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2018 CCM Annual Report

2018 CCM Annual Report

2018 was an exciting year of growth for CCM.

We officially moved in to our new office space on Long Wharf Drive, New Haven, Connecticut; our new headquarters where we work year round for municipal leaders and every resident in the state of Connecticut. As the leading state-local think tank and premier local government advocate at the State Capitol tackling issues like government finance and labor relations; you may call us for our free municipal research capabilities or our workshop trainings around the state. This year we branched out: this year we added Executive Search; you’ve read Connecticut Town & City, now you can listen to our podcast, The Municipal Voice. You’ve attended our Convention, and this year we made sure local issues were on the table by hosting the final gubernatorial debate before Election Day. We have been the same CCM municipal leaders have known and trusted for 52 years with a common mission: to improve the everyday life for residents of Connecticut. In 2018, we made sure to stay on top of our game; everything we do is designed to help you and your colleagues provide an array of critical public services more effectively and cost efficiently. So, what does growth look like in 2018? The answers are in the full report below, or a printable PDF of the report here.

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