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CCM and COST Joint Statement on Budget Proposal by House and Senate Republicans

CCM and COST Joint Statement on Budget Proposal by House and Senate Republicans

Wednesday, September 13 2017
Contact: Joe Delong, (203) 747-0268

On 9/12/17 House and Senate Republicans released their updated budget proposal. Having time to review this proposal our organizations are appreciative and supportive of the mandates relief and local structural reforms that are contained within.

In addition the Republican budget proposal does not shift any portion of the cost of teacher’s retirement onto towns and cities. It has been and remains the position of CCM and COST that towns and cities currently have no control over teachers’ pensions and until the system is studied and appropriate reforms enacted, shifting costs onto the property tax will have a devastating impact on communities all across Connecticut.

Finally, through CCM cities and towns have been calling for revenue diversification at the local level in order to reduce the reliance on property taxes and make our urban communities more competitive in attracting and retaining jobs. While COST has not taken a position on CCM’s revenue diversification solutions, COST does agree with CCM that there is clearly an overreliance on funding services exclusively through the property tax and reforms in this area remain necessary. Our organizations are pleased that while the Republican budget does not propose direct solutions to this ongoing challenge, the proposal does offer a recognition of the necessity for reform and calls for a study to identify the appropriate funding balance for local services.

Awaiting Democrats plan back to top

We are anxiously awaiting the details of the Democrats budget plan and remain hopeful that at a minimum their budget will contain the reasonable municipal reform package that is contained in the Republican budget proposal.

Additionally, we would like to reiterate that our organizations continue to strongly oppose any proposal to shift the cost of teacher’s retirement off onto local communities without first properly analyzing and enacting needed reforms to the system.

We continue to hope for and encourage a bipartisan solution that includes significant reforms, mandates relief, no new mandates and reflects the current needs of our towns and cities all across Connecticut.

- Joe Delong, Executive Director, CCM
- Betsy Gara, Executive Director, COST