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Energy Purchasing Program

Energy Purchasing Program

How CCM members are saving millions on energy

Since 2004, CCM's Energy Purchasing program has saved participating CCM-member municipalities, school districts and local public agencies tens of millions of tax dollars on the purchase of electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy. By leveraging the buying clout of the CCM membership, this service helps members by quantifying their energy needs, procuring competitive bids, negotiating and analyzing the proposed contracts from each bidder/supplier — and ultimately securing more cost-effective sources of energy.

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As part of this service, CCM Energy will provide:

  • Competitive bids from multiple suppliers
  • Negotiation and analysis of proposed contracts from each supplier
  • Competitive pressure on contract terms and pricing
  • Opportunity for long-term savings for your municipality's energy needs

All CCM member municipalities are eligible to take advantage of this program — including school districts and local public agencies.


CCM Services has retained Bay State Consultants, LLC to assist in the procurement and delivery of these services. Bay State Consultants specializes in providing energy procurement services through a competitive negotiation model. They have conducted more than 600 competitive, sealed-bid procurements, involving hundreds of electric and natural gas supply agreements, with a combined value of multiple hundreds of millions of dollars, and have negotiated electric and gas supply agreements with every national energy supplier active in New England involving all forms of energy, including electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy services.

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Andrew R. Merola, BEP, CEP 
CCM Energy & Program Development Manager

Phone: 203.498.3056

Fax: 203.562.6314


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CCM held a webinar to educate our members about Municipal Energy Purchasing. Highlights included:

  • CCM Energy procurement model: competitive & transparent
  • Tailoring the contract to the market
  • Supply contract terms & conditions
  • More load ≠ lower price
  • Driving forces: commodity and regulatory

To view the recording of the presentation, click here. You will be asked to provide your name and email address. To view the presentation only, click here.