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Governor Lamont Meets with CCM Advisory Committee: American Rescue Plan

May 2021

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Equity Matters: CT&C Special Issue

April 2021

This CCM Town and City special publication on Racial Equity is provided to help sustain public attention on racial equity and to suggest what we can do in our towns and cities to move toward more racial equity. It includes a series of articles, OPED’s, and podcast summaries on the racial equity work that CCM and municipalities have done over the past year. And it includes more detail on some of the events/convenings we have sponsored in recent months. Finally, this publication shares, once again, CCM’s Racial Equity Toolkit and the Municipal Checklist with its practical recommendations to achieve a more inclusive, more representative, more equitable local government.


Innovative Ideas for Managing Local Governments: A Connecticut Town & City Compendium

February 2021

We are pleased to present Innovative Ideas for Managing Local Governments: A Connecticut Town & City Compendium – our 33rd annual compilation to help municipal leaders run local governments more effectively and efficiently. These ideas save taxpayers money while providing municipal services that enhance community life.

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Collaborate to Promote Racial Equity

August 2020

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