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Middletown Looks To Expand Alternative Energy Resources To Renters, Low-Income Homeowners

Middletown Looks To Expand Alternative Energy Resources To Renters, Low-Income Homeowners

Middletown’s Clean Energy Task Force has teamed up with North End Action Team, Home Energy Services, New England Conservation Services, and Sunlight Solar for an initiative to broaden the reach of alternative energy resources.

The program known as CHEER Middletown (Comfortable, Healthy, Energy Efficient and Renewable), wants to help fund projects that will focus on green initiatives aimed at reducing costs for those that can’t afford green tech, or don’t own their buildings, with the aim to prove that small investments can make up huge savings.

Quoted in the Hartford Courant, Clean Energy Task Force Chairwoman Jennifer Kleindienst said “a small investment repeated over time can do a lot to improve housing and quality of life for city residents.”

Her goal is to make as many homes in Middletown energy efficient, and for one of the large cities in Connecticut, many of those properties are going to be rental units. With the funding from CHEER, they are hoping to take away one of the barriers for landlords to make improvements on homes they rent out.  


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Brendan Smith of Sunlight Solar, one of the collaborators on this project, suggested that homeowners could pay up front for panels, and see savings immediately and then pass those savings onto tenants who will not have to pay for electricity.

The project is now available to owners of buildings with one to four units, with income limits based on state median income.

It was devised by Clean Energy Task Force which is set up to advise the Mayor and Common Council, conduct research, and make recommendations to improve energy efficiency and conservation, avoid energy costs, promote renewable energy and reduce harmful energy-related environmental impacts in the City of Middletown.

IT includes members of the Common Council, Board of Education, Wesleyan, Chamber of Commerce, and others to broaden the source of ideas.

 Middletown was one of the first cities to earn Sustainable CT certification at CCM’s 2018 Convention.