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05/24/19 Waterbury Looks To Brand Cities Recent Growth
05/24/19 Local News Is In A Hidden Golden Age
05/17/19 Seymour Collaborates With CT Economic Resource Center
05/17/19 Proposed Deal Presented On PTSD Benefits For Police And Firefighters
05/10/19 Wilton Brings Departments, Organizations In The Know On Tax Credits
05/10/19 Rising Local Recycling Costs Putting Pressure On Lawmakers To Pass Plastic Bag Ban, Expand Bottle Deposit System
05/02/19 Mansfield Public Library eliminates Most Fines On Late Books
05/02/19 CCM thanks Appropriations and Finance Committees For Actions That Aid Connecticut Property Taxpayers
05/02/19 Democratic Lawmakers Support Lamont’s Plan To Have Cities And Towns Pay For Teachers’ Pensions
04/30/19 CCM Statement In Response To Appropriations Committee Budget Plan
04/26/19 Municipal Leaders Meet With Lamont But Neither Side Makes Any Promises
04/26/19 CT Municipalities Say They Have Made Big Cutbacks
04/22/19 OP-ED: Municipalities Present Solutions To Minimum Budget Requirement For Education
04/22/19 CCM Survey: Towns And Cities Have Sought To Limit Budget Increases, And Cut Back Services, As They Fight For Needed Level Of State Aid For July 1
04/15/19 CCM To host Regional State-Local Legislative Updates On April 16,17 and 18 In Six Regions Across Connecticut
04/12/19 Brooklyn Seizes Opportunity To Install Solar Panels For Maximized Value
04/12/19 Triple Crown Charity On Tap
04/12/19 Cities And Towns Could Face $24M Hit From Minimum Wage Hike
03/18/19 CCM Membership Now Includes All 169 Towns And Cities For The First Time In CCM’s 53-Year History