“I would say that we are were optimistic with the four proposals we heard,” said Jim Gildea, president of the Derby Board of Education and a co-chairman with John Izzo of the study committee.

Gildea further believes “ we will be able to select the consultant that will be the best match for our districts and are excited that we are moving the ball forward.”

At this point Gildea has declined to release the names of the four applicants citing a provision in the Freedom of Information which allows them to withhold the information until the contract is executed or negotiations have ended. He anticipates one of the candidates will be selected to serve as the committee’s consultant and announced at their 7 p.m. Oct. 22 meeting in Ansonia High School.

Monday night’s meeting conducted almost entirely in executive session ended at about 11 p.m.             

“We had a productive session with four very good applicants,” said Izzo, who also serves on the Ansonia Board of Education. “However no decision has been made.”