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Solar/PV Program

Solar/PV Program

Solar savings powered by competitive strength

A great program for any CCM-member municipality and its school districts! As municipalities move toward renewable energy resources, CCM Energy offers its proven expertise to develop optimum projects with zero up-front investment and long-term savings. CCM Energy offers two programs to make solar conversion work for your specific needs. Better yet, joining is as simple as signing a participation agreement.

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CCM Energy offers two services: project consulting and project development, depending upon the level of assistance required.  Both services provide assistance with every aspect of renewable energy projects, from qualifying solar developers to negotiating power purchase and net metering agreements.  Advantages include:

  • Long-term, fixed-price green power with no up-front cost
  • Turnkey projects: the solar developer designs, finances, builds, owns and maintains the equipment
  • Expert, reliable guidance based upon years of experience

Throughout the entire process, CCM Energy will provide expert support screening sites that you nominate for consideration, developing the procurement documents, qualifying the bidders, organizing site visits, evaluating bids, negotiating the power purchase agreements, recommending the winning bidder(s) and contract(s), and monitoring the project from contract execution through the start of construction. Note: from start to finish, this may be a 12-month process.


Currently, two ratepayer funded programs provide incentives for municipal projects.

Program 1: “Behind the Meter.” This program covers solar arrays located on municipal and school sites. Three or four solar projects may collectively yield 500 kW of solar capacity, saving from $11,000 to $35,000 on your current electric budget.

Program 2: “Virtual Net Meter” (VNM). This program leverages solar arrays located anywhere within your electric utility’s service area. They export electricity directly to the grid in return for substantial credits (applied to five nominated municipal/school accounts).

To learn more about how to participate in either of these programs just click here.


CCM Energy is a multiservice program that helps CCM member municipalities, their school systems, including all regional school districts, and local public agencies save money on annual energy-related costs. Since 2004, CCM Energy has helped its members save tens of millions of tax dollars.

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CCM Energy & Program Development Manager

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