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North Branford Fire Facility Is Model For Cost-Effectiveness And Modern Equipment

North Branford Fire Facility Is Model For Cost-Effectiveness And Modern Equipment

Technology is changing the way nearly every public safety function is performed and that includes firefighting. To be prepared for whatever comes next requires modern training methods and modern training equipment and facilities.

Thanks to a recently-christened new training facility, the North Branford Fire Department has all those pieces in place.

The new training facility is a state-of-the-art, pre-engineered, steel constructed two-and-a-half story burn building that is attached to a three-story training tower. The town bonded the cost of the $370,000 training facility and the fire department stayed within budget because staff acted as the general contractor, purchased the building materials, bid the assembly and maintained a constant presence during the facility’s construction.

With a growing scarcity of state funds for regional firefighting schools, municipalities are sometimes going it on their own.  Farmington and Killingworth have also undertaken similar firefighting training projects in recent years.  Farmington’s facility cost about $1.4 million, for a prefabricated building and a water recapture facility.

Referring to the state funding issue, North Branford Fire Chief William Seward III said towns are now “devising cost effective training concepts” on their own.

training for 129 voluneteers back to top

By providing the department's 129-member professional volunteer firefighters with a place to train, the Chief said the department expects to “improve the morale of its membership, diversify its training program, share its resources with its mutual aid partnerships and elevate the level of competence within the agency.”

"We are an all-hazards fire department, delivering rapid and effective services to our community. We support our neighbors and they continue to support us; mutual aid cooperation is necessary based upon the state and federal laws, regulations and standards by which the fire service must operate today," Seward said.

Last year, the North Branford Fire Department responded to 1,958 alarms.