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ESPC & Microgrids: Owner’s Representation Service

ESPC & Microgrids: Owner’s Representation Service

Following a competitive bid process completed by its member towns and cities, CCM has launched a new Owner’s Representation Service for Energy Saving Performance Contracting (ESPC) and Municipal Microgrid projects.

What is ESPC? back to top

ESPC is a partnership:

  • No-upfront-cost contracting method
  • An Energy Services Company (ESCo) implements Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)
  • ESCo is paid during project construction from escrow account funded by municipal lease, bond, etc.
  • Once construction is completed, energy savings are used to repay lender over time
  • ESCo guarantees annual savings ≥ annual program costs for every year of the program

What is a microgrid? back to top

A microgrid is a local energy grid with control capability enabling it to disconnect from the traditional grid. The grid is the central power source that supplies power to a wide range of buildings and homes over a very large area. A microgrid can operate in both grid- connected or island mode.

A microgrid generally operates while connected to the grid, but in times of crisis, such as power outages and storms, or for any other reason, a microgrid can separate from the grid and operate on its own in what is known as island mode. A microgrid will use its own local energy generation that can be powered by renewable sources (solar panels, wind, hydro), fuel cells, batteries, or fossil fuels.

Municipalities and other program participants that wish to make their critical facilities more resilient through a microgrid may apply for grant funding to CT DEEP and may be eligible for financing offered through the Connecticut Green Bank.

Click here to view the Office of Legislative Research Report on Microgrids.

Click here to view the presentation from the August 2017 webinar presented by DEEP.


CCM-member municipalities interested in ESPC may contact:

ECG Engineering, P.C.: David M. Newman, P.E., C.E.M., LEED-AP, Vice President, Engineering,  (631) 360-0006,

Click here to view ECG's case study for the Town of Cheshire.


Celtic Energy, Inc.: Walt Donzila, CEM CPC, Director of Business Development, (860) 882-1515, x312,

Click here to view Celtic's case study for the Town of Tolland.

or Andy Merola, (203) 498-3056,, for assistance.

CCM-member municipalities interested in microgrids may contact:

Andy Merola, (203) 498-3056,, for assistance.

Webinar back to top

CCM held a webinar to educate our members about the ESPC process, microgrids, and the four firms selected by CCM member municipalities:

  • ESPC Overview
  • Microgrid Overview
  • Firm Overviews

To view the recording of the presentation, click here.  You will be asked to provide your name and email address.  To view the presenation only, click here.