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Microgrid Energy Project Hits Home Run In Bridgeport

Microgrid Energy Project Hits Home Run In Bridgeport

Bridgeport recently launched a new microgrid project that next summer will start supplying cleaner energy to city hall, police headquarters and a local senior center.

When completed the microgrid will provide non-stop, year-round power to the buildings, most of the heating for city hall and police headquarters, and it will also supplement the air conditioning of both structures. As part of the project, the existing buildings will be retrofitted in order to fully utilize the benefits of the new microgrid system.

Microgrids are environmentally friendly because they have higher conversion efficiencies which means they use less fuel and produce fewer emissions. In addition, the system will give the city the option of expanding in the future to other city buildings like the Margaret E. Morton Government Center and the Fire Headquarters.

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“This is one of the first steps we as a City are taking to make Bridgeport environmentally conscious,” said Mayor Ganim. “It is my commitment to reduce our carbon footprint and make Bridgeport one of the leading cities in the country for green energy. Additionally, these generators will bring a reliable energy source that we can depend on when storms hit and power is compromised.”

The new microgrid will be the first system in Connecticut to couple a new traditional natural gas reciprocating engine generator that can run round the clock in all types of weather with a microgrid distribution system.

The microgrid provides fail safe power in the event of a weather or blackout event, providing an operations command center for the city and a place for residents to obtain power for phones, computers and medical equipment when other power is out.

The project was funded with a DEEP grant, State Bond Commission financing, construction financing from First Niagara Bank and term debt financing from Connecticut Green Bank.