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2016 Convention: Session C Workshop Descriptions

2016 Convention: Session C Workshop Descriptions

Learn what your colleagues can share about navigating the challenges of working in local government, with hot topics ranging from municipal sustainability, grant writing, invigorating downtowns, and pivotal labor cases to drug abuse prevention, regionalization of municipal services, local government ethics, and much, much more.

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C1   Municipal Data at Your Fingertips - Co-sponsored by the Connecticut Data Collaborative 

Curious about what businesses have formed in your town and region? Want to compare what your town has received from the state compared to other towns? See a demonstration on how to use and its various interactive tools to answer these questions and more.

C2   Critical Cyber Security and Data Privacy Issues for Municipalities - Co-sponsored by BlumShapiro and Pullman & Comley LLC

This workshop will provide an overview for municipal officials in all departments and functions on critical and emerging cyber protection, liability, and data privacy issues. It will cover a basic framework for data privacy obligations, ways to limit the budget impact of litigation, data loss, and systems reconstruction following cyber incidents – especially by way of insurance coverage and contractual provisions with vendors.  It will provide information on emerging cyber threats and methods to deter them, and tips on planning to respond to a breach before it happens, for more effective and faster reaction. We will discuss: 1 - What Are Your Data Protection Responsibilities? 2 - Could You Be Liable for a Vendor's Breach? 3 - What Should You Do If Your Systems Are Hacked? 4 – What are Common Cyber Threats and Who Do They Target? 5 – What are Some Leading Practices to Deter Cyber Threats?

C3   Hot Topics in Municipal Law - Co-sponsored by the Connecticut Association of Municipal Attorneys (CAMA)

Discover directly from municipal law experts about key legal issues faced today by municipalities, as well as potential challenges in the future. This workshop will provide an update on where CT stands with its regulation of Airbnb and the sharing economy.  Hear directly from the Travel Technology Association on its take on regulating Airbnb.  The City of Boston will also address how it has handled the trend.

C4   Invigorating Communities & Downtowns - Co-sponsored by the Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC)

CERC's Vice President of Municipal Services, Courtney Hendricson, will give an in-depth look at revitalizing downtowns and communities from the perspective of increasing physical, social, and economic value. Using a visual slide deck illustrating real examples from CT towns and cities, she will talk about how to engage elected officials and key staff, in addition to the residents and businesses, to effectively implement economic development from the broadest strategic work to the smallest projects. The result will be an understanding of how a collaborative process can help towns understand who/what they want to be, what their businesses need, and where the gaps exist.

C5   What is your Community’s Brand and Does it Matter? - Co-sponsored by Cygnet Strategies

Branding remains a buzzword. You’re constantly being told it’s something you MUST do. But why? And how? This nuts and bolts session provides an overview of branding, along with alternative approaches and ideas. You’ll learn from seeing what works, and what doesn’t, as you cheer, jeer, and cringe at a broad range of examples and case studies. We'll also take an honest look at where your community is in terms of your “brand” and what your options are for moving forward.

C6   MS4 101: What You Need to Know About the New MS4 General Permit - Co-sponsored by Tighe & Bond

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) has approved a new and expanded Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) General Permit which will become effective on July 1, 2017.  The expanded MS4 permit includes new requirements in addition to expanding many of the existing requirements that municipalities will be required to meet.  These changes include but are not limited to increased reporting and mapping requirements as well new requirements regarding illicit discharge, detection and elimination programs.  The adoption of July 1, 2017 as the effective date for the updated permit was implemented to allow communities time to plan and allocate the resources that will be necessary to meet the additional requirements.  Communities that subject to the requirements of the MS4 permit must complete their registration and submit an updated Stormwater Management Plan to DEEP no later than April 1, 2017. This workshop will provide an overview of Connecticut’s Updated MS4 General Permit, what the new requirements are, and what municipalities will need to do in order to ensure local compliance.  Panelists will offer practical advice regarding legal, engineering, and planning requirements that local officials need to know in order to meet the requirements of MS4 General Permit.

C7   Collaboration Strategies to Address Efficiencies and Mandates - Co-sponsored by What Will Our Children Lose Coalition

School districts and municipalities across the state have been using collaborative strategies to reduce the impact of fiscal constraints on educational programs for our children.  With the recent reductions in state funding, the stage has been set for boards of education and municipalities to further expand their collaborative efforts to address operational efficiencies and mandates.  Hear from members of the What Will Our Children Lose Coalition, which includes representatives of school boards, superintendents, school business officials, and principals, about successful strategies, overcoming obstacles, and measurable outcomes for existing initiatives as well as future opportunities.  Background resources include the CASBO Shared Service Whitepaper (2016), Program Review and Investigations Committee Regional Cooperation report (2016), and a compilation of education mandates (2016).  Come and share the experiences of your community and discuss strategies that will help you deal with the new reality.


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