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Citizen Survey on Municipal Elections

Citizen Survey on Municipal Elections

As we begin to return to a “new normal,” it is important to understand how your town/city will operate in the coming months, and how residents will feel about these changes. Specific to these operations are the upcoming 2020 elections. A survey can provide insight into how residents feel about voting in person, what are their concerns, and their level of comfortability to participate in public for these upcoming elections.

GreatBlue Research, a CCM Municipal Business Associate, is offering the use of digital research to effectively and efficiently gather insights from your community. These research findings can then be used to develop and implement strategies to prepare for elections and address any needs anr/or concerns.

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The primary objective of this research is to quickly understand the thoughts and opinions of your residents and how you can help so you can better serve them. GreatBlue has developed a short, 15 question digital survey to gather this information. The questions are action-oriented and applicable for all municipalities across the state, or can be quickly customized to fit specific needs. The survey has been developed for easy distribution to all residents and contacts within your digital database. A link will be provided to you for inclusion in email communications, on social media platforms and/or your town/city website.

To maximize the value received and to ensure you are able to collect data from as many residents as possible, we will allow for an unlimited number of completed surveys to be collected over a pre-determined timeframe. Due to the time sensitive nature of the data, in real-time and upon conclusion of data collection, your town/city will be provided access to the data via an automated report and the raw data via Excel/SPSS file.

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