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CCM statement on proposed tiered-PILOT legislation

CCM statement on proposed tiered-PILOT legislation

Source: Kevin Maloney, CCM

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CCM statement on proposed tiered-PILOT legislation

CCM urges Governor Lamont and legislative leaders to honor the commitment made with the passage and signing of HB 6516/PA 21-3 and funding the Three-Tiered PILOT grant program with funding from the Municipal Revenue Sharing Account as recommended by the Appropriations Committee.  Failure to fulfill this commitment made to towns and cities to fund the Three-Tiered PILOT with a dedicated funding source will erode the confidence of municipal leaders who have too often been disappointed by the broken promises of the past.

MRSA revenues, which are a portion of the sales tax, are an important funding mechanism for municipalities since it is a reliable and sustainable revenue stream.  Municipal leaders need to be able to count on this state aid coming through, especially now, since the vast majority of towns and cities have already enacted their budgets for the next fiscal year.

Joe DeLong, CCM’s Executive Director and CEO, stated, “This isn’t our first rodeo.  Municipal CEOs know all too well that if the Three-Tiered PILOT program is placed in the General Fund, it is likely to be cut during the next budget shortfall, which will inevitably lead to property tax increases.  It’s time for the Governor and the legislature to step up and keep the promise they made to towns and cities in February.”

Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin and CCM President stated, “This is about a basic principle: the last time the State raised the sales tax, it promised to direct a portion of that revenue directly to cities and towns, and it needs to keep that promise.  We understand that the State is not going to fund its full commitment right now, and we’re pleased to see a bipartisan commitment to finally increase PILOT funding.  But it would be very troubling if that’s done in a way that abandons the basic promise of revenue-sharing and leaves municipal funding more vulnerable than ever in the years ahead.  Directing a portion of sales tax revenue directly to cities and towns represented a small but important step toward reducing Connecticut’s ridiculous over-reliance on property taxes, and we need to protect that progress.”

With budget deliberations reaching a critical point, providing the dedicated revenue stream for PILOT is a great chance for the Governor and the legislature to demonstrate their commitment and partnership with towns and cities.  Anything less is a lost opportunity.