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Gov. Lamont on CT Property Taxes And Immunization Records

Gov. Lamont on CT Property Taxes And Immunization Records

WTNH-TV, September 6, 2019

By Jon Rosen

In Connecticut, we pay the third highest per-capita property tax in the country at more than $2,800.00. That’s almost twice the national average.

It is a gut punch when that bill arrives.

During the 2018 gubernatorial race, Ned Lamont campaigned on the promise that he was going to help lower the property taxes. Remember that?

Last week the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities released a report showing that property taxes went up in 79 cities and towns that did not go through revaluation this fiscal year.

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So why are property taxes going up?

Gov. Lamont places the blame on municipalities, saying that they need to work together in areas like education to cut costs.

Senate Minority Leader, Len Fasano, disagrees.

Governor Lamont ‘pulled rank’ on the state Public Health Commissioner last week calling for the public release of ‘school-by-school’ immunization data. That data is not available yet, but overall numbers show vaccination rates dipped this past year, while the number of people seeking religious exemptions has increased 25%.
The debate? Whether the state should get involved when it comes to a families choice about getting vaccinated and whether that data should be available for public scrutiny.