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Cost Saving Strategies: Taking Control over the Expense of Essential Services

Municipal Training Wethersfield Town Hall

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Cost Saving Strategies: Taking Control over the Expense of Essential Services

Wethersfield Town Hall
505 Silas Deane Highway
Wethersfield, CT 06109

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.



Feeling bogged down during budget season and wondering where you can save extra dollars on essential services?

CCM has many different programs that fullfill its mission of promoting progressive, responsive, effective, and efficient local government. Come hear from and network with experts to find out how CCM's member services help you save money and time. 

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Drug & Alcohol Testing

CCM created its Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium in 1996 to assist its member municipalities with all of the testing and management services necessary for compliance with Federal Department of Transportation (FDOT) drug and alcohol testing regulations as well as pre-employment screening.

Since 1996, CCM has provided on-site testing services to its members through our partnership with Gregory & Howe, Inc., a respected Connecticut compliance testing company. 

Municipal Consulting Service

MCS assists CCM members, their school districts and local public agencies with a full complement of essential services provided by highly qualified consultants with a variety of experience working with and for local governments and school districts. Services include: 

  • Grant writing and research
  • RFP drafting
  • Project management
  • Operational reviews
  • Change implementation
  • Organizational studies
  • Strategic planning
  • Finance and budgeting
  • Purchasing
  • Facilities management
  • Temporary staffing

Executive Search

Assists with hiring key executive level personnel by:

•     Offering a structured process that finds, evaluates, presents, and recruits the best available candidates


•     Remaining flexible as your partner in this process to better respond to unique circumstances that arise or specific requests you may have


Offered at no cost to all CCM members, GrantFinder is the largest searchable database of private, state, and federal grants available. Benefits include:

  • Ability to create and save searches and search results
  • E-mail alerts for updated results for saved searches
  • Six search filters
  • Real-time information updated daily
  • Access to grants as far back as 12 months and more than two years in advance
  • Searching more than 3,300 federal, state and foundation grants
  • Personalized weekly notifications
  • Customer support from 9:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. EST, Monday - Friday, plus e-mail support 24 hours per day

Discount Prescription Drug Card Program

CCM offers a prescription drug savings program as a free added service to any member municipality, which allows any resident to save money on their medications and other health services like hearing aids and LASIK procedures. Even pet medications, if they are a human-based drug that can be filled at a regular pharmacy, are eligible for discounts of 20 to 70 percent off the cash purchase price.

This program is administered by ProAct, a pharmacy benefit management company with an extensive network of participating pharmacies all over the United States. There are no enrollment forms to fill out, and no information except for the savings amount is ever recorded or tracked. The Discount Prescription Drug Card program is an easy way to pass the benefits of a CCM membership on to everyone in town.

Energy Purchasing Program

CCM Energy reduces the cost of electricity and natural gas through strategic competitive energy purchasing and features:

  • Competitively procured Power Purchase Agreements negotiated by expert, experienced counsel that yields fundamentally equivalent contracts
  • Expert bid analysis using a proprietary database of municipal and school district bids from various market cycles (is the lowest bid actually a good bid?)
  • Frequent bidding, enabling municipalities and school districts to participate throughout the year


  • First Selectmen, Mayors, Town/City Managers
  • Council Members and Selectmen
  • Finance Directors
  • Boards of Finance
  • Boards of Education
  • Department Heads
  • School Business Managers
  • Risk Managers
  • Any municipal personnel involved in the budgetary process

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Erison Rodriguez

George F. Howe, Jr.
Gregory & Howe, Inc. 

John Shortsleeve
Bay State Consultants

Susan Shortsleeve
Bay State Consultants

Kim Pare
Bay State Consultants

Joe Shortsleeve
Bay State Consultants

Andy Merola

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  • Non-Members - $120 per attendee, (see registration info below)
  • FREE to CCM-Members, (see registration info below)

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