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2019 Convention: Session B Workshop Descriptions

2019 Convention: Session B Workshop Descriptions

Learn what your colleagues can share about social media for municipal officials, municipal internal operational assessments, cyber risks, Sustainable CT, news media diversification, public business data, addressing substance abuse for municipal employees, and budgeting 101.

These sessions run from 1:45 to 2:45 pm.

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B1 Social Media for Municipal Officials - Co-sponsored the Connecticut Association of Municipal Attorneys (CAMA)

We’ll be discussing social media for municipal officials including first amendment issues and policy development.

B2 The Importance of Municipal Internal Operational Assessments - Co-sponsored by blumshapiro

This session will focus on the value and importance of performing ongoing assessments of the various operating areas (internal Departments) within a City/Town to identify control improvements, workflow bottlenecks and streamlining needs, the importance of performance measurement, and opportunities to enhance service delivery to the resident.

B3 Understanding Cyber Risks for Municipalities - Co-sponsored by Connecticut Interlocal Risk Management Agency (CIRMA)

According to experts, local public entities are often specifically targeted for cyber-attacks due to the vulnerable and open nature of their operations. Cyber-attacks, data theft, ransomware, spoofing, and phishing incidents are escalating in type, number, and creativity -- with cyber criminals exploiting human nature as much as the technical vulnerabilities of hardware and software systems.

Fortunately, municipalities and public school staff don't have to be cyber experts to implement an effective cyber risk management program, just prepared and alert. With 63% of confirmed data breaches* involving weak, default or stolen passwords, implementing basic password protocols and other cyber security policies is a significant step towards protecting your organization. If an event does take place, having response protocols in place will significantly reduce the disruption to your operations.

This CIRMA risk management and education program guides attendees through the fundamentals of cyber security practices and response planning. Topics include:

  • System security readiness and response
  • Who to contact in the event of a breach
  • Testing the plan
  • System backup protocols
  • Cyber hacking -- cyber crime
  • Best Practices to protect data: passwords and practices
  • Trends and emerging cyber threats

B4 Sustainable CT: Innovative Project Funding for Communities

This workshop will provide an overview of Sustainable CT's innovative project funding program that combines crowdfunding with Sustainable CT matching dollars in a way that inspires civic engagement and community collaboration. We'll explain how towns can access funding, project eligibility, how to develop effective project ideas. We will showcase communities that have successfully initiated and implemented Sustainable CT funded projects.

B5 Communications: News Media Diversification - Choosing the Best Media Pathway in 2020 for Your Public

Choosing the right media to connect with constituents can be difficult, especially with wide age-range, educational differences and other cultural issues presented by your public. Is it only using social media or taking better advantage of traditional news media, or combining efforts through both? 

In this session, Doug Hardy, Business Manager of the  CT News Junkie, and Paul Bass, Editor of the New Haven Independent, with Hamden Mayor Curt Leng and New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart will discuss and brainstorm on the present condition of the Connecticut media landscape and how to maximize coverage of your local government in conjunction with more sophisticated social media engagement on Facebook, Twitter and other key platforms.

These four experts — on both sides of the modern media landscape — will show you how to choose and pursue the best model for maximizing engagement with your residents and businesses by integrating these two critical media outlets to effectively break through with for the public in your community.

B6 Finding Data on Businesses in Connecticut

Are you looking for data on businesses in your town? Do you want to track new business starts in your town? In this workshop, CTData will help you locate municipal data on that can help inform municipal planning, marketing, and business growth.

B7 Employing Alternative Strategies to Address Substance Abuse Disorder for Municipal Officials, Exampled in a Public School Setting

Resource allocation is critical to any organization. This is especially true in local government efforts to address substance abuse. This includes not only prevention, but also resources for intervention.  This workshop will focus on identifying current patterns in resource allocation to assist those with substance use disorders and provide alternatives to the status quo, in particular within our public schools. 

B8 Municipal Budgeting 101

This vital workshop will prepare you for your upcoming budgeting season. It will provide in-depth information on what you need to know from the basics of budgeting and how to read financial statements to more advanced concepts of applying financial statement and economic data to your budget preparation. Whether you're new at budget preparation or a pro, this session will provide the latest most up-to-date financial concepts to prepare a user-friendly and defendable budget for FY2020.


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