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CCM Responds to Governor's Latest Budget Proposals

CCM Responds to Governor's Latest  Budget Proposals

For Immediate Release, Friday, Sept. 8, 2017

Kevin Maloney, (203) 710-3486

From: Joe DeLong, CCM Executive Director

“CCM appreciates the Governor’s recognition that significant cuts in state aid to municipalities inevitably leads to higher property taxes and his latest proposal works towards our common goal of creating stability within our local budgets and operations.  This will go a long way toward protecting property taxpayers in these difficult times.

“While CCM also appreciates that the Governor has greatly reduce his proposed municipal contribution  to the Teacher’s Retirement System (TRS) -- having it only apply to current employees, it does not address the structural problems inherent in the TRS and is not accompanied with seats at the table for local leaders to manage this pension fund.  Our organization simply cannot support shifting costs onto local communities to support an unsustainable system, without first making necessary reforms to that system.

Other positives back to top

“Other positives of the Governor’s overture are that we believe that phasing-in a more progressive education funding formula will provide for a more workable transition for communities that will experience a big reduction in aid.

“Further, the Governor’s proposals for needed mandates relief will provide for reforms that will enable towns to better contain their costs going forward.

“Overall, we continue to be ready and willing to work with the Governor and the legislature on a timely budget solution.”