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In Harmony: New Alliance Promotes Monroe Arts and Culture

In Harmony: New Alliance Promotes Monroe Arts and Culture

Hoping to tap intoand promote the town’s arts and cultural assets while saving taxpayer money is music to the ears for Monroe officials. The recent formation of the Monroe Arts and Culture Council brings together a broad array of interests – theater, music, arts, the library, parks and recreation and the schools.

The group has already set out on social media to promote the many attractions and talents unique to the town. “Monroe has many accomplished artists, musicians, dancers, the DaVinci Festival and Two Planks Theater Company,” the council’s Facebook post proclaims. “We also have many Parks, Trails, Lakes and rich farming, manufacturing and military history…We hope to see you soon!”

First Selectman Steve Vavrek explained that the 12-member committee is not a town-sponsored group nor are the members town-appointed; rather his office is facilitating the collaboration of the groups all for a common goal. And one of the first goals is the construction of a permanent bandshell in the community park.

Outdoor stage use back to top

Vavrek said the outdoor stage at Wolfe Park could use a permanent bandshell and that every year the town builds a temporary structure and those costs add up.

 “We’re throwing money at this bandshell every year, and if we just built one, look at the money we would save,” Vavrek said. “If we get this right it shouldn’t cost the taxpayers anything.”

The bigger picture, of course, is encouraging the community to get out and enjoy the many cultural assets the town offers.  The new arts council is now part of the Cultural Alliance of Fairfield County, allowing Monroe events to be listed on the alliance’s website which will draw regional interest in town events.