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CCM statement in response to Governor's latest budget proposal

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Monday, October 16, 2017

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The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) today said that Gov. Malloy’s new, ‘bare-bones’ budget proposal still remains very problematic for cities and towns.  

While the proposal would phase in more gradually reductions in aid under the Education Cost Sharing (ECS) Grant, there are 36 towns whose education aid would immediately be “zeroed out” and even some towns would owe funding back to the State. In essence, these municipalities would be asked to cut a check to the state of Connecticut.

Other unspecified cuts back to top

And, although unspecified municipal aid would be reduced by an additional $27 million from the Democratic budget, the Governor latest proposal still mandates the first-ever municipal payments to the Teachers’ Retirement Fund – an action that would be the single most burdensome new mandate on towns and cities in recent memory that could unravel municipal finances for the next 20 years and beyond.  

Further, the kinds of municipal mandates relief proposals alluded to have not been spelled out.

The threat to municipal finances and stability is real and now is the time for the legislature and Governor’s office to act and pass a bipartisan budget that works for all of Connecticut’s towns and cities.