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Whither Connecticut? The State’s Economic Future & Implications for Business, Government, and Residents

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Friday, December 11, 2020

Whither Connecticut? The State’s Economic Future & Implications for Business, Government, and Residents


10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.


Connecticut is in deep economic trouble. Since 2008, it has had the worst performing state economy in the nation, with state real output (Gross State Product) actually contracting nearly 10% before a weak recovery. In February 2020, Connecticut's economy was still about 6% smaller than at its previous peak in 2008; employment was still nearly 17,000 short of where it was twelve years ago. Connecticut disconnected from the data-driven, digitally dependent modern economy; its job growth was in low-wage, low-skill sectors such as tourism, hospitality, logistics, and elder care as it lost a quarter of finance/insurance sector and its nondurable manufacturing virtually disappeared.

Coming out of the pain and dislocating of the pandemic, Connecticut faces daunting challenges. The recent revenue and fiscal projections from OFA and OPM project massive deficits--and thus program cuts - through FY2024; CCEA's recent long-term forecast looks at where Connecticut might go through 2030: Connecticut may not recover for a decade.

The question is not "can" Connecticut restore growth. The question is whether Connecticut "will" restore growth by pursuing aggressive policies and initiatives, by implementing a coherent economic development strategy? Will Connecticut choose to shape its own future or passively continue to drift downward? Connecticut's neighbors - NY, MA, RI - all did well after 2008, with robust growth in critical high-skill, high-wage occupations; they will likely come back robustly once COVID vaccines are widely available and used. Will Connecticut?

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Fred Carstensen
Professor of Finance and Economics, University of Connecticut, School of Business
Director, Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis (CCEA)

Gov. Weicker asked the University of Connecticut to create a center that would track the Connecticut economy and provide sophisticated dynamic economic impact studies to inform policy discussions and facilitate an understanding of the state's competitive health. Prof. Carstensen has served as Director of CCEA since 1998; under his direction, CCEA has done more than 200 studies and economic forecasts. CCEA developed the studies that were the foundation for the $850 million BioScience Connecticut initiative and the $400 million UTC agreement that keeps Pratt & Whitney in the state for at least 15 years, to 2030.

The most recent CCEA studies--its first ever long-term forecast and an analysis of the economic and fiscal impacts of legalization of recreational marijuana--are available on the CCEA website: CCEA.UConn.Edu.


    • First Selectmen, Mayors, Town/City Managers
    • Finance Personnel
    • Personnel/Human Resources
    • Information Technology
    • Economic Development Personnel
    • School Superintendents/School Business Managers
    • Boards, Commission, and Committee Members
    • Anyone concerned with Connecticut's economic, demographic, or fiscal future

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