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CCM Dues for 2020-21

CCM Dues for 2020-21

The CCM Board of Directors today, January 7, 2020 reported out an “early reading” on CCM’s expected budget for the next fiscal year. This reading indicates members will (again) see NO [0%] CCM DUES INCREASE FOR FY 2020-21. The dues amount you are paying CCM for this fiscal year will, in all likelihood, remain the same for next fiscal year. CCM is taking this action to continue to be very sensitive to the fiscal challenges facing our towns and cities. This also will mark the tenth out of the last 11 years that CCM members have had a zero percent increase in their annual dues.

With the continuing fiscal, social, and economic challenges facing Connecticut state government and its towns and cities, the collective power of CCM’s 169-town membership remains of paramount importance. Towns and cities must continue to stick together under the CCM banner to present a unified message on behalf of Connecticut local governments.

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CCM’s unparalleled services ─ from our top-flight, effective advocacy and invaluable research and information services, to our free training, energy savings, drug testing, labor relations, discount prescription drug program, pavement management, executive search and IT services, and much more ─ ensure a return on your investment that far and away exceeds your CCM member dues.

On behalf of all of us at CCM, we look forward to working hard on your behalf in 2020 to protect the interests of your community and its property taxpayers. Thank you for your continued support.

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Please contact us or Kevin Maloney, Director of Communications and Member Relations, at (203) 710-3486 or at any time with any questions or concerns.