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Public, Business and Government Come Together To Celebrate Plainfield

Public, Business and Government Come Together To Celebrate Plainfield

August 16, 2019

By CCM staff

There’s a symbiotic relationship between a municipality’s people, businesses, and government, and one of the most encouraging things to see is when all three come together. That’s what makes Celebrate Plainfield Day such a great day for residents and the larger CT community.

Some locals might remember it as Pride in Plainfield Day, later rebranded as Celebrate Plainfield Day. It is a free day-long event at Lion’s Park, and was held on August 3 this year. According to Town Planner, Mary Ann Chinatti, there will be vendors set up, games, Daisy Doodles the Clown, a DJ, food and much more.

The Economic Development Commission (EDC), of which Chinatti is a member, also includes Business of the Year awards during Celebrate Plainfield Day. In the months leading up to it, the EDC distributed nomination forms asking the public to nominate a business they believed deserving, and after deliberation at the EDC’s special meeting to choose a winner. The 2019 Plainfield Business of the Year was Westminster Tool.

The company is invested in their local community, and even say so on their website in which they tout their community focus. They boast about their “unique employee centric business model,” which has helped them grow “from a single person operation to a world class manufacturing firm with over 40 employees.” Their team is dedicated to finding new solutions in the plastic industry, and they pride themselves on the fact that the average age on the Westminster team is 33.  

Plaque Presented back to top

Westminster Tool was presented with a plaque at the Business of the Year presentation during the day’s celebrations.

But the celebrations and partying don’t stop there. Two more events will be taking place in Plainfield before summer’s end, Chinatti tells us. The 58th Annual VJ Day parade will be held on August 11, which is one of only three remaining parades held in commemoration of the day in the country.

There is also Hillfest, which will be held on September 14, with special guests like Braiden Sunshine from TV’s “The Voice” as well as Justin Gigliello who will entertain audiences before four bands battle for the chance to get a music video produced by Platinum Gear Productions.

“Celebrate Plainfield Day does, indeed, spark hometown pride by bringing residents and businesses together at Lyons Park for the free day-long event,” Chinatti said. That hometown pride means that people are happy to work there, to live there. And when everyone comes together, there’s no reason not to celebrate!