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CCM Chats: State budget impacts on Towns

CCM Chats: State budget impacts on Towns

The goal of CCM Chats is to emphasize the urgency of passing a state budget and the negative impact of failing to do so in a timely manner is having on towns and cities. While CCM recognizes the situation legislators are in, they must not transfer responsibilities and costs onto property taxpayers without the necessary structural reforms.

CCM believes that every citizen has a stake – a winning or losing  stake – in the State not taking action in a way that protects their home town government and it property taxpayers.

Jayme Stevenson, First Selectwoman of Darien back to top

Mayors Claudia Baio, Paul Montinieri, and Roy Zartarian back to top

Mayor Claudia Baio of Town of Rocky Hill Connecticut, Mayor Paul Montinieri of Town of Wethersfield CT, and Mayor Roy Zartarian of Town of Newington, CT speaking about the need for bipartisanship.


Neil O'Leary, Mayor of Waterbury & Jeff Manville, First Selectman of Southbury back to top

Bill Butterly, First Selectman of Woodbury back to top

John A. Elsesser, Town Manager of Coventry back to top

Michael C. Tetreau, First Selectman of Fairfield back to top