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#CityHallSelfie Day

It's back!  This year's #CityHallSelfie Day (sponsored by ELGL) is Tuesday, August 15th.  Of course, we really want Connecticut to win and be well represented.  Connecticut may be small but it's (and its residents are) mighty!  But we can only do this with the support from you.  ALL OF YOU.  Elected officials, appointed officials, municipal staff, and Connecticut residents.  Reach out to everyone you know and get them to participate!  It's going to be the most fun day of the local government year!

What on Earth is City Hall Selfie Day? 

Whether you work for a city, special district, town, or other form of local government, August 15th is the day to snap a selfie in front of your government building. This is your chance to show your love for Connecticut towns, cities, and all other forms of local government!  Even if you live in the city/town or just happen to be passing through, stop and take a selfie.

Any local government building (library, public works garage, etc.) qualifies.

Plus, you could win an award! So could we!  ELGL will be handing out trophies in multiple categories. Woo hoo!

How Do I Participate? 

Take a selfie: Get out in front of your local government building and snap a selfie. Take one alone or, even better, grab a friend, grab a coworker and take a group shot! 

Post it. Post the shot to your town/city's social media account if you can. Remember, August 15th is the day! Be sure to tag @CCM_ForCT (Twitter), @ccm.forct (Facebook), @ccm_ct (Instagram), and @ELGL on all social networks. Be sure to use #CityHallSelfie. You can also tag @CityHallSelfie on Twitter.

Send CCM your pictures. We would love to share your pictures and Connecticut love across our own pages as well. Please email them to Beth Scanlon (our biggest #CityHallSelfie Day advocate. Seriously, she's obsessed!  That's her in all of those pictures ↓) at Of course, if you tag us in your pictures, we'll be sure to share or retweet them.

Do I Have to Wait Until August 15th? 

Of course not!  We try to post a #CityHallSelfie whenever we're out visiting with members or happen to pass a town/city hall.  You should feel free to show some local gov love whenever you're around a local government building.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Visit the ELGL #CityHallSelfie Day webpage to learn more and to see the list of awards and prizes you/we could potentially win.  Yay prizes!  And bragging rights!!!

Pics from Previous Years