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92 municipal leaders from nearly 60 towns take CCM’s “Civility Pledge” to help lead local efforts toward more respectful civil engagement in CT communities

92 municipal leaders from nearly 60 towns take CCM’s “Civility Pledge” to help lead local efforts toward more respectful civil engagement in CT communities

Source: Kevin Maloney, CCM

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92 municipal leaders from nearly 60 towns take CCM’s “Civility Pledge” to help lead local efforts toward more respectful civil engagement in CT communities

Since the 2022 Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) statewide convention in early November, 92 municipal leaders from nearly 60 towns and cities across the State have signed on to CCM’s newly-established Civility Pledge, vowing to do their part to help foster respectful, civil engagement in their community and throughout Connecticut. 
See below for complete list to date.
The CCM Civility Pledge signed by the leaders states:
“I pledge to build a stronger and more prosperous community by advocating for civil engagement, respecting others and their viewpoints and finding solutions for betterment of my community.”
“CCM has a a commitment to fostering a climate of open discussion and debate, mutual respect, and tolerance between all who live in, work in, and visit our community,” said Joe DeLong, CCM Executive Director and CEO.  “We believe all interactions in CCM’s 168 member communities should be civil despite any differences of opinion on a particular issue. 
“And we believe in finding common ground and engaging in civil discussion about community issues important to each of us,” noted DeLong. “We vow to respect all points of view and will strive to provide a reasonable opportunity for all to express their views openly—without attacks and antagonization.” 
This follows action from last March, when CCM teamed up with the Connecticut Association of Boards of Education (CABE) to present a webinar entitled “Let’s Keep it Civil: How to Lead Public Meetings in Contentious Times.”  The webinar generated a great deal of interest, with many municipal and school board leaders from across the state attending.  
CCM and CABE drew on the thoughtful work of some national experts as well as the experience of some of our respected local leaders in Connecticut for this presentation.  Princeton University’s Bridging Divides Initiative is one such national expert.  Princeton’s BDI has published some practical, constructive steps for promoting civil discussion in public meetings.  
Some of that advice can be found at this link:
Here are leaders who have signed the CCM Civility Pledge:

Jeffrey Caggiano City of Bristol Mayor
Luke Bronin City of Hartford Mayor
Constance Reik City of Hartford Controller
Josephine Agnello-Veley City of Meriden Director of Human Resources
Alice Diaz City of Middletown Chief of Staff
Bobbye Peterson City of Middletown Chief of Staff
Adriane Jefferson City of New Haven Director of Cultural Affairs
Robert Castronova City of Norwich Purchasing Agent/Risk & Insurance Administrator
Orla McKiernan City of Norwich Deputy Comptroller
Joshua Pothier City of Norwich Comptroller
Carol Anderson City of Torrington City & Town Clerk
Nicholle West City of Waterbury HR Generalist
Roberta Dougherty Town of Andover Agent for the Elderly / Assistant Assessor
Carol Lee Town of Andover Town Clerk
Donald Stein Town of Barkhamsted First Selectman
Paula Carabetta Town of Berlin Human Resources Director
Arosha Jayawickrema Town of Berlin Town Manager
Paula Usher Town of Bethel Tax Collector
Rosa Matias Town of Bloomfield Director of Human Resources
Kathy Roberts Town of Bloomfield Human Resources Generalist
India Rogers Town of Bloomfield Director of Strategic Communications and Government Affairs
Elizabeth Thornton Town of Bolton Library Director
Cheryl Pinkos Town of Bridgewater Town Clerk
Nicole Tenreiro Town of Bridgewater Assistant Town Clerk
Tara Carr Town of Brookfield First Selectman
Matt Grimes Town of Brookfield Justice of the Peace
David Barger Town of Canaan Selectman
Amanda Backhaus Town of Coventry Finance Director
John Elsesser Town of Coventry Town Manager
Lisa Thomas Town of Coventry Chairwoman, Town Council
Carol Jones Town of Deep River Director, Parks & Recreation
Irene Haines Town of East Haddam First Selectman
Michelle Benivegna Town of East Haven Human Resources, Asst. Director of Admin & Mgmt
Joseph Carfora Town of East Haven Mayor
Matt Marcarelli Town of East Haven Fire Chief
Jason Bowsza Town of East Windsor First Selectman
Patricia Kratochvil Town of East Windsor Tax Collector
Amy O'Toole Town of East Windsor Finance Director/Treasurer
Steven Bielenda Town of Enfield Director, Human Resources
Fred DeCaro Town of Greenwich Registrar of Voters - R
Paige Bronk Town of Groton Economic and Community Development Manager
Kevin Fitzgerald Town of Groton (T) ARPA Coordinator
Mitchell Goldblatt Town of Guilford Human Resources Director
Matt Hoey Town of Guilford First Selectman
Maryjane  Malavasi Town of Guilford Finance Director
Bob McGarry Town of Haddam First Selectman
Jean Speck Town of Kent First Selectman
Michele Nuhn Town of Killingworth Tax Collector
Fred B. Allyn III Town of Ledyard Mayor
Denise Raap Town of Litchfield First Selectman
Carlita Cotton Town of Mansfield Member, Town Council
Deborah Bourbeau Town of Marlborough Acting Chair, Board of Selectmen
Betty O'Brien Town of Marlborough Selectman
Amy Traversa Town of Marlborough Interim Town Manager
Carol Bufithis Town of Middlefield Selectwoman
Kenneth Kellogg Town of Monroe First Selectman
Rob Sibley Town of Newtown Deputy Director of Planning & Land Use
Michael Downes Town of North Branford Town Manager
Ellsworth Chase Town of Pomfret Selectman
Patrick McCarthy Town of Pomfret Selectman
Maureen Nicholson Town of Pomfret First Selectman
Bonnie Ryan Town of Pomfret Administrative Assistant
Patricia Moisio Town of Redding Tax Collector
Christine Quigley Town of Redding Assistant Tax Collector
Kim Baron Town of Roxbury Treasurer & Finance Director
Wendy Mackstutis Town of Simsbury First Selectman
Timothy Keeney Town of Somers First Selectman
Kevin Bielmeier Town of Southbury Economic Development Director
Cheryl Blanchard Town of Sprague First Selectman
Lincoln Cooper Town of Sterling First Selectman
Laura Hoydick Town of Stratford Mayor
Ronald Ing Town of Stratford Human Resources Director
Raynae Serra Town of Stratford Director of Public Works
Susan Choquette Town of Voluntown Assistant Town Clerk
Tracey Hanson Town of Voluntown First Selectman
Ken Demirs Town of Watertown Member, Town Council
R.J. Desena Town of Watertown Member, Town Council
Gary Lafferty Town of Watertown Member, Town Council
Mark Raimo Town of Watertown Town Manager
Jonathan Ramsay Town of Watertown Member, Town Council
Robert Retallick Town of Watertown Member, Town Council
Mary Ann Rosa Town of Watertown Member, Town Council
Denise Russ Town of Watertown Member, Town Council
Rachael Ryan Town of Watertown Member, Town Council
Gregory Priest Town of West Hartford Fire Chief
Jennifer Tooker Town of Westport First Selectwoman
Michael Rell Town of Wethersfield Mayor
Gioia Zack Town of Wethersfield Economic Development Director
Erika Wiecenski Town of Willington First Selectman
Matthew Knickerbocker Town of Wilton Town Administrator
Nuchette Black-Burke Town of Windsor Member, Town Council
Tom Dunn Town of Wolcott Mayor