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CCM publishes first issues bulletin in 2022 election campaign series — The Voice of Municipalities

CCM publishes first issues bulletin in 2022 election campaign series — The Voice of Municipalities

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CCM publishes first issues bulletin in 2022 election campaign series — The Voice of Municipalities

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities (CCM) today (Wednesday, September 21) released its first issues bulletin in CCM’s 2022 election campaign series — The Voice of Municipalities. 

This election season, CCM is focused on bringing municipal issues to the forefront, with a particular focus on educating candidates and the public on specific issues impacting local government. It is critical that candidates seeking statewide office understand the challenges facing Connecticut’s 169 towns and cities. Over the coming weeks, CCM will release a series of "issue bulletins" highlighting some of those challenges. Our goal is to inform the public and candidates about these issues so we can effectively work with policymakers and our partners to address and provide sustainable solutions. 

Subsequent bulletins will examine key Connecticut state-local issues such as the property tax burden, affordable housing and economic development, labor issues impacting towns and cities, local public education services and finances, and infrastructure and transportation. 

“CCM is a ready and willing partner to assist in the development of public policy at the state and local level,” said Joe DeLong, CCM Executive Director and CEO. “Together we can collectively develop innovative and strategic plans and proposals that provide a positive step toward the future of municipal govern¬ment. In that effort, we are committed to working with all of our partners — both in state government and other stakeholders — to make Connecticut an attractive place to live and work.”

Click on the following link — — for the complete video message from Joe DeLong, CCM Executive Director and CEO on this first issue bulletin.

Click on this link to review the complete issues report, The Voice of Municipalities:

Our bulletin released today is intended to introduce the services CCM offers and the challenges facing towns and cities, along with some of the services and successful efforts that CCM has made to address them. 

Some key points include:

  • Property tax revenue is at least 90 percent of total revenue in 12 towns; is at least 80 percent of total revenue in 69 towns; and is at least 75 percent of total revenues in 92 towns. See the video for three simple solutions to lower property taxes and the bulletin on successes made in facing some challenges.
  • CCM works to ensure proper balance, especially relating to unfunded or underfunded mandates that have been placed on municipalities. There are currently over 1,400 state mandates that directly impact towns and cities. 
  • CCM’s Municipal Resource and Service Center (MRSC) offers robust services to member towns and cit¬ies, providing local officials with the tools to educate and improve their communities. Here are a few of CCM’s signature programs — Education and training, including our highly successful Certified Connecticut Municipal Official (CCMO) program; Research and information services, including our Municipal Labor Relations (MLR) Data Service, annual Salary Survey, and state budget updates; Networking events such our annual convention and exposition; and money-saving programs with CCM’s business partners.
  • Collaborating for the common good is not only a tagline, but a practice that allows CCM to stand above the rest. We actively foster relationships among our membership, our state and federal governments, and other organizations with a focus in making Connecticut a better place to work and live.
  • CCM worked hand-in-hand with the Governor’s Office and state agencies in crafting the Executive Orders that impacted municipalities to make sure that government during the COVID pandemic continued to be accessible and effective for its residents at the local level. This experience forged a trust between municipalities and the state that helped us work together on longstanding issues that had previously been out of reach. 
  • Working with legislative leaders from both parties and the Governor’s Office, CCM successfully advocated for more funding for the state’s PILOT program, which helps offset the loss in revenue by reimbursing municipalities for tax-exempt property. The State and Private Colleges and Hospitals PILOT programs had been chronically underfunded since their inception and this infusion of additional dollars is critical for sustaining municipal services and addressing a broken property tax system. 
  • CCM provides comprehensive communications and public relations to its member towns through a variety of channels. CCM publishes its quarterly Connecticut Town & City magazine, which is a publication to promote municipal innovation, policy news, and membership highlights. In addition, CCM has a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram and is successfully building its brand through our podcast, The Municipal Voice, collaborating with WNHHLP 103.5 FM.

CCM hopes the series of bulletins will provide candidates for state office — and the public — with perspectives on the challenges facing Connecticut towns and cities, and provide viable solutions on matters of importance to local residents of our great state.