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2016 Convention: Session A Workshop Descriptions

2016 Convention: Session A Workshop Descriptions

Learn what your colleagues can share about navigating the challenges of working in local government, with hot topics ranging from municipal sustainability, grant writing, invigorating downtowns, and pivotal labor cases to drug abuse prevention, regionalization of municipal services, local government ethics, and much, much more.

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A1  Pivotal Labor Cases That will Affect the Public Sector Workplace in 2016/17 and Beyond - Co-sponsored by the Connecticut Public Employers Labor Relations Association (ConnPELRA)

The workplace continues to change with new regulations, laws, and interpretations of existing laws.  Employers must keep up-to-date.  The panel will review: New legislation; new salary limits for exempt employees; best practices managing situations involving transgender employees; and best practices for telecommuting employees.

A2  It’s Legal, But is it Ethical? - Co-sponsored by Murtha Cullina LLP

This conundrum can plague officials -- elected and appointed  -- in towns and cities of all sizes. You have the obligation to maintain public confidence in all governmental actions;  and understanding all ethical dilemmas from a legal standpoint will help you better develop the skills and good judgment to recognize and avoid any type of potential conflicts of interest in your daily work situations.  Local government officials honestly believe at times that they are not being unduly influenced by their personal stake in an issue. They may feel that their interest in the matter gives them special insight into the subject, but the appearance of conflicts of interest can undermine trust. Perceived conflicts make the public lose faith in the integrity of governmental decision-making processes. This workshop will center around a lively and interactive discussion regarding what conflicts of interest have to do with ethics and we will provide answers to some other tough questions; such as:  can I accept gifts, and if so, from whom, when and what are my limitations?  Can I hire a family member to work for the town if I am sure he or she is the right person for the job?

A3  Grants: Researching, Writing & Managing

This workshop will cover various topics such as: using GrantFinder to locate grant opportunities, writing the grant application, managing an awarded grant, and available grant writing resources.

A4  Creative Ways to Communicate with Residents

Changes in technology and evolving resident expectations make effective communication more challenging than ever.  But it also creates new opportunities for improving transparency and citizen engagement. Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, New Britain Mayor Erin Stewart, and the Connecticut State Police Department seem to have figured it out. They will share their insights on the best uses of social media and websites, as well as traditional vehicles for getting out the messages your residents need and demand.

A5  Electronic Payment Solutions - Co-sponsored by the Government Finance Officers Association of Connecticut (CT GFOA)

Technology is changing the way municipalities accept and process payments.  This session will provide municipal officials an overview of electronic payment options, including P-cards, e-payables, ACH payments, and digital payments.  Learn about these solutions and how they can help your community.

A6  Freedom of Information Act:  Understanding and Avoiding Liability - Co-sponsored by the Connecticut Interlocal Risk Management Agency (CIRMA)

Although the FOIA statutes were written to strike a balance between the need to achieve transparency in government operations and the need to protect the personal privacy of public sector employees, there are important legal issues that municipal and school leaders should understand to avoid liability.  This presentation discusses the impact of FOIA on employment practices and personnel records management, as well as other potential liabilities, state statues, case law, and risk management best practices.

A7  State Commissioners' Panel

State and local budget troubles make it crucial that municipalities and state agencies work together. At this roundtable session, you’ll be able to have frank, direct dialogue with the leaders of key state agencies on issues of concern to towns and cities.  Learn updates directly from State Commissioners on programs, processes, and emerging issues vital to your community. Be a part of the solution and help influence how state agencies can change to improve the State--Local Partnership.


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