 Legislators seeking to change municipal pension rule told to write a letter, CT Mirror
08/12/15 School to prison pipeline sparks frank debate at State Capitol, CT News Junkie
08/11/15 Tax-free week starts Sunday, CT Post
08/10/15 Plainville streetlights to provide Wi-Fi, not just lights -- Hartford Courant
08/04/15 Meriden residents, joining 126 other towns,  now eligible for CCM's Prescription Discount Card Program, Meriden Record-Journal
07/29/15 Legislators resist giving Gov his transportation funding lock box, CT Mirror
07/28/15 CT News Junkie turns ten years old; at the crossroads, CT News Junkie
07/27/15 State considering layoffs as federal funding dries up, Hartford Courant
07/21/15 State commits resources to reduce violence in Hartford, CT News Junkie
07/20/15 CT unemployment rate hits lowest mark since July 2008, CT Mirror
07/15/15 No veto overrides planned by State Legislature, Hartford Courant
07/15/15 Drop in arrests, jail admissions, in first half of 2015, Hartford Courant
07/14/15 Ojakian to leave as Malloy Chief of Staff, CT Mirror
07/13/15 Malloy signs 268 bills, vetoes 9, CT News Junkie
07/09/15 Speaker's property tax legislation rides through in the budget implementer, CT News Junkie
07/08/15 Some bright spots in the state's sluggish economy, CT Mirror
07/08/15 New laws start this month, CT News Junkie
07/07/15 Malloy maintains optimism over state budget, CT News Junkie
06/30/15 Governor explained why he raised taxes, CT News Junkie
06/30/15 How much does your town gain or lose in the state budget, CT Mirror
06/26/15 Car tax cap is good, but state must keep revenue promise to towns, Norwich Bulletin
06/26/15 It is time to stampede the elephants in the room, Manchester Journal Inquirer
06/17/15 Over 80 municipal officials to assemble for June 18 CCM Annual Meeting; New CCM Executive Director to present first major address on the "New CCM" and legislative concerns with coming Special Session
06/16/15 CT's budget's devilish details tarnish final result, CT Mirror
06/12/15 Governor seeks to roll back $220 million in business taxes; CCM, local leaders want seat at table, CT Mirror
06/12/15 Connecticut's local leaders call for more inclusion and transparency in the state budgeting process
06/10/15 Malloy open to conversation about business taxes as GE puts one foot out the door, CT News Junkie
06/09/15 CT business taxes actually among lowest in the nation, Op-Ed in Hartford Courant
06/08/15 State budget gambling on middle clas, CT Post
06/04/15 CCM statement on 2015 General Assembly session and cities & towns
06/04/15 House, Senate approve $40 billion budget, Gov ready to sign it, Hartford Courant
06/04/15 Legislature heads into overtime, CT News Junkie
06/04/15 Senate Dems threaten nuclear option -- cutting off debate -- to pass budget and $2 billion tax hike, CT Mirror
06/03/15 Bills stack up as legislative session adjournment nears, Hartford Courant
06/03/15 House agrees on budget that includes unitary business tax, Hartford Business Journal
06/02/15 Workers' Comp Agency Names New CEO, Hartford Courant
06/02/15 Top CT city Insurer names new CEO, Hartford Business Journal
06/01/15 Initial CCM statement in response to state budget agreement
05/26/15 Coalition unites to oppose new mega mandate for workers' comp; news conference set for Wed., May 27 at 11 a.m. at State Capitol
05/19/15 Enact a state budget that protects property taxpayers, Op-Ed by Joe DeLong, CCM Executive Director
05/19/15 Would state sales tax hike really translate into local tax relief, CT Mirror
05/18/15 Click here to listen to CCM radio spot opposing cancer presumption mandate "Proponents are pushing two huge mandates that would unnecessarily cost towns millions..."
05/18/15 With major cancer presumption bill reaching critical stage, CCM begins airing radio messages calling on legislators to turn aside this costly unfunded state mandate
05/18/15 Click here to listen to CCM radio spot opposing cancer presumption mandate: "If we don't learn from the past, we are destined to repeat our mistakes..."
05/15/15 House approves bill requiring Ed. Commissioner to have classroom, administrative experience, Hartford Courant
05/14/15 Top lawmakers say more communication needed on bill to protect firefighters, CT News Junkie
05/13/15 Firefighter cancer bill moving ahead, Norwich Bulletin
05/12/15 Competing sides ramp up tax debate, CT Mirror
05/11/15 House approves change in minimum budget requirement, CT News Junkie
05/08/15 Towns voice concerns over potential change in workers' compensation law for firefghters, CT News Junkie
05/08/15 Officials fight expanded workers' compensartion for public safety employees, WTNH-TV Channel 8
05/08/15 CCM, Mayor Lauretti warn about another mandate, CT Post
05/07/15 CCM Emergency Management Symposium Broadcast, (CTN) Connecticut Public Affairs Network
05/05/15 Revenues fall short, leaving 2015 state budget in deficit, CT News Junkie