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CCM Statement In Response To Appropriations Committee Budget Plan

CCM Statement In Response To Appropriations Committee Budget Plan

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CCM is pleased and supports the Appropriations Committee budget plan that would allocate more funding for local public education -- by $37. 5 million next fiscal year and another $78 million the following year.

CCM is extremely disappointed that it appears the committee did not reject, but in fact embraced, Governor Lamont's proposal  to shift $73 million in teacher pension costs onto cities and towns -- and property taxpayers. 

While the transfer of TRS contributions is not reflected in the Appropriations budget, the intent of making this major policy shift is still there as the leadership on the Committee indicated that it was inadvertently left out in error.  

Largest mandate back to top

The Teachers' Retirement System mandate would be the largest unfunded state mandate in recent memory.  It would dwarf the heart disease & hypertension mandate.  The Governor's and Appropriations' TRS proposal (a) shifts the financial burden of TRS onto property taxpayers, (b) does not provide towns with controls over teacher contracts, and (c) contains no meaningful mandates reform or revenue diversification initiatives.   It heaps the cost onto towns without giving them the tools to defray costs.

A holistic approach to property tax reform is required, one that provides for local revenue diversification and greater ability for cost savings at the local level, such as through relief from the minimum budget requirement for local public education.  The Appropriations and Finance budget contains none of these essentials.

And the Finance Committee budget proposal, now expected for tomorrow, will present numerous funding recommendations that will significantly impact local governments.