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CCM News
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01/15/19 2018 Annual Report
03/01/19 Aresimowicz Backs Tolls
02/01/19 Bridgeport Saw It And Fixed It
03/08/19 Brookfield To Rreinvigorate Growth With Easy To Understand Zoning Rules
02/08/19 CCM Leader O'Leary Builds Closer Relationships with Gov, Assembly, OPM
03/18/19 CCM Membership Now Includes All 169 Towns And Cities For The First Time In CCM’s 53-Year History
01/25/19 CCM, Towns Push Tax Relief For Unpaid Federal Workers As Result Of Government Shutdown
03/08/19 Cities And Towns Face Soaring Recycling Costs, CCM Urges State Action
02/21/19 Connecticut Municipal CEOs - 2019 Directory
03/08/19 CT Mayors Band Together In Attempt To Sue Opioid Makers
02/20/19 CT&C February 2019
02/21/19 CT&C February 2019 r1
03/15/19 Don't trash recycling
02/08/19 Editorial: Take A Deep Breath And Consider Regional School Alternatives
02/22/19 Hamden Addresses Critical Infrastructure Needs
03/15/19 Hartford, New Haven invest in gun safety
02/15/19 Lamont: Cut back On Bonding To Manage Debt -- CCM Has Concerns
01/11/19 Legal Recreational Weed Moving Closer To CT
02/15/19 Manchester Adds Voting District To Ensure Enfranchisement
01/18/19 Middletown Earns Sustainable CT Certification
03/22/19 Middletown Looks To Expand Alternative Energy Resources To Renters, Low-Income Homeowners
03/22/19 New Haven Parking Scofflaws Owe City $13.8M
01/25/19 Newtown Educates Citizenry About Fire Prevention
02/08/19 Norwalk has multiple bus projects in the works
01/11/19 Plastic Coyotes Protect Middletown Park From Geese
01/03/19 Take Care of Pensions Now
01/18/19 Tolls, Special Ed. Funding, Shared Services On Same Page for Mayor & Senator
02/22/19 Town Officials Concerned About Aid Levels, Shift In Teacher Pension Costs In Lamont Budget
02/01/19 Underfunded Teacher Pension Fund could hinder future budgets
03/01/19 West Hartford Makes Extensive Use Of Free CCM Service To Save Money On Prescriptions
01/03/19 Wilton Prepares For Snowfalls By Optimizing Routes

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State - Local News
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03/01/19 Bipartisan Working Group Keeps Spotlight On School Security
03/01/19 Bipartisan Working Group Keeps Spotlight On School Security
01/18/19 CT's 80-Plus Local Breweries Want More Flexibility to Sell Beer
02/01/19 CT’s Tax Receipts Rebound Faster Than Those In Most States
01/25/19 Democrats: Create Statewide Tax Rate For Vehicles
03/22/19 For First Tme in 18 years, Standard & Poor’s Ugrades CT's Bond Outlook
01/11/19 Governor Ned Lamont's 2019 State of the State Address
01/25/19 Governor Wants CT To Be Leader In 5G Mobile Networks -- Aspirations Face Hurdles
03/08/19 Hearing On Highway Tolls Brings Passion On Both Sides
02/22/19 Honest conversation about tolls should not be stalled
01/03/19 Lamont Administration Begins To Take Shape
03/22/19 Lamont Backs Off ‘Forced’ School Consolidation; Needleman Pitches Bill to Allow Easier Cooperation
01/11/19 Lamont Will Have Extra Time To Craft First Budget
03/01/19 Lamont: Business leaders key to CT stability
02/22/19 Lamont: ‘If you have any better ideas, bring them’
01/18/19 Lamont’s First Meeting With Labor Focuses On Unfunded Pension Liabilities
03/15/19 Lawmakers Offer First Draft of Legal Cannabis Bills
02/08/19 Merrill Calls For Passage of ‘Votercentric’ Laws
02/15/19 Pensions WIll SInk State, Without Moment Like Reagan, Congress Had on Social Security
03/15/19 Pro-Toll Residents Speak Out, Organize
02/15/19 Sales Tax Increase to Fund Municipalities Gets Public Hearing -- CCM Supports
02/01/19 Speaker Won’t End Conversation On Taxes and Regionalization
01/03/19 Starting The Conversation, Parenting Through The Opioid Crisis